List of Philippine Christian University (PCU) Scholarship Programs

The Philippine Christian University (PCU) is a Christian university and a Methodist-affiliated school that entails providing educational values and advanced learning to its students and learners. The university aims to integrate faith and compassion into learning and is committed to delivering quality education to transform learners and become competent and excellent professionals in their fields of study and chosen careers.

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PCU has a lot of program offerings that a student may choose from. The university also opens its doors to those students who are deserving enough to receive a scholarship grant and other financial assistance because of their exemplary skills and good performance.

In this article, different scholarship programs available at the Philippine Christian University are discussed that are being offered to students with high interest to apply. Read on below to learn more about them further.

list of Philippine Christian University (PCU) Scholarship Programs

What is Philippine Christian University?

The Philippine Christian University was founded in 1946 by the layman of the Evangelical Association of the Philippines. It is situated in Ermita, Manila and it is a private institution related to some of the Protestant sects such as The Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP). Its former name was Manila Union University and then later changed to Philippine Christian College until it became the Philippine Christian University of today.

Philippine Christian University has two campuses; one is the Manila Campus in Ermita, Manila, while the other one is the Cavite Campus which is located in Dasmariñas, Cavite. PCU offers a wide array of academic programs, including basic education, undergraduate programs, and graduate studies.

Some of its undergraduate programs include courses in arts, sciences, social work, business administration and accountancy, criminology, education, hospitality and tourism, informatics, nursing and health sciences, philosophy and religious studies, and law. In its Cavite Campus, they also offer the same programs except that they have courses in engineering and technology.

Among the various academic programs offered by PCU, its Education, Political Science, and Business programs are very promising. Most of its student enrollees are taking up the said programs of study due to its good standing and passing rate in its licensure examinations which only means that the institution is reputable in terms of quality teaching in the said disciplines.

Aside from that, different kinds of scholarship programs are available in the institution which aim to help students with financial incapacities to sustain some of their educational needs and finances, considering that the educational expenses and finances of a college student are kind of expensive.

PCU took this initiative to offer different kinds of scholarship programs that aim to support its students, particularly the deserving ones to receive scholarship awards and other financial assistance. Below is the list of all the scholarship programs available at Philippine Christian University that you may apply for and avail of.

List of Scholarship Programs at Philippine Christian University

1. Ministerial Scholarship

The Ministerial Scholarship grant is given to the full-time UCCP/UMC ministers or those who are working in the church full-time. The UCCP stands for United Church of Christ in the Philippines while the UMC is also known as United Methodist Church. PCU recognizes the effort and passion of the full-time ministers of UCCP and UMC studying at the said university, hence, they get the chance to avail of the Ministerial Scholarship grant.

To apply for the said scholarship program, the submission of the following required documents to the scholarship committee must be followed:

  • proof of income or the Income Tax Return (ITR) of both parents, guardians, or partner (husband or wife)
  • certification coming from the bishop, conference ministers, or district superintendent
  • curriculum vitae or personal resume
  • school records like a transcript of record (TOR), diploma, or Form 137
  • photocopy of the current semester’s registration card or certificate of enrollment 
  • application form

The same requirements are given if you are an NCCP member or affiliated with any NCCP churches. NCCP stands for National Council of Churches in The Philippines.

2. Academic Scholarship

The Academic Scholarship is a scholarship grant given to the officially enrolled students of the university who attain the highest-grade point or perform excellently in terms of academics in their secondary education. They are the ones that graduated with honor awards during their high school or secondary education.

Students who graduated as Valedictorians can receive a 100% discount on their tuition fee and a 50% discount for the ones who graduated as Salutatorians. These academically outstanding and versatile students are expected to submit the following required documents that are needed in the application process and this may include the following:

  • Scholarship application form
  • Certification of honors or awards taken duly signed and recognized by the principal or assigned campus registrar
  • Previous Registration card or certificate of enrollment

Note: Students who have failing or incomplete grades and those who have any record of offense are not qualified to apply.

3. Athletic Scholarship

Another scholarship program is awarded to the student-athlete of the university. To avail of the Athletic Scholarship grant, the interested student must be recognized as an active member of any sports organization of PCU that competes locally and internationally. Additionally, the beneficiaries of the said grant can enjoy the benefits and privileges covered by the scholarship. This may include discounts on their school tuition fees.

Thus, if you are an official member of one of PCU’s sports organizations who has a high interest to be a beneficiary of this program, you are required to see your athletic coordinator and ask for a recommendation from him or her to be a scholar of this program. Additionally, the coordinator is the one who will give you the requirements needed for your application.

Note: Any records of an offense may lead to disqualification of the scholarship application. Interested scholarship applicants must not have any failing or incomplete grades which will lead to disqualification from scholarship grants.

4. Culture and Arts or the Glee Club Scholarship Program

The Culture and Arts or the Glee Club organization are one of the duly recognized organizations by the university that offers a scholarship grant exclusively for its members. Thus, students with high and versatile talents in dancing, singing, theatre performance, acting, and the like are encouraged to join the organization.

On behalf of their training and practices armed with their well-managed time, PCU recognizes their hard work and active participation while juggling with their studies, hence, the scholarship program is a form of reward and incentive they could get as official members of the Glee Club organization.

Interested students who want to apply to the scholarship program are encouraged to submit the following:

  • application form for this scholarship program
  • registration card or otherwise known as a certificate of enrollment
  • report card indicated your grades
  • see the Glee Club coordinator for endorsement and recommendation

More importantly, qualified applicants must have a maximum of 18 units load and a minimum of 12 units load without having any failing grades which graduating students are exempted to apply. Students who also have records of offense are disqualified to be scholarship awardees.

5. Family Discount Grant

Siblings who are enrolled in the Philippine Christian University within a specific period are given a privilege such as educational discounts and allowances. They are given a 10% discount on tuition fees.

Qualified students must:

  • submit their scholarship application to the scholarship office of the university together 
  • submit a photocopy of his or her certificate of enrollment or any registration card available, stating that he or she is officially enrolled in the same school year with his or her other siblings.

Video: Philippine Christian University

Check out the video above which shows one of PCU’s goals as a Christian school in the country to provide a quality and affordable education that have greatly emphasized the greater development of its learners armed with moral values towards a greater goal.

The video also shows the advanced learning facilities that the university has and uses to provide academic excellence and a quality learning environment. In line with this, it is one of the ways PCU attracts more student enrollees with great aspirations to acquire professional growth and development.


This is the list of all the scholarship programs and grants available at Philippine Christian University that intends to help students who are financially challenged in sustaining all of their educational expenses and other school fees.

If you have some concerns about the above-mentioned programs, you can visit their official website at or you can also contact them using their hotline number at (02) 8526 5107. We hope that you have found the scholarship program that suits your needs as you enroll in the university and pursue your chosen field of study.