List of Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Scholarship Programs

The Asian Institute of Management is well-known for providing business and research degree courses in Asia. It is an institution that provides academic excellence that inspires and transforms the heart of Asian economic growth by enabling them to attain a greater goal. The institution offers generous scholarships and grants to those students with the potential of becoming exceptional leaders, which will help further their professional development as well as promote economic prosperity and social progress in their home countries.

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This article offers a comprehensive overview of the multiple scholarship programs available at the Asian Institute of Management. Not only will you find out if these scholarships are right for your educational goals, but also learn about any qualifications and other requirements needed to apply. It’s an ideal resource for prospective applicants looking to take advantage of all that this prestigious university has to offer!

List of Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Scholarship Programs

What is the Asian Institute of Management?

The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is a renowned school in the country for offering management and business-related education. The said institution was founded in 1968 by the prominent business leaders of the country, together with other Philippine academic institutions, as well as the Harvard Business School. Aside from that, AIM is the first school in Southeast Asia that has received accreditation from the US-based Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) which is widely recognized in the whole world for having the highest standards. Since then, the said institution is committed to empowering students as well as to thriving in a rapidly changing and challenging environment.

Moreover, the Asian Institute of Management also envisions itself as a nexus of innovation, transformation, and excellence in management education that aims to create an inclusive as well as sustainable impact in Asian businesses and societies. To be able to meet their end goals, they have the mission to develop transformative leaders of the society in a dynamic ecosystem through the means of creating and disseminating relevant and sufficient knowledge, also by proving participant-centered and technology-driven learning, as well as activating academia, industry, government, and community partnerships, and instilling in the minds of the students to become mindful and have ethical values.

Hence, students and graduates of the said institution develop sensitivity to having a diverse culture and belief system, business structure, governance, and others. AIM has established itself to be the source of premiere human resource development in Asia.

The AIM institution is proud to offer a variety of scholarship programs for its students. One such initiative is aimed at helping learners reach their academic and career goals, making sure they can attain a diploma and eventually secure gainful employment after graduation. Below you will find the full list of scholarships currently available.

List of Scholarship Programs at the Asian Institute of Management

1. AIM Institutional Scholarships

The said scholarship program is given to those students who perform well on their admission examination including those applicants who got the highest test scores, academics, career, and other competencies and show strong AIM values and ideals.

  • The said scholarship grants cover a fifty percent (50%) tuition fee discount to those qualified applicants and a full scholarship can be awarded to the exceptional outstanding students.
  • Interested applicants who wish to apply to the said scholarship program are required to submit the following documents including: (1) the reason why they are deserving to receive the scholarship award and the qualifications (in the form of a letter or letter of intent), (2) copy of the transcript of records indicating their general average, (3) certificate of the latest income tax return (ITR) and the (4)notarized affidavit of family income.
  • The applicants must also take note that the scholarship application will only be processed once the student applicants are officially admitted to the program.

2. The Asian Development Bank Japan Scholarship Program

The Japanese government funded the Asian Development Bank (ADB) that established the Asian Development Bank Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) which aims to improve the human resource development program by granting a scholarship fund for deserving students.

  • Eligible scholars can receive a 100% tuition fee discount including the campus dormitory fee, a one economy fair trip, and a stipend wherein a qualified applicant must not have dual citizenship of any country that is developed and does not hold any superior academic degree.
  • The qualified age of application must be more than 35 years old upon his or her application which holds a good moral character without any record of offense both in their locality or any institution or organization and also a good health condition to deal with different learning activities and academic performances.
  • He or she must already enroll in any graduate degree program both masters or doctorate degrees. Required documents include the following;
  1. A copy of the undergraduate diploma
  2. Copy of the University’s Application Form
  3. Duly Accomplished ADB-JSP Information Sheet
  4. Copy of Valid Passport
  5. Copy of Academic Transcript of Record (TOR)

Note:  All of the documentary requirements must be in pdf format and take note that incomplete requirements will not be processed.

3. GTFI-AIM Scholarship Program

The GT-Metro Foundation Inc. (GTFI) launched a scholarship that aims to provide financial assistance to promising Chinese professionals who want to pursue the International MB Program (iMBA) at the Asian Institute of Management and are expected to share their economic and social development of their home countries upon their graduation.

  • The said scholarship program will hold a hundred percent (100%) tuition fee discount that includes a free campus dormitory accommodation, a one economy class airfare trip, and a stipend for those eligible applicants who are entitled to be qualified scholars of the said scholarship program.
  • Qualified applicants may have the qualifications that include following:
  1. People’s republic of China or Chinese residents
  2. Interested applicants who are willing to go back to China after they complete their degree in AIM iMBA
  3. Interested applicants must be a graduate with bachelor’s degrees from a recognized university.
  4. Eligible applicants are required to submit the required documents including: (1) the letter of intent that indicates why they are qualified to avail of the scholarship program including the personal qualifications of why they are deserving to be a scholarship awardee. (2) Latest Income Tax Return (ITR). (3) Certificate of Employment. (4) Copy of the Transcript of Records indicating the cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

4. Educational Loan

AIM Study NOW, Pay Later Loan

This is a program that offers a loan to Filipino applicants. This only covers limited slots including verification and process to those interested borrowers wherein students who have high financial needs can borrow money for educational payment and finances provided that they will pay for it once they already have enough allowance.

  • The application process strictly imposed a first come first serve basis wherein they prioritized the one who come first.
  • The loan program is only limited to the maximum 80% of the program fee balance and it does not require collateral all you have to do is to provide a co-maker once they will apply for a loan program.
  • Co-maker must be someone who knows you personally and is willing to be your guarantor.
  • The borrower must have a responsibility to pay his or her loan upon the agreed period.

Video: Basic Management Training at Asian Institute of Management

Check out the video above that showcases one of the top-leading business training at AIM. The video shows the high academic standards set by the Asian Institute of Management. This video will hopefully also motivate scholarship recipients to be more devoted and empowered in their performance, taking action towards becoming productive members of society with personal and professional growth. Ultimately this allows them to reach greater heights while also promoting the common good.


This is the list of all the scholarship programs available at the Asian Institute of Management. This is to help you to have some insights about what college scholarship program to choose and apply for if you plan to study at AIM.

On the other hand, if you have concerns about the application process and the complete list of requirements, you may contact or reach out to authorized personnel through their official websites, pages, and social media sites. You can visit their official website here: