List of Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) Scholarship Programs

Southville International School and Colleges is an international institution that offers a full package of learning opportunities most particularly for the Filipino students in our country. They also pioneered the international quality standards of education that could help students grow and develop in an excellent instructional method of delivering a learning mode.

As a leader in international education, SISC employs innovative strategies and tactics to remain competitive on the global stage while welcoming students from diverse nations and cultures. Its faculty team members are also one of the crucial factors why SISC continues to flourish and competent globally. Apart from having international accreditation, the said institution also has international affiliations and has been recognized as the School of the Future by DepEd in the country as well as an International Baccalaureate Authorized World School, and is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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The said institution also caters to a flexible learning environment for students based on their chosen fields and specialization. The educational system of this institution is being recognized both nationally and internationally because it tends to develop a lifelong learning opportunity for the its students.

Southville International School and Colleges grant the financially disadvantaged a chance to experience an education of excellence in both academics and other activities, due to its remarkable capacity. Through this opportunity, deserving individuals can come closer to attaining their goals without having limited resources as an obstacle. Continue reading to find out more about the different scholarship programs offered at SISC.

List of Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) Scholarship Programs

What is the Southville International School and Colleges?

The Southville International School and Colleges is a recognized institution in the Philippines that is known for local and international competitions as well as for delivering quality education and producing professional individuals in their chosen fields. Additionally, the said institution is committed to molding lifelong learners to uphold the 5C’s namely, character, competence, commitment to achieve, collaboration, and creativity. Aside from that, SISC is the only international institution in the country that offers a complete and wide array of educational programs. Thus, SISC is one of the prominent and prestigious colleges in the Philippines that is data-driven and technology-enhanced programs to provide sufficient knowledge and experience to its student body.

Although the tuition and other school expenses are kind of expensive at SISC, many students still prefer SISC to complete their tertiary education. Some of the reasons why they still choose SISC is because the said institution has internationally-benchmarked curricula and learner-needs responsive program offerings. Non-English students in Asia also prefer SISC not only because it has lower fees compared to other international colleges but also because it has competent educators who are professionally trained and have sufficient experience that is essential in teaching students from diverse cultures.

What makes SISC different from other schools, colleges, and universities is that their program offerings, for instance, the K-12 program, are accredited internationally by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Further, SISC offers multi-dimensional programs or curricula aside from its college offerings and since the day of its inception, SISC continues to cultivate and nurture the capabilities of every student and prepare them to become leaders and professionals essential for nation-building.

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) opens educational opportunities to students who are in need financially yet deserve to have a quality education that can develop their skills and intelligence both in academics and other special learning activities that can improve their personal and professional skills in their chosen field. The said institution also offers various scholarship programs, grants, and aid that could help the learners to support other school fees and expenses that aims to lessen their financial burden while studying at Southville International School and Colleges.

List of Scholarship Programs at Southville International School and Colleges

1. Top Outstanding Performing Students (TOPS)

This scholarship program is being offered to graduating high school students from different public and private schools or universities all over the Philippines.

  • Interested applicants are required to submit the duly accomplished application forms together with the required documents like the certificate of the award that the graduating students have in which the general weighted average of students is indicated duly signed by the principal together with the school registrar, another is the certificate of the good moral character stated that the student won’t have any record of the offense.
  • Photocopy of the student report card in Grade 11 is also needed for the application including the Grade 12 report in 1st quarter, only if available, together with a photocopy of the student’s birth certificate and two (2) pieces of 2×2 pictures with white background.
  • If you have questions or concerns regarding the scholarship mentioned kindly send them an email using

2. Founder Scholars

Founder scholars is a scholarship opportunity given to Graduating Grade 12 High School students that are financially challenged and can’t afford to pay other school fees like tuition fee, lodge, and allowances that brings difficulty to their studies. In like manners, this scholarship program can help them most particularly with some of their school fees because qualified scholarship awardees can enjoy the following benefits and privileges:

  • Free tuition fee
  • Weekly allowance
  • Free school uniform (PE uniform and other organizational uniforms are not included)
  • Leadership Training
  • Free dormitory

3. Information Technology Training

Eligible applicants must have an 88% of general weighted average or above and any course is allowed to apply provided that they submit all the requirements including the documents needed for the application.

4. Pagpupugay Scholarship Program (BPI Foundation)

The Pagpupugay Scholarship Program is a scholarship program offered by the BPI Foundation and companies to the family of the medical front liners who fought against COVID-19 even until now. This is in recognition of the efforts and sacrifices in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic of our new heroes like the doctors, nurses, medical technologists, community health workers, health personnel, and utility in many healthcare facilities all over the Philippines.

  • Qualified beneficiaries of such medical front liners should be their children (if the medical front liners are married) and if single, it will be their siblings who are still studying and don’t have immediate family.
  • To be qualified for the scholarship program, interested applicants must be enrolled in the said university and must maintain an eighty-five percent (85%) of their general weighted average in which he or she must not have any failing grades.
  • If you have some questions about the scholarship program you can contact them through or email them at

Video: Quality International School in the Philippines

Check out this video which discusses SICS’s goals and aspirations towards the learning development of most students in the country. The video also highlights the various learning programs and activities that Filipino students might acquire if they will enter such a school.

The video portrays the exemplary educational program offered by this renowned international school, which has been a pioneer in producing Filipino professionals both at home and abroad. No matter one’s background, anyone can access its top-notch education that is held to an international standard.


This article discusses the list of the various scholarship programs that are being offered in Southville International School and Colleges that aims to help students who are in need financially to sustain their educational requirements as they study at SISC. Thus, if you’re a student of the said institution and want to apply for a scholarship grant, you can learn more about the eligibility requirements, the application procedures, as well as the needed documents at their official website. Additionally, if you have concerns regarding the application procedures, you may also reach out to them through this link –