How to Apply Gokongwei Brothers TeachSTEM Scholarship

One of the educational scholarship programs that the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF) offers is the TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship. This scholarship program is offered to high school students who wish to pursue their college degree in any field of study related to Science, Technology, and Mathematics.

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This scholarship aid is designed to prepare students for the challenging world of teaching. The qualified beneficiaries of the said scholarship program are entitled to enjoy the privileges given by the scholarship and the foundation to them, provided that they shall pass all the requirements on time and they must be enrolled in any of the allied university partners of Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF). This is to attain the quality education that deserving students must need to meet the standard of employment qualification.

Additionally, this initiative of the GBF was established to support aspiring students who dream to become teachers, especially in any STEM-related degrees but do not have enough financial resources and capabilities to sustain their educational finances due to some circumstances such as poverty-related issues. However, through this educational scholarship aid, they are one step away from becoming a teacher and reaching their dream. This will allow them to develop their potential skills personally and professionally with the help of the allied universities of GBF.

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Gokongwei Brothers foundation TeachSTEM Scholarship

What is the TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship?

The TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship is an educational scholarship grant of the GBF to support incoming college students who want to take educational course preferably a bachelor’s degree in education majoring in Science, Technology, and Math who aspires to be a school teacher with their chosen course.

Aside from that, this educational scholarship grant was established because of its goal to support incoming college students who deserve it yet are incapable to sustain their educational finances and needs. Interested applicants can check the qualification standards mentioned in the article below for them to check whether or not they are eligible to apply for the said scholarship program.

Thus, the eligible applicants shall expect to receive financial assistance and other benefits provided that they meet the qualification standards set by the scholarship program and they pass all the requirements on time. Further, provided that they will enroll in the allied partner schools or universities of the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF).

Allied Partner Universities

  1. Angeles University Foundation Pampanga
  2. Ateneo De Zamboanga
  3. Ateneo De Manila University (GBSEALD)
  4. Ateneo De Manila University (SOSE)
  5. Ateneo De Naga University
  6. Batangas State University
  7. Bicol University – Bicol Main
  8. Bukidnon State University
  9. Cebu Normal University – Cebu City
  10. Central Luzon State University -Nueva Ecija
  11. Central Mindanao University
  12. Central Philippine University – Iloilo City
  13. De La Salle University – Manila
  14. Far Eastern University – Butuan
  15. Father Saturnine Urios University – Butuan
  16. Mariano Marcos State University
  17. Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology
  18. Negros Oriental State University – Dumaguete City
  19. Notre Dame of Marbel University – South Cotabato
  20. Philippine Normal State University-Manila
  21. Philippine Normal State University – Mindanao,Agusan Del Sur
  22. Philippine Normal State University – North Luzon, Isabela
  23. Southern Luzon State University – Quezon Province
  24. St. Louis College – La Union
  25. St. Mary’s University – Nueva Vizcaya
  26. University of Mindanao – Davao
  27. University of Mindanao – Tagum
  28. University of Northern Philippines – Ilocos Sur
  29. University of San Carlos – Cebu City
  30. University of Southeastern Philippines
  31. University of St. La Salle – Bacolod City
  32. The University of Sto. Tomas
  33. University of The Cordilleras
  34. University of Immaculate Conception, Davao City
  35. The University of The Philippines – Diliman
  36. West Visayas State University
  37. Xavier University


The qualified student applicants can enjoy the following opportunity and privileges if they are qualified for the said educational scholarship program. Thus, the following are the benefits that the eligible scholarship beneficiaries can acquire:

  1. A qualified scholarship grantee will receive a fixed annual grant amounting to Php 65,000 for those students that are enrolled in a public university and Php 85,000 for those students who are studying in a private university.
  2. The financial grant received by the scholars can be utilized for some educational expenses like tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, books, living allowance, and research expenses.
  3. Access to any program related to development building like leadership, seminar, upskilling, etc.
  4. Education from esteemed centers of excellence and development.
  5. The financial benefits of the scholars will be directly sent to the bank account of the scholarship grantees.
  6. This is a great opportunity to become a STEM teacher.


The following is the list of qualification requirements that aspiring applicants must meet to be eligible for the said educational college scholarship program.

  1. Interested student applicants must be Filipino citizens.
  2. They must be an incoming or enrolled college student in any allied university of Gokongwei Brothers Foundation that has a bachelor’s degree in education specializing in Science, Technology, and Mathematics courses.
  3. Additionally, they must be in a good condition both physically and mentally.
  4. Aside from that, a General Weighted Average that is equivalent to or at least eighty-five percent (85%) is required.
  5. Student applicants must also have good moral character.
  6. Lack of financial support and needs financial assistance to complete the college course.
  7. They must be regular students that do not have subject irregularities and they must have a minimum academic load that needs to complete within the recommended period.
  8. Must have no failures or incomplete grades in his or her subject.
  9. Must not be an awardee of any scholarship program while taking the course.


