List of San Beda University Scholarship Programs

San Beda University is one of the top leading private Catholic universities in the Philippines that inculcate knowledge and faith through virtue of integrating Christianity under Benedictine core values towards professionalism and personal development. Additionally, the said university envisioned cultivating academic excellence in a wide variety of learning areas including Christian Faith Knowledge and virtues that uphold stability under the responsible stewardship of discipline and humility that promotes peace and discipline to its student, faculty, and stakeholders of the said university wherein inclusivity in terms of education can be found in this university.

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San Beda University formerly called El Colegio de San Beda is an all-male school that expand into a well-known university in Manila until it has satellite campuses in different parts of the country. It belongs to the top-performing school for law, accountancy, entrepreneurship, and liturgy. Aside from that, they also produce professional Filipino graduates that are competent enough to deal with the global competency standards because this institution does not just focus on molding one aspect but is the top agent of holistic education towards Filipino development.

To know more about the various scholarship programs that San Beda University has, you can check out below as we give you the whole list of scholarship programs they offer.

list of San Beda University Scholarship Programs

What is the San Beda University?

San Beda University does not just belong to those top-performing academic institutions that serve the best quality education but they are also an agent of change by promoting peace towards different learning fields and disciplines. They offer different learning programs where many Filipino can choose freely depending upon their field of specialization and interest. The said university always secure that every student of San Beda can acquire the best education that they deserve.

Aside from that, they also envisioned helping financially unstable students that have not enough resources to sustain their educational journey yet deserve to have a high standard of education that is the reason why the said university offers a different kind of scholarship program to those financial disadvantage students to apply. This scholarship came from the university, alumni, corporations, and other private individuals who willingly share their resources to help Filipino students in need.

The scholarship office of the said university is in charge of facilitating the scholarship program including the scholarship application, processing, and accommodation.

Degree Programs

Below is the list of degree programs that are being offered at San Beda University.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  2. AB in Literature
  3. Track A: Literature and Cultural Studies
  4. Track B: AB in Literature Across the Professions
  5. AB in English Language or AB in English Language Studies
  6. Bachelor of Science in Economics and Public Policy
  7. BS Environmental Science Program
  8. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
  9. Bachelor of Science in Human Biology
  10. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management
  11. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Development Management
  12. Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology
  13. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Operations Management (OM)
  14. Bachelor of Science in Legal Management
  15. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management
  16. Bachelor of Physical Education major in Sports and Wellness Management
  17. A.B. Political Science
  18. Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Additionally, if you wanted to discover some scholarship programs offered by San Beda University, here is the list of the scholarship program available at the said university.

Scholarship Programs

  1. Megaworld Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

The Megaworld Scholarship Foundation, Inc. offers a scholarship program for college freshmen students at San Beda College. Eligible applicants must have no failing grades in their fourth-year high school grades and have a final average of at least 85% or its equivalent. Aspirers may also pass the university entrance examination or any certificate of enrollment presented in the submission of the required document. Additionally, he or she must be in the 10% rank in the class batch.

Aside from that, this scholarship is not just open to incoming freshmen or enrolled students of the said university but is also available to sophomore students that have no failing grades and at least 85% of the general average to his or her previous enrolled semester. Applicants must also submit their full load enrollment assessment or any registration form duly signed by the department head or any authorized personnel. The qualified applicants are entitled to receive beneficial scholarship awards like full tuition and miscellaneous fee but books and uniform allowance are not included in the yearly allowance, and career opportunities to any Megaworld Corporation and its allied foundations.

Here is the list of the requirements for the said scholarship program;

  1. Photocopy of birth certificate
  2. Endorsement Letter coming from your previous school
  3. Two pieces of 2×2 ID pictures
  4. Two pieces of 1×1 ID pictures
  5. Picture of the applicants with the family or guardian
  6. Photocopy of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR) together with the Annual Family Income statement with at least a minimum income of Php 300, 000 annually.
  • Valentin Yao Memorial Scholarship Grant

Another scholarship program available at San Beda University is the Valentin Yao Memorial Scholarship Grant, a scholarship grant being offered to the academically excellent students of the said university by extending financial and educational support through providing a full scholarship grant most especially in tuition fees and miscellaneous fees.

This scholarship is awarded to this student who is financially unlucky but deserving to have a quality and excellent education that could help them towards their development not just as a student but as a Filipino citizen. To be qualified to apply, applicants must submit their required documents before the deadline for submission.

The following is the list of the required documents needed to apply for this scholarship;

  1. Photocopy of the applicant’s grades in his or her previous semester.
  2. Photocopy of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR) together with the Annual Family Income statement with at least a minimum income of Php 300, 000 annually.
  • Augusto C. Lagman Scholarship Program

The Augusto C. Lagman Scholarship Program is an educational scholarship support of the San Beda College Alumni Foundation under the leadership of Gus Lagman, a past president of the San Beda College Alumni Association and outstanding Bedan Awardee. This serves as an encouragement to the Filipino Youth to be globally competent through Bedan educational learning. Eligible applicants must be financially challenged individuals that have strong potential in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Must be incoming Grade 11 students enroll in STEM programs. Qualified applicants must submit the required documents on or before the schedule of submission.

Here is the list of the requirements for the said scholarship program;

  1. 3 pieces of 2×2 ID pictures with white background
  2. Indigence certificate coming from Barangay
  3. Certified Copy of School grades or Report Card
  4. Photocopy of the household’s latest Income Tax Return (ITR) if the parents are employed.
  5. For unemployed parents, certification of non-filing of Income Tax returns (ITR) is required.

If you are interested to apply in this scholarship program, you can e-mail them at or

Note: The said university also offers different types of educational scholarships including an academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, employee or employee dependent, and scholarship grant from an external grantor. To apply, you can go to this link and click the scholarship application and apply here button. Then fill up all the necessary information needed for your initial online application. Double-check the encoded information in your online application form then click submit once you are done.

Video: San Beda University School Tour

Check out this video showing you the school campus, its facilities, and its quality in terms of learning and education. It will also allow you to get a small glimpse of their school history. This video is specially made by some of the students of San Beda University in which they mentioned different school programs that the university offers. This will also serve as your guidance and basis that will allow you to understand San Beda University even more.

If you wish to know more about the said university, you can visit their official website by clicking this link


Hence, these are the different scholarship programs that are being offered by San Beda University for its deserving and underprivileged students. Thus, if you’re a student at San Beda University who wishes to avail of a scholarship, choose one among the mentioned scholarship programs that suit you and perfectly help support your educational financing needs. Additionally, you can do research of your own to get to know more about the desired scholarship you wish to apply. However, if you have some issues or concerns, you can freely leave your questions by messaging them on their FB page using the link here –   

We hope that you find this article helpful in searching for the best scholarship program that suits your educational needs at San Beda University.