List of University of Batangas (UB) Scholarship Programs

The University of Batangas (UB) has evolved throughout the years in many aspects. UB belongs to the top leading universities in the Philippines that produce a lot of professionals in the field of engineering, education, allied medical sciences, business and accountancy, nursing and midwifery, and law, that greatly brings significant impact in the country.

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As the years go by, the university evolves into its underlying aspects of providing quality education and supporting students who are in need and deserve to have educational support and assistance by the means of scholarship programs and other student assistance.

This article consists of various scholarship program that can be found at the University of Batangas that is being offered to interested students of the university. Read on to discover more about it and for you to know the best scholarship that might help you as a student of UB.

list of University of Batangas (UB) Scholarship Programs

What is the University of Batangas?

The University of Batangas is a private institution that offers basic and higher education to all Filipino youths, mostly the Batangueños. It is founded in 1946 as Western Philippine College, which is the oldest university and the second-oldest university in Batangas. The said university also has two campuses; one is the UB Lipa Campus and another is the UB Batangas Campus.

Various undergraduate program offerings are available on both campuses which include courses in allied and medical sciences; arts and sciences; business and accountancy; education; criminal justice education; engineering; information and communication technology; nursing and midwifery; tourism and hospitality management; and technical education.

Additionally, the University of Batangas also offers graduate study programs, law, short-term courses, and the expanded tertiary education equivalency and accreditation program. The university is also well known for being a top-performing school in licensure examinations in the disciplines of Engineering, Education, Allied Medical Sciences, Business and Accountancy, Nursing and Midwifery, and Law.

Most of the students in nearby areas choose UB to be the agent of their societal transformation to hone and prepare them for the future. Hence, President Hernando B. Perez of the University of Batangas calls the institution the “The University of the Future, the University of Choice”.

One of the initiatives of this institution is to help students with learning and professional development goal by giving them further assistance and helping them attain their diplomas and employment once they finish their studies. Thus, various scholarship programs are made available by the University of Batangas to sustain some of their finances, particularly in recognition of their good work and performance as well as their active performance in various organizations they have joined. Below is the list of all the scholarship programs available in the said university that you may avail of and apply for when you enrolled at UB.

List of Scholarship Programs at the University of Batangas

1. Corps Commander Citizenship Scholar

The Corps Commander Citizenship Scholar is a scholarship program given to the cadet officer of the University of Batangas. This scholarship program is highly acknowledged under Article VII, military training under Section 43, which is the scholarship incentive for a cadet officer who has undergone military training and who is officially enrolled in the university.

The said grant is only good for a year which is equivalent to two (2) regular semesters, wherein summer class is not included in the scholarship grant. This is to give back support to the student cadet in favor of their service in school and community-related activities.

2. PD 451

The PD 451 is a scholarship program that aims to help support those students who are financially in need but are interested to study in a quality learning institution that provides a high level of education both in academic and other particular learning areas. This scholarship is being granted to students who don’t have enough financial resources yet deserving to receive some of form of grant for their studies.

Eligible scholars can receive a one hundred percent (100%) free tuition fee discount and miscellaneous fees that are usually given to the selected applicants of the university. Qualified applicants have been given the privilege to receive the scholarship benefits provided that they will follow all the requirements including the qualification standards set to them. The scholarship will cover the entire year of the stay of the student depending upon the specific course they choose.

3. Cultural Scholarship

The Cultural Scholarship is intended for all bona fide students of the University of Batangas who are officially enrolled in the university and who takes active participation in any cultural activities like dancing, acting, or singing related to cultural activities.

Qualified applicants must:

  • not have any record of offense both in their locality or in any school
  • not have any failing grades in any subject areas
  • be enrolled for at least fifteen units (15) every semester
  • submit all necessary requirements included in the application for the scholarship which may include the personal data sheet, a final list of grades, an enrollment assessment form, and a list of accomplishments including the group accomplishments and the individual accomplishment.

Note: Before the student applicants will be qualified, each scholarship candidate must be evaluated by the coordinator of the cultural organization including the trainer, adviser, director, and other faculty that are in charge of the recognized organization.

4. Three in the Family Discount

The Three in the Family Discount is a privilege given to siblings with three or more in number that is currently enrolled in the University of Batangas and doesn’t have any record of moral offense with good academic standing. This is to lessen the financial burden of both parents or guardians and the student itself.

If one of the student’s siblings dropped all the subjects, the discount will be automatically canceled including the discount given to his or her other siblings. This discount will be available only on the regular semester in which summer class or instruction is not included.

Students who are in pre-elementary, elementary, high school, and undergraduate studies are also qualified to apply for the discount privilege.

5. Dean’s List Scholarship

The Dean’s List Scholarship program enables a student to be an academic awardee achiever by supporting them through educational assistance to excel in their academic work. Likewise, the dean’s list scholarship program also provides a student who excels in their academics a financial allowance by granting them financial support like educational discounts and other incentives provided that they will submit all the requirements and follow all the instructions including the qualifications given to them.

6. Student Assistance or Work-study Program

This student study assistance is created to help assist students who are not financially resourceful to sustain all their educational needs but are intellectually deserving to have a quality education at the University of Batangas. Through this program, they can be able to sustain other financial allowances, provided that they will render services in school in exchange for financial assistance in the form of allowance and tuition fee subsidy.

The qualified students will be identified by the management of the university aligned with the underlying agreement that the student will follow all the program rules.

Video: Get to Know University of Batangas

Check out this informational video that aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of interested students who wish to be a part of the university and take up certain programs, specifically the Information Technology, Entertainment, and Communications that aims to motivate students who deserve to have a quality education at all costs. The university will be there to help students to acquire development both personally and professionally that will lead them to achieve their goals as an individual with moral responsibility.


This is the list of all the scholarship programs available at the University of Batangas that you may apply for and avail of when you enroll in the university. Additionally, all the privileges and benefits that the eligible students may acquire once they qualify to become one of the scholarship beneficiaries are also briefly discussed above.

Just be prepared and take note of some of the basic requirements when you apply for any of the programs you wish to avail such as the minimum grade requirements, application form, and the other documents they may require you.

Meanwhile, if you have concerns about the application procedure, you may reach out to them online at or you can also contact them using their e-mail account You may learn more about their scholarship program and the when you explore their website. We hope that you found this article helpful and guide you in applying and choosing the best scholarship program that could help you best to finish your desired course.