List of Philippine Normal University (PNU) Scholarship Programs

Pamantasang Normal ng Pilipinas or widely known as Philippine Normal University (PNU) is one of the top-leading universities that provides a great opportunity for Filipino students to excel in their chosen field in education. They also belong to those institutions that have a high number of graduates who become successful in their field. Most precisely those professionals who excellently stand out both locally and internationally, that is the reason why many students aim to study and be part of this institution.

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Unfortunately, not all students have the capability to sustain their educational needs, particularly in higher education. That is why the said university interestedly acknowledge this concern by providing them with a scholarship program that can greatly help them with their educational expenses and needs.

This article provides a list of various scholarship programs including the student financial grants that the Philippine Normal University offers to the students of the said university. To discover more about it, you can check it out by reading this article.

What is the Philippine Normal University?

The Philippine Normal University (PNU) was established way back in the early days of American colonial rule as a public research university. Today, the said institution became the National Center for Teacher Education in the Philippines. Since then, it offers various teacher education programs in various fields of study.

Additionally, the Philippine Normal University is also in partnership with other private and public organizations which opens a wide array of educational opportunities most especially to Filipino students who wish to study at the said university. This privilege brings significant impact most especially to those individuals who are not lucky enough due to a lack of economic resources to fund their higher education well.

Through the office of the student services and affairs of the said university together with the scholarship office and the generosity of the organizations who sponsor the scholarship program, students can now able to continue their studies in higher education. In line with this, the following are the list of various scholarship program that support students at Philippine Normal University-Manila.

List of Scholarship Programs at the Philippine Normal University

1. Cebuanna Lhuillier-Philippine Normal University Scholarship

This is a scholarship program being offered to the enrolled college students of Philippine Normal University that are academically excellent students that have at least eighty-five percent (85%) of the General Weighted Average (GWA).

Qualified applicants are expected to submit all the requirements including all the necessary documents on or before the deadline for submission. Students that have failing grades or incomplete one is not eligible to apply for this scholarship program. Interested applicants are also expected to have a good moral character without any record of the offense. This is also intended for Filipino students enrolled in PNU that is single of any gender provided that they must maintain the minimum grade requirement given to them.

Qualified scholars can receive five thousand pesos (Php 5, 000) every school semester until they will graduate from the college course program enrolled. In applying for this scholarship program, applicants should attach the required documents including the applicant’s contact information. Always make sure that you put the correct contact information because the scholarship coordinator will contact you using your contact information.

2. PLDT Gabay Guro Scholarship Program

PLDT Gabay Guro Scholarship Program is a scholarship opportunity being offered to enrolled second-year college students that are taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Secondary courses majoring in English, Science, and Mathematics.

In addition, this scholar is intended only for those academically outstanding students who have at least eighty-five percent (85%) of the General Weighted Average (GWA) and must have no failing or incomplete grades. Applicants must be financially needy and belong to a household that has an annual income of less than two hundred fifty thousand pesos (Php 250, 000) every year.

3. PHINMA National Scholarships Program

The scholarship program sponsored by the PHINMA Foundation or otherwise known as PHINMA National Scholarships Program is a two-way scholarship program that provides educational financial assistance as well as mentorship for leadership skills and training to those under privilege students who are deserving to be an academic scholars because of good academic standing and performance in school.

Aside from financial benefits given to the qualified students, they also have a chance to have one-on-one mentorship towards PHINMA members and leaders under the means of training, workshops, seminars, or even an online meeting. In PNU, prioritized scholars are open to the bachelor of education programs with the following specializations:

  1. Major in Social Science
  2. Major in Mathematics
  3. Major in Early Childhood
  4. Major in Science
  5. Major in Filipino
  6. Major in Information Technology Education
  7. Major in English

4. Miao De Bodhisattva Society Foundation Inc. Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to offer to those students that are a first-year or second-year college that permanently residing in Metro Manila. Miao De Bodhisattva Society Foundation Inc. Scholarship is a scholarship program being offered to students that are academically performing very well and are willing to attend the Monthly Scholarship Activity of the said sponsor. On the other hand, interested applicants can submit their application together with the required documents at the Office of Student Affairs and Services of Philippine Normal University.

5. Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES)- PNU Manila

The Tertiary Education Subsidy or also known as TES is a government scholarship grant that provides financial assistance most especially to those students that are studying in higher education and TechVoc. This is a scholarship under the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act or RA 10931 wherein eligible scholars can receive forty thousand pesos (Php 40, 000) per school year for academic expenses and school allowance.

Qualified applicants must be enrolled students of any State-Universities and college all over the country without having failing grades or having a record of misconduct and disciplinary actions. He or she must not be expelled from any higher educational institutions.

