List of University of the Philippines-Open University (UPOU) Scholarship Programs

As one of the top universities in the Philippines, University of the Philippines-Open University is committed to equipping Filipino students with a higher learning opportunity and harnessing their potential to benefit society. Through its excellence in education, UPOU produces graduates that are prepared to make an impact locally and internationally. Their skills will contribute towards national socio-economic development across various industries and fields.

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The University of the Philippines-Open University provides a generous scholarship program to students who require financial assistance for educational expenses and allowances. If you’re interested in discovering more about this valuable opportunity, read on! Here we’ll detail everything you need to know about UPOU’s scholarships, helping you take your education further.

List of University of the Philippines-Open University (UPOU) Scholarship Programs

What is the University of the Philippines-Open University?

The University of the Philippines-Open University was founded in 1995 and has pioneered teaching and learning online. Since then, it continues its responsibility to provide quality education among the Filipino youth, particularly in the study and practice of distance learning and open learning in the country. The UPOU also envisioned itself as a leader in educating Filipinos in a digital age and helping them equip with all the necessary skills and knowledge for life and work in the 21st century. UPOU became one of the most comprehensive distance education institutions in the Philippines.

Aside from that, UPOU upholds the values of scholarship, academic freedom and excellence, social responsibility, humanism, and service to the country. The said university also offers various educational opportunities most especially to those deserving students who need educational financial assistance all over the Philippines provided that they are a citizen of this nation.

In like manner, qualified applicants must also need to follow and submit all the requirements needed for their application process. Usually, one of the basic requirements that the scholarships require, especially for undergraduate scholarship applicants, is the UPCAT or the University of the Philippines College Admission Test. The test is similar to the university entrance examination that serves as your gate pass to enter the said university and be one of their students. If you are interested to avail of the scholarship programs, here is the list of various scholarship programs available at the University of the Philippines-Open University.

List of Scholarship Programs at the University of the Philippines-Open University

1. UP Alumni Quesada – Fulgado and Friends Scholarship

The said scholarship program is a scholarship that aims to help financially needy students of UP including the UP Open University and must have a general average of at least 2.00 in all subjects or areas taken.

  • Eligible applicants must be qualified for the admission or university’s entrance examination passers of the said university with at least 72 units taken in the junior 3rd-year level in any undergraduate program.
  • Interested applicants must be financially incapable wherein his or her parent or guardian must not have exceeded two hundred fifty thousand pesos (250,000) annual income.
  • Do not have any record of disciplinary action must also be included in the list of qualifications. Qualified scholars of the said university can receive one thousand five hundred pesos (Php 1,500) every semester for book allowance and a monthly stipend of three thousand pesos (Php 3,000) including the transportation allowance worth five hundred pesos (Php 500) every month.
  • To apply for the said scholarship program, you can apply online using this link and fill out the application form as needed.
  • Always make sure to fill out the correct and updated contact information before submitting it. Once you submit it, a confirmation will be sent to your e-mail automatically so do not delete it.
  • If you are planning to apply online, make sure to prepare the required documents needed to you application and always use your active e-mail address because they will contact you through e-mail.

2. Iskolar ng Bayan Act

In line with Republic Act 10648 or otherwise known as Iskolar ng Bayan Act of 2014, the University of the Philippines Open University also accepts student applicants that have graduated as top-performing high school students duly recognized by the school or institution they graduated from.

  • Interested applicants must be a Filipino citizen and must have a minimum general weighted average of 2.80 wherein they can provide a certificate duly signed by the principal or the school registrar indicating that he or she graduated with honors or belong to the top ten academic achievers of their batch.
  • Candidates must also be enrolling in college for the first time without any record of college degree courses taken before and are willing to submit the requirements needed for the application and willing to take the University of the Philippines College Admission Test.
  • If you have some questions related to the scholarship program and its application process you can e-mail them using and you can also send your application form together with your other scholarship requirements to

3. The UP Presidential Scholarship Grant

The UP Presidential Scholarship Grant is available those undergraduate degree courses including the graduate degree program, masters or doctorate. This is open to any bachelor’s degree both in undergraduate (college) or graduate degree program (masters or doctorate) only, except for freshmen applicants.

  • Qualified applicants must be continuing second-year students or above with a general weighted average (GWA) of 1.75 and don’t have a grade of 5.00 or 4.00 in any subject area upon applying.
  • Candidates must be enrolled students of the UP Open University and naturally born Filipino citizens who have a good moral character and do not have any record of offense both locally or in any institution in which he or she came from.
  • Required documents that are necessary for application must include the following;
  1. One (1) piece of 2×2 ID picture with white background (to be attached to the application form).
  2. A certified true copy of grades from the previous semester with a cumulative grade average mentioned above.
  3. The duly accomplished application form is to be downloaded using this link
  4. Good moral certificate or any evidence that will prove that the applicants have no record of any offense.
  5. At least three (3) recommendation letters coming from an authorized person (e.g., previous professor, principal, guidance counselor, etc.). Parents, guardians, siblings, or relatives are prohibited to submit a recommendation letter for their family members. The format of the letter should be addressed using this one:

 Primo G. Garcia, Ph.D.
        Chair, UPOU Committee on Scholarship and Financial Assistance (CSFA)
Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Note: All required documents needed for the application must be submitted before the deadline for submission.

  • Eligible scholars of the said educational fund can receive a free tuition fee discount, including the miscellaneous fee and laboratory fees with a monthly stipend of two thousand pesos (Php 2,000) to undergraduate scholarship awardee and two thousand five hundred (Php 2,500) for master’s degree program and another two thousand (Php 2,000) for a doctorate program, a semestral book allowance amounting to two thousand pesos (Php 2,000) for undergraduate and master’s and doctorate worth three thousand pesos (Php 3,000).
  • There are also thesis/dissertation incentives of five thousand (Php 5,000) for a master’s degree and ten thousand pesos (Php 10,000) for a doctorate.

4. Committee on Scholarship and Financial Assistance (CSFA)

This scholarship and Financial Assistance are given to the continuing and officially enrolled students of UP both in undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

  • For those freshmen applicants, you must finish at least one semester in the said university upon applying and you must be an officially enrolled student before you will have an appointment to apply.
  • Communication, interaction, and willingness to be a student representative is also vital qualification for this scholarship grant wherein eligible applicants must have a good academic performance without any record of the offense.
  • Candidates must have a good moral character.

Video: All About University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU)

Check out this video that is crafted most especially for Filipino students who wish to become part of the UP community. The video discusses the different courses offered by UPOU. Aside from that, the mode of instruction was also discussed in the video including the online portal for the students that they will access once they are recognized as official students of the said university.


These are the various scholarship programs that are available at the University of the Philippines-Open University that could help you support some of your finances in education most especially for those students taking up undergraduate or graduate degrees. If you want to learn more about the said scholarship grants and financial aid and its application procedures, you may visit their official website at If you also have some issues or concerns, you reach out to their Facebook page at