How to Apply TeachSTEM Scholarship for Educators

The TeachSTEM Scholarship is a program that helps educators to achieve their goals. This program is only for aspiring teachers, current teachers, teachers taking up their masters, and STEM professionals.

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If you want to know more about this program, we have prepared a full guide about TeachSTEM Scholarship for Educators and step-by-step instructions, and a guide on how to apply.

TeachSTEM Scholarship for Educators

What is the TeachSTEM Scholarship for Educators Program?

The TeachSTEM Scholarship for Educators aims to develop quality STEM educators who will be champions of STEM in their community and equip future learners to later contribute to nation-building. Empowering educators with rich content knowledge, strong teaching proficiencies, and relevant values, it aims also to improve 21st-century learners and build a STEM-oriented culture among Filipino learners and educational stakeholders.

This program aims to help aspiring teachers through a College Degree scholarship, current teachers through a Master’s Degree scholarship, teachers taking up their Master’s Degree through the Master’s Thesis Grant, and STEM Professionals who wish to teach through the Teachers’ Certification scholarship.

Types of TeachSTEM Scholarship for Educators

A.    College Degree Scholarship

This program is designed to prepare and help to graduate high school students in becoming skilled teachers and STEM champions capable of providing conducive and meaningful learning experiences for their students. Additionally, students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in elementary or secondary education with a major in Science, Technology, or Mathematics at any of GBF’s partner universities are encouraged to apply.

Fixed Annual Grant

  1. Public university – Php 65,000
  2. Private university – Php 85,000

B.    Master’s Degree Scholarship

The TeachSTEM Master’s Degree Scholarship Program aims to provide an opportunity to advance their knowledge of practicing educators by enabling them to transform and reform future educational practice theory, policy, and institution within the interdisciplinary field of education. Incoming or current Master’s Degree student in Education specializing in Science, Math, Technology, or Engineering in any of GBF’s partner universities who are currently serving as:

  1. A K to 12 science, math, technology or engineering teacher in public school
  2. An instructor teaching a science, math, technology or engineering-related course in any tertiary institution

Fixed Annual Grant

  1. Public University: Php 45,000
  2. Private University: Php 65,000

C.    Master’s Research Grant

The Master’s Research Grant Scholarship Program is designed to help financial aid to STEM educators pursuing the completion of their master’s thesis or capstone project as their final requirement for their master’s degree program. 

Additionally, Master’s Degree students who have completed all required coursework and passed the comprehensive examination are welcome to apply for the Research Grant.

Fixed Annual Grant

  1. Public or Private University: Php 50,000

D.    Teacher Certificate Program

The Teacher Certificate Scholarship Program helps to provide and strengthen pedagogical skills to STEM educators who are non-education degree holders. This program will equip them with the appropriate delivery models needed in educating STEM learners and qualify them to become licensed professional teachers. A graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, or Mathematics in any CHED-recognized private or state university/college and who has not taken any Teacher Certificate Program units is welcome to apply.

Fixed Annual Grant

  1. Public University: Php 30,000
  2. Private University: Php 50,000

Partner Universities

  1. Angeles University Foundation (Pampanga)
  2. Ateneo De Zamboanga
  3. Ateneo de Manila University (GBSEALD)
  4. Ateneo de Naga University
  5. Batangas State University
  6. Bicol University (Main)
  7. Bukidnon State University
  8. Cebu Normal University
  9. Central Luzon State University (Nueva Ecija)
  10. Central Mindanao University
  11. Central Philippine University (Iloilo)
  12. De La Salle University (Manila)
  13. Far Eastern University
  14. Father Saturnino Urios University (Butuan)
  15. Mariano Marcos State University
  16. Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology
  17. Negros Oriental State University (Dumaguete City)
  18. Notre Dame of Marbel University (South Cotabato)
  19. Philippine Normal University – Manila
  20. Philippine Normal University – Mindanao (Agusan del Sur)
  21. Philippine Normal University – North Luzon (Isabela)
  22. Southern Luzon State University (Quezon)
  23. St. Mary’s University (Nueva Vizcaya)
  24. University of Southeastern Philippines
  25. University of St. La Salle (Bacolod)
  26. University of Sto. Tomas
  27. University of the Cordilleras
  28. University of the Immaculate Conception (Davao City)
  29. University of the Philippines – Diliman
  30. West Visayas State University
  31. Xavier University