Here is a list of the necessary application documents that you must provide before the deadline for submission to qualify for the said educational scholarship program.

  1. A report card or any certified copy of your grades that shows your General Weighted Average (GWA).
  2. Good Moral Character Certificate
  3. Admission or Enrollment Form
  4. Proof of family income including your family’s Income Tax Return (ITR).
  5. Barangay Indigency
  6. Two (2) copies of the most recent pay slip
  7. 2×2 ID Picture with white background (colored)
  8. Medical Certificate
  9. Recommendation
  10. Bank account (if applicable)
  11. Birth certificate

How to Apply Gokongwei Brothers TeachSTEM Scholarship

To the students who wish to apply and avail of a TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship, the following is the step-by-step guide and process.

Step 1: Before applying to the said educational scholarship program, interested applicants must know first what is the TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship all about and what is the qualification standard they set.

Step 2: Interested applicants must undergo first in eligibility screening wherein they must need to accomplish the application form first and then submit all the requirements needed for their application process.

Step 3: After the eligibility evaluation, the applicants will inform about the live online examination of the participants. The scholarship coordinators will be in charge of informing the applicants ahead of time about the instructions and procedures of the live online examination. This will serve as a competency test for the applicants.

Step 4: Then, after the online competency examination they will undergo a panel interview wherein applicants will have a one-on-one interview to evaluate the eligible applicants.

Step 5: After passing the various processes, the applicants must wait for the scholarship notification response. They will be going to inform the aspiring applicants regarding the status of their application. This will be done through texting, phone calls, and electronic mail or they also post it online so applicants are encouraged to follow their FB page so that they will keep updated and informed.

Important Reminders

Attached hereof are some important points that aspiring applicants need to remember before applying.

  1. Interested applicants can apply using this link
  2. If you have some issues or concerns you can visit their Fb page at Gokongwei Brothers Foundation where you can also send them a private message or go to their official website at You can also visit their main office on the 6th Floor, Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.
  3. The TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship has already 127 scholars and 24 graduates since 2018.
  4. Submit all the requirements before the deadline for submission. Failure to submit may disregard your application.
  5. Pass all the evaluation processes including the eligibility screening, examination, and interviews. Failure to pass means you are not eligible to be a scholarship grantee and cannot proceed to the next phase of the application process.

Video: How to Apply for TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship for Teachers

Check out the video provided through the link above as this is very helpful and insightful. This will strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the said scholarship program. It will also give you an overview of what is the educational scholarship all about and how to apply for the said scholarship program that beneficial for the interested applicants of the educational scholarship grant.

Aside from that, this video will be going to enunciate the basic information that we need to know regarding the TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship including the processes, the steps, the requirements, and the qualifications. Additionally, important reminders are also discussed in the video as well as some pro tips that you might find helpful when you plan to apply for the said scholarship program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am currently a first-year college student taking up education courses related to STEM but unfortunately, the university that I am studying with is not on the list of university partners of the TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship. Can I still apply for it or not?

The TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship only caters to qualified applicants enrolled in any university partners of the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation mentioned in the article above so if you are willing to apply for the said scholarship program, you must check the university that you are enrolled in if they are in the list of allied universities or not. You can also check in your university’s scholarship department if they are open to the TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship.

2. I am currently a high school graduate and wish to continue my college course but I am not yet enrolled. May I apply for the said scholarship program?

If you are a high school graduate student and you are not yet enrolled you can still apply for the scholarship program provided that you already take the college admission test of the allied university of the GBF and your name is already on the list of the enrolled student. You are also obliged to submit any proof of admission documents to secure that you will continue your college course.

3. I am studying in one of the university partners of GBF as a first-year college student but the major that I am enrolled in is not a STEM major. Am I eligible to apply?

Unfortunately, this scholarship program is only intended for the education course related to any STEM major but for like example you are a Filipino major, English major, and the like that is not related to STEM you are not qualified to be a scholar of the said scholarship program.

4. How will we know the schedule of the application including the deadline for the application requirements submission?

Usually, the schedule of applications will announce on the Facebook page of the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation mentioned in the article above wherein they post the announcements for the opening of applications including the links and other information that the applicants must need to know. So, therefore, interested applicants are encouraged to follow and like their FB page.

5. I have personal issues and concerns and I wanted to talk about them via phone call. Do they have a phone number to call on?

If you have some issues and concerns and you wanted to talk to them via phone call you can contact them at 09399125347 you can send them an email through or you can message them on their Facebook page.

6. Does the TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship is only intended for college students? Do they have a scholarship program for a master’s degree?

The TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship is only intended for incoming college students and if you want to take your master’s degree, there is a separate scholarship program intended for you this is known as TeachSTEM Master’s Degree Scholarship. It is a separate scholarship intended for incoming or currently enrolled master’s degree students.

7. Is there a grade requirement that I need to meet to become eligible for the said scholarship