6. Philippine Business for Education- Gokongwei Brothers Foundation Teach STEM Graduate Scholarship

This is a scholarship intended for current public school teachers who wish to study master’s or doctorate specializing in Science or Mathematics. This educational scholarship is being offered by the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation to strengthen their vision to support scholars in their coursework and studies, most particularly in related to science-technology and mathematical courses because the said foundation believes that as a part of the growing demand and importance of science.

They want to help to equip the potential of the educator by strengthening the foundation of their proficiency and competency to enhance their potential most especially in educating science and innovations. Qualified scholars can receive a financial grant of sixty-five thousand pesos (Php 65, 000) per school year most particularly during their course year, and eighty-five thousand pesos (Php 85, 000) during the thesis writing period.

Programs of Study at the Philippine Normal University

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Secondary Education (AB/BSE) Major in Literature
  2. Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (BECEd)
  3. Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)
  4. Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS)
  5. Bachelor of Science in Biology for Teachers (BSBT)
  6. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry for Teacher (BSCT)
  7. Bachelor of Science in Information Communication and Technology Education (BSICTE)
  8. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics for Teachers (BSMT)
  9. Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics for Teachers (BSNDT)
  10. Bachelor of Science in Physics for Teachers (BSPT)
  11. Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSP) – Guidance and Counseling Stream
  12. Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE)
  13. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biology
  14. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Chemistry
  15. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English
  16. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino
  17. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in General Science
  18. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics
  19. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Music Education
  20. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Physical Education
  21. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Physics
  22. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Science
  23. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Speech & Theater Arts
  24. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Values Education

Graduate Studies 

  • Ed.D in Educational Administration
  • MAEd major in Auditory Disabilities
  • MAEd major in Bilingual Education
  • MAEd major in Child Study
  • MAEd major in Curriculum & Instruction
  • MAEd major in Drama Education & Theater Arts
  • MAEd major in Early Childhood Education
  • MAEd major in Educational Management
  • MAEd major in Educational Technology
  • MAEd major in Elementary Education
  • MAEd major in English Language Teaching
  • MAEd major in Guidance and Counseling
  • MAEd major in Health Education
  • MAEd major in History Teaching
  • MAEd major in Home Economics
  • MAEd major in Intellectual Disabilities
  • MAEd major in Intellectual Giftedness
  • MAEd major in Library & Information Science
  • MAEd major in Literature (English & Filipino Stream)
  • MAEd major in Mathematics Education
  • MAEd major in Measurement & Evaluation
  • MAEd major in Multilingual Education
  • MAEd major in Music Education
  • MAEd major in Non-Formal Education
  • MAEd major in Pagtuturo ng Filipino
  • MAEd major in Physical Education
  • MAEd major in Reading
  • MAEd major in School Psychology
  • MAEd major in Social Science Teaching
  • MAEd major in Special Education
  • MAEd major in Visual Disabilities
  • Master in Educational Technology
  • Master in Home Economics Education
  • Master in Library and Information Science
  • Master in Mathematics Education
  • Master in Science Education
  • Master of Arts in Library and Information Sciences
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics
  • Master of Arts in Science Education
  • Master of Arts in Science Education major in Biology
  • Master of Arts in Science Education major in Chemistry
  • Master of Arts in Science Education major in General Science
  • Master of Arts in Science Education major in Physics
  • Master of Education in Child Study
  • Master of Education in Drama Education & Theater Arts
  • Master of Education in Educational Management
  • Master of Education in Educational Measurement & Evaluation
  • Master of Education in Elementary Education
  • Master of Education in Guidance & Counseling
  • Master of Education in History Teaching
  • Master of Education in Music Education
  • Master of Education in Non-Formal Education
  • Master of Education in Physical Education
  • Master of Education in School Psychology
  • Master of Education in Social Science Teaching
  • Master of Education in Special Education
  • Master of Education in Values Education
  • Ph.D. in Bilingual Education
  • Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Ph.D. in Educational Management
  • Ph.D. in Filipino
  • Ph.D. in Guidance and Counseling
  • Ph.D. in Linguistics (Applied Linguistics Stream, Filipino Linguistics & Literature Stream)
  • Ph.D. in Literature (English and Filipino Stream)
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics Education
  • Ph.D. in Reading Education
  • Ph.D. in Science Education

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The article is very helpful, especially for those interested applicants of PNU in searching for a scholarship that will best suit their financial needs. Aside from that, it will also strengthen your knowledge about the various scholarship program and the benefits that can offer to their scholars and beneficiaries. If you have some issues or concerns you can visit their FB page by simply clicking this link-  

If you are currently looking for a scholarship that could help you a lot and support your studies at the Philippine Normal University, hopefully, you found one in any of the above-mentioned scholarship grants.