Preferred Universities

  1. Adventist University of the Philippines
  2. Arellano University
  3. Baliuag University
  4. Basilan State College
  5. Batangas University
  6. Benguet State University
  7. Cagayan State University
  8. Capitol University
  9. Cataduanes State University
  10. Cotabato State University
  11. De La Salle Dasmarinas
  12. Don Honorio Ventura Technical State University
  13. Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
  14. Holy Angel University
  15. Isabela State University
  16. La Consolacion College
  17. Laguna State Polytechnic University
  18. Mapua University
  19. Misamis University
  20. Mountainview College
  21. Olivarez College
  22. Pagadian Capitol College
  23. Pangasinan State University
  24. Polytechnic University of the Philippines
  25. Rizal Memorial Colleges
  26. Sorsogon University
  27. South Philippine Adventist College
  28. St. Columban College
  29. Tarlac Agricultural University
  30. Tarlac State University
  31. Universidad de Manila
  32. University of Luzon
  33. University of Mindanao – Davao
  34. University of Mindanao – Tagum
  35. University of Northern Philippines (Ilocos Sur)
  36. University of Perpetual Help System
  37. University of Perpetual Help System DALTA
  38. University of San Carlos – Cebu
  39. University of Southern Mindanao


When you apply for TeachSTEM Educators Scholarship Program, you are entitled to receive the following:

  1. Scholarship Grant
  2. Education from esteemed Centers of Excellence/ Development
  3. Scholarship grants sent directly to RBank accounts of scholars
  4. Financial grants may be used for educational expenses like tuition, books, supplies, living expenses, and conduct of research
  5. Scholar Development Programs
  6. Access to capacity-building programs (i.e. leadership, upskilling, subject content).
  7. A chance to be part of an educator’s community.
  8. Continue to serve in the public sector while completing your course.

Note: Scholarship privileges may vary depending on the type of TeachSTEM scholarship program you wish to avail of.


Here are the eligibility requirements you must meet when you intended to apply for the TeachSTEM Educators Scholarship.

  1. Interested applicants must have no failed, dropped, or incomplete grades in the previous academic year.
  2. Additionally, they must have a general average of at least eighty-five percent (85%) or it’s equivalent.
  3. Also, they must enroll minimum academic load prescribed & complete the program within the recommended period.
  4. They must be in good health.
  5. They must be of good moral character.
  6. They are teaching STEM in any K to 12 public institutions or any private or public tertiary institution (all except College Degree).
  7. They have at least a “Satisfactory” rating in teaching performance from the previous year (all except College Degree).
  8. They need financial support to complete their studies.
  9. Preferably not a recipient of other scholarships.

Note: Eligibility requirements may also vary depending on the type of TeachSTEM scholarship program the interested applicants may wish to avail of.


Below are the TeachSTEM Educators Scholarship documentary requirements that you have to secure and provide when you apply for this program.

  1. Proof of Enrollment/Admission
  2. Certified True Copy of Grades reflecting GWA from the previous Academic Year
  3. Proof of household income (such as ITR, Certificate of Indigency, Certificate of Low Income, 2 recent payslips)
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  5. Philosophy of Teaching Essay
  6. Recommendation Form
  7. Consent from a legal guardian (for applicants under 18 years old)
  8. ID Picture
  9. Medical Certificate (to be submitted after passing the essay test)

Note: Above-mentioned documentary requirements are only the general requirements that applicants may provide. This also may vary depending on the type of scholarship program you may wish to avail of.

