List of New Era University (NEU) Scholarship Programs

The New Era University continues to evolve for more than a decade of upholding continuous development of producing professional individuals with the means of quality education, as well as towards higher learning that rises the personal and professional development of many Filipinos. The university is a non-governmental educational institution that promotes learning with greater benefits and values, in which they offer a great educational opportunity and a new educational curriculum that enables the learner’s development.

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NEU offers financial assistance and allowances with greater emphasis on educational utilizations that might support students who are in need, particularly those students who are financially needy and have limited economic resources that is not enough to sustain all of their school finances.

This article lists the numerous scholarships available at New Era University that are being offered to interested student applicants. Read this article to learn more about NEU and the numerous scholarship programs and grants that may suit your needs as a student.

List of New Era University (NEU) Scholarship Programs

What is the New Era University?

The New Era University formally opened on June 17, 1975, intending to impart value-laden education for a person’s complete growth. They provide a curriculum that is suited to the demands of the day and enhance learning by implementing and making use of suitable teaching strategies and tools. NEU also encourages institutional growth by doing important and helpful research and extending outreach programs that could encourage community self-reliance and participation in non-traditional higher education and early childhood education programs.

Since then, NEU has cultivated servant leaders within the administration, academics, and employees, and creates graduates who respect God and are capable and well-behaved. Years later, it produced alumni who excelled in a variety of professions and became builders of the country as additional expansion took place.

NEU has five campuses all over the country. The main campus is located in Quezon City while the other four are situated in Batangas, Pampanga, General Santos City, and Rizal. With its five campuses all over the country, NEU offers diverse program that are crafted to meet the demands of students for quality education. These programs include undergraduate studies in accountancy, agriculture, arts, and sciences, business administration, communication, computer studies, criminology, education, engineering, and architecture, international relations, midwifery, medical technology, music, nursing, and physical and respiratory therapy. Aside from that, NEU also offers graduate studies like doctorate and master’s degree programs in various fields of study.

The university also gives many Filipino students the chance to pursue higher-quality education through scholarship programs that will reduce their educational costs and other financial burdens. Below is the list of the scholarship programs available at NEU that you may avail of.

List of Scholarship Programs at New Era University

1. NEU-Law Student Scholarship Program (College of Law)

a. Latin Honor Scholarship Program

The Latin Honor Scholarship Program is an educational scholarship privilege given to the students who receive a Latin Honor award upon the completion of their bachelor’s degree. However, this scholarship opportunity is only awarded to students in the College of Law in the specified academic year.

This scholarship is renewable every school year, provided that the beneficiaries must maintain a general weighted average of not lower than 1.75 and don’t have a grade of not lower than 2.25 in any subject areas, and must not have a violation or any record of offense both in school and in their locality.

a.1. Summa Cum Laude

Those individuals who graduated Summa Cum Laude after the completion of their bachelor’s degree will receive the following benefits:

  • full one hundred percent (100%) tuition fee discount including miscellaneous fee
  • ten thousand pesos (Php 10,000) for book allowance every semester
  • an additional three thousand pesos (Php 3, 000) worth of monthly allowance, provided that the specific individual will follow the procedures given to the scholarship program to them.
a.2. Magna Cum Laude

The same scholarship grant is given to the students who graduated Magna Cum Laude after completing their bachelor’s degree. They are entitled to receive the following privileges and incentives from the said scholarship grant:

  • a one hundred percent (100%) tuition fee discount (miscellaneous fee is not included)
  • additional ten thousand pesos (Php 10, 000) for book allowance every school semester
  • a two thousand five hundred pesos (Php 2, 500) for a monthly allowance
a.3. Cum Laude

Meanwhile, students who graduated Cum Laude and enrolled in the College of Law at NEU can also receive the following perks and privileges of the same scholarship grant:

  • one hundred percent (100%) tuition fee discount (miscellaneous fee is not included)
  • a ten thousand pesos (Php 10,000) every semester for book allowance
  • two thousand pesos (Php 2,000) monthly allowance which is similar to the aforementioned scholarship which is the new era university scholarship program.

Important Note: Every academic year, the NEU-LAW Scholarship Program will automatically renew. The student must, however, maintain a GWA of at least 1.75 and grades of at least 2.25 in each of his or her full-load classes during a given semester. The student will be judged ineligible for the NEU-COL Scholarship Program if this condition persists. He or she must not have broken any of the rules in the NEU Student Code of Conduct.

2. Academic Excellence Scholarship Program – College of Law (Dean’s List)

The Academic Excellence Scholarship Program is a grant given to students who perform academically well and that belong to the Dean’s list.

  • This scholarship is only offered in the College of Law in a given specific academic school year.
  • To be an eligible scholarship awardee, the student scholars are obliged to submit all the requirements needed for the scholarship application and must have enrolled in a full academic load every semester.
  • To become eligible for the Academic Excellence Scholarship Award (Dean’s List), the law student must be able to meet the following eligibility requirements:
  1. They must not be a NEU-COL Scholarship grantee;
  2. They must have a GWA not lower than 1.75 for two consecutive academic semesters in a given School Year;
  3. They must have obtained grades not lower than 2.25 in the subjects covered by said academic semesters;
  4. They must also actively participate in the activities of the College;
  5. They are required to submit all the requirements for scholarship application;
  6. More importantly, they are enrolled with a full academic load per semester.
  • As for the scholarship privileges, a semestral book allowance will be coming from the COL-Dean that might include the following:
  1. Php 5,000 with a certificate of excellence
  2. Php 4,000 with a certificate of excellence
  3. Php 3,500 with a certificate of excellence
  4. Php 3,000 with a certificate of excellence
  5. Php 3,000 with a certificate of excellence
  6. Ranks 6-10 will receive a Certificate of Excellence only, provided that the general weighted average shall not be lower than 2.0.

3. Entrance Scholarship (College of Medicine)

The Entrance Scholarship Program is intended to offer to the College of Medicine or those students who are taking up medical courses most particularly those who graduated with Latin honors on their bachelor’s degree. Those who graduated a summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude can receive the following benefits:

  • Summa Cum Laude – 100% tuition fee discount
  • Magna cum laude – 75 % tuition fee discount
  • Cum laude – 50% tuition fee discount

4. Academic Scholarship (College of Medicine)

The Academic Scholarship is granted to NEU College of Medicine students who perform excellently in their studies. Students having the following grades or general weighted average are entitled to receive the following benefits.

  • 1-1.259 GWA – 100% tuition fee discount
  • 26-1.509 GWA – 75% tuition fee discount
  • 51-1.75 GWA – 50% tuition fee discount

Video: School Tour at New Era University

Check out this video which will bring you a virtual campus tour of one of the outstanding universities in the country. NEU has produced many professionals all over the country by catering the best quality education to all of the students who have a high interest in studying and achieving their desired course in the said university.

This video will also greatly emphasize the modern learning environment that NEU can provide to students. It serves as an encouragement to the scholars of the NEU to become more empowered in terms of their performance in their studies as well as towards their development and aspirations to be productive and responsible individuals.


To conclude, this is the list of all the different scholarship programs offered by New Era University to its students that can greatly assist them financially. Students who are currently enrolled in the College of Law or College of Medicine are encouraged to apply to the above-mentioned scholarship programs. To learn more about NEU and the scholarship programs mentioned above, visit their official website here –