List of PATTS College of Aeronautics Scholarship Programs

PATTS College of Aeronautics is one of the country’s leading aeronautics colleges that is designed to aviate dreams towards reaching the sky through providing an excellent education and quality learning. It is an aeronautical school that provides training and educational services to the country. It is also named the pioneer of the Philippine Air Transport and Aeronautical Training Services.

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The PATTS College of Aeronautics also offers different scholarship programs that are intended for the enrolled students of the said aeronautics school.  It aims to provide financial assistance to students, who are interested to apply in any of its scholarship programs available. Both old and new students of the respective institution are encouraged to apply.

This article is composed of the various scholarship programs available in the PATTS College of Aeronautics that are being offered to interested student applicants of the university. Read on for you to know the best scholarship program you may avail of that could cover some of your finances.

list of PATTS College of Aeronautics Scholarship Programs

What is the PATTS College of Aeronautics?

PATTS College of Aeronautics is an aeronautical school located on Lombos Ave., Brgy. San Isidro, Parañaque City in Metro Manila, Philippines. It is also known as the Philippine Air Transport and Training Services which started its operations way back in 1969. PATTS College of Aeronautics was founded as a joint enterprise between Filipino and American pioneers in aviation. Today, PATTS College of Aeronautics is well-known as the number one Aeronautic College in the country.

Since its inception, PATTS College of Aeronautics embraced the changes and continues to strive hard to achieve excellence. Aside from the courses or program offerings related to aviation, PATTS College of Aeronautics also offers other programs in the fields of science and technology. These include BS Aeronautical Engineering, BS Industrial Engineering, BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology, BS Air Transportation, BS Avionics Technology, BS Airline Business Administration, BS Tourism Management, and a two-year diploma course in Aircraft Technician.

Aside from that, the above-mentioned academic programs are duly recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), as well as by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), and by the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC). The institution also received certification from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

PATTS College of Aeronautics also offers various scholarship programs that aim to help students who are financially challenged to sustain some of their educational needs and finances considering that college is the most expensive among all levels of education. The said scholarship programs are available to both new and old students of the said university, provided they are officially enrolled in PATTS.

One of the missions of this institution is to help a student towards their learning development goal that might help them attain diplomas and employment once they finish their studies. Thus, here is the list of all the scholarship programs available in PATTS College of Aeronautics that you may avail of and apply for.

List of Scholarship Programs at PATTS College of Aeronautics

1. Entrance Scholarship

The Entrance Scholarship program is one of the academic scholarship grants given to those incoming college students who are honor academic achievers, most particularly, those who graduated with honor awards like the Valedictorians and Salutatorians of their class.

Interested applicants for the scholarship program may apply in the office of the campus registrar and submit the certification issued by the principal which indicates the honor or award received by the student. Then, the registrar will make an endorsement to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) and later, shall endorse the College President.

Qualified applicants can receive the following incentives from the said scholarship grant:

  • High School Valedictorian (TOP 1) – a one hundred percent (100%) tuition fee discount
  • High School Salutatorian (TOP 2) – a fifty percent (50%) tuition fee discount

Note: The Entrance Scholarship is valid only for the first semester and it applies only to incoming college freshman students.

2. Academic Scholarship

The Academic Scholarship is a scholarship grant given to those students who academically excel in their academic performance and should maintain the general weighted average (GWA) that is required by the scholarship program. In line with this, this scholarship program will be divided into two (1) Full Scholars and (2) Partial Scholars.

Students who are willing to apply can pass their application form to the office of the campus registrar together with a copy of their grades. The registrar will evaluate the record of the scholarship applicants and then submit the result to the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Eventually, the result will be forwarded to the college president for approval.

  • A Full Scholar can enjoy a one hundred percent (100%) tuition fee discount, provided that they will maintain the general weighted average of 1.00 -1.50 and a minimum subject load of 18 units without any failing grades in any subject areas.
  • Meanwhile, the Partial Scholars can receive a fifty percent (50%) tuition fee discount both in the next semesters provided that they will maintain a General Weighted Average of 1.51-1.75 without any failing grades with a minimum load of 18 units.
  • All qualified applicants must not have any record of disciplinary action or offense.

3. PATTS Student Council Scholarship

Students who are part of the PATTS Student Council can receive a scholarship award based on their position on the student council committee.

Qualified students must:

  • be enrolled in at least 15 units per semester that are highly recognized by the campus registrar
  • have a semestral general weighted average of at least 3.0 without having any failing grades
  • not have any disciplinary record or any pending offense and did not violate any law of the land and convicted at the same time
  • not be a candidate for graduation in October of the current year

The percentage discount will base on the student’s position on the council which will be presented below:

  • President – 100%
  • Vice President – 75%
  • General Secretary-50%
  • Treasurer- 50%
  • Auditor – 35%
  • Business manager- 35%
  • R.O. – 35%
  • Project Coordinator- 35%
  • Representatives- 20%

4. Aeroscope Magazine Scholarship

The Aeroscope Magazine or Publication is an editorial or campus publication of the institution that is in charge of the creation of the campus newspaper and magazine to disseminate information to the student body. Similarly, it is a school organization that has a functional role in making magazines and other school editorials that are specially made for a specific purpose.

  • Qualified applicants must be full-time and regular students of the said institutions with a minimum load of 15 units and must not have a semestral general weighted average of not lower than 2.25 for editors and 2.5 for other members.
  • They must not also have any record of disqualification, probation, conviction or any record of offense in short applicants must have a good moral character.
  • They must also pass the competitive examinations for a specified purpose and most importantly, they are mentally and physically fit to involve in various school and organizational activities.

The following percentage is given as a discount and will be based on the specified position in the school publication of the student applicant and this may include the following:

  • Editor-in-chief – 100%
  • Associate editor – 60%
  • Managing editor -60%
  • Layout artist -60%
  • Illustrator – 45%
  • Photographer – 25%
  • Encoder I – 25%
  • Encoder II – 25%

5. Other Non-Academic Scholarship Program

  • Contrails Yearbook Scholarship
  • Athletic Scholarship
  • ROTC Cadet Scholarship
  • Maintenance Crew Scholarship Program/Grant
  • PD 577 Scholarship
  • Employees and Instructor’s Dependents Scholarship and Tuition Fee Discounts
  • Public Relations (PR) Discount by the Board of Directors

Video: PATTS College of Aeronautics

Check out this video that shows the beautiful campus of the PATTS College of Aeronautics and take a sneak peek of what it looks like inside. Also highlighted in the video is the high-quality learning instruction that they provide, including the school buildings and other learning infrastructures. More importantly, the video greatly emphasizes the quality of learning that it can provide for its students to attract more enrollees.


This is the list of all the scholarship programs and grants that are available at PATTS College of Aeronautics which could greatly help its students with their tuition and other finances. Some of the benefits or incentives that the scholars may get from the above-mentioned scholarship programs and grants are briefly discussed above, including the qualifications set for the eligible candidates.

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