How to Process TeachSTEM Scholarship

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you out with your application for the TeachSTEM Scholarship Program for Educators.

Step 1: Eligibility Screening

This may include the following:

  1. Accomplishment of Application Form
  2. Submission of Documentary Requirements

Step 2: Live Online Exam

This may include the following:

  1. Competency Test
  2. Essay Test

Step 3: Panel Interview

This may include the following:

  1. Submission of Medical Certificate
  2. Panel Interview

Important Reminders

Here are some of the important things you must remember when you apply to any of the said scholarship programs for educators:

  1. From the different TeachSTEM scholarship programs mentioned above, make sure that you have met the set requirements for each scholarship program.
  2. Additionally, take time to read their terms and conditions before applying.
  3. Aside from that, provide and submit all the documentary requirements on or before the set deadline completely.
  4. Do not falsify any information or document regarding your application.

Video: How to Apply for the TeachSTEM Educators Scholarship

Check out the video below to get a better idea about the TeachSTEM Scholarship for Educators. This video is about the process you have to go through when you will apply for the TeachSTEM Scholarship Program.

Hence, if you are an aspiring teacher, you may avail of the College Degree scholarship. If you are currently teaching, you may check out the Master’s Degree scholarship and for teachers taking up their Master’s Degree, you may try to avail of the Master’s Thesis Grant, and for STEM Professionals who wish to teach, you may try to avail Teachers Certification scholarship under TeachSTEM Scholarship Program for Educators. Hence, if you wish to avail yourself of any of the TeachSTEM scholarships, you might find this video helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I am an education major but not majoring in STEM, may I still apply?

The scholarship programs under TeachSTEM Scholarship for Educators are only available to students specializing in any STEM degree programs. Hence, if your field of study is not under the scope of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, you are not eligible to apply for any of the scholarships under the TeachSTEM Scholarship Program for Educators.

2. If I am not yet enrolled, may I apply?

Yes, you may, as long as you have met all the eligibility requirements of your desired scholarship program and you have passed the university admission process. Also, you have to submit Proof of Admission and a Letter of Intent to enroll at any of the partner or preferred universities mentioned above.

3. What is TeachSTEM Scholarship?

TeachSTEM Scholarship Program support aspiring public school teachers to have a bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Additionally, this program has different types of scholarship namely the TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship which is intended for undergraduate programs, the TeachSTEM Master’s Degree Scholarship, the TeachSTEM Master’s Research Grant, and the Teacher Certificate Program.

4. Can I still apply to the said scholarship program even if the school of university I’m enrolled in is not on the list of their partner and preferred schools?

Unfortunately, to apply for any of the TeachSTEM scholarship programs, you must enroll in any of their partner or preferred universities. To view the list, check out the article above. Only those students who are enrolled or who wish to enroll in their partner or preferred universities can qualify for the said scholarship programs under TeachSTEM.

5. Is there a minimum grade requirement to become eligible for the said scholarship program?

Before applying, be mindful that most of the TeachSTEM scholarship program requires a minimum grade requirement or general weighted average (GWA).

6. Are TeachSTEM scholarship programs open for applications?

The applications for TeachSTEM scholarship programs are now open for applications. Hence, if you’re an interested applicant, comply with all the documentary requirements and apply before the deadline.


Hence, this is a process of applying for the TeachSTEM Scholarship for Educators Program.  This program is intended for aspiring teachers who may wish to avail of a College Degree scholarship, a Master’s Degree scholarship, a Master’s Thesis Grant, or a Teacher’s Certification scholarship.

When applying for any of the TeachSTEM Educators Scholarships, just bear in mind that you must meet all the set eligibility requirements to get qualified and become eligible for a grant. You must also secure and attached the entire document along with your application form and ensure that you have filled out all the required fields and verify all the information you have provided is accurate. This is to avoid delays in the processing of your document application.

If you have further concerns about TeachSTEM scholarship programs, you may contact Gokongwei Brothers Foundation at