List of Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) Scholarship Programs

The Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) is an ISO-certified university in Manila that also have different satellite campuses all over the Philippines and is highly recognized in engineering and technology education program. On the other hand, this university is also recognized as the university that helps students reach out their full potential in terms of academe and other learning activities that will help them boost their personal development towards professionalism and holistic development.

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TUP is a university that is exceptionally the center of academic excellence towards the development of the students and our nation-building. To know more about the various scholarship program that the Technological University of the Philippines offers, you can check this out by reading the following information provided below.

List of Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) Scholarship Programs

What is the Technological University of the Philippines?

The Technological University of the Philippines is one of the best schools and top-performing schools in the country. Currently, it ranked 18th among the universities in the Philippines and ranked 5463 in the world ranking of universities. Aside from that, the said university seeks to provide higher and advanced vocational, technical, industrial, technological, and professional education in various fields of study. The said university is also committed to meeting its strategic goals by providing quality education and improvement.

TUP offers various scholarship programs intended to help students that are in need. In like manner, this scholarship aims to motivate the student to strive on their studies even harder where eligible scholars can avail of various benefits and privileges given to them provided that they will submit all the requirements on time. Here is the list of the scholarship that the said university offers.

List of Scholarship Programs at Technological University of the Philippines

1. Academic Scholarship

This scholarship program is given to honor students who wish to study at the said university. Specifically, students who have good academic standing that is also graduate valedictorian or salutatorian are required to submit their required documents needed in the application process to the Office of Student Affairs of the said university. Qualified scholars must have a good moral standing without having any record of the offense.

2. Physical Education Grant

Physical Education Grant to those interested student applicants that have exceptional talent in sports or dancing. A student-athlete that is an official member of their student-athlete club in the said university is also welcome to apply to the said university considering their efforts most especially in training and other school activities they attend.

Aside from that, a student who is also a part of the Kalinangan Dance Troupe, the official dance troupe of the said university wherein they are required to submit the requirements needed for the scholarship program to the Office of the Scholarship and Student Affairs and they are also the ones that will process the documents including the evaluation and processing of the applicant’s required application.

3. Study now Pay Later

Study now Pay Later is a government scholarship that is available at the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP). This scholarship grant is intended to offer to those students that are financially in need and has the highest financial wherein the parent’s income must not exceed PHP 300,000 annually. The goal of this scholarship program is to allow student to support their financial need wherein they can borrow financial money from this program provided that students must have to pay it back after he or she has already been employed and are ready to pay it back.

4. Armed Forces of the Philippines Scholarship

Another scholarship program is intended to offer to the students of the said university wherein students who have good moral standing and good academic performance are encouraged to apply for this scholarship program.

The goal of this scholarship opportunity that is being served to the interested applicants of the said university is to motivate the student to perform their studies and learn very well. This is to enhance and boost the academic standing and learning performance of every scholar by integrating minimum grades requirement needed to be still on the list of scholars.

5. Clark PAF Educational Fund

This is a scholarship offered to the orphaned dependents of whoever Philippine Arm Forces member who died in the battle by their country’s duty and responsibility. This scholarship is only limited to a not more than five (5) years degree program or lesser than that. Selection of interested applicants will be based on the priority number stated on their scholarship rules and qualifications:

  • Applicants who belong to the priority lane or legal beneficiaries that is legally a natural or illegitimate or legally adopted child or children of military personnel who died in service.
  • Children of Philippine Arm Forces personnel who are retired or not in the service that has a hundred percent (100%) CDD rating and currently don’t have financial income.
  • Children of deceased or officially retired military personnel.
  • Children of deceased personnel and the last priority lane, are siblings either sister or brother that is under 21 years of age of whosever unmarried PAF military personnel.

6. Student Group Insurance

Student Group Insurance is a financial incentive given to those students who wish to apply for group accident insurance provided that the student must pay for a required amount. This program is most like similar to the life insurance businesses that exist in our country today. This is for the preparation for any emergency that will happen to you, particularly during your educational journey.

7. Student Assistantship Program

This program is given to those students who are willing to render service and spare time working with exact and fair compensation given. Eligible applicants must be a student that has stayed for at least one year before their application. This is also a good way in setting training for certain work experiences that will help them improve their interpersonal relationship with other workmates.

To apply to this SA program, applicants must submit a copy of the current registration form and duly accomplished application form and he or they must free themselves for an interview where he or she is expected to present the correct and current contact and personal information and a need to follow-up application to the OSA.

8. Other Student-Educational Privileges and Assistance

  1. Department of Science and Technology
  3. Student Mail
  4. Barangay Scholarship
  5. Student Life Development
  6. Sanguniang Kabataan Scholarship

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Check out this video that tackles the benefits of being informed and knowledgeable about TUP Manila and its evolution of becoming a university as well as its excellent programs. In like manner, this video will also help you further understand the scholarship programs they offer.


This article serves as your guidance and basis, especially if you’re one of the interested student applicants of the Technological University of the Philippines. Additionally, this will help you decide on the best scholarship programs that will suit your financial needs. However, if you have some concerns about the application process, you may read more about the various scholarship programs mentioned above at their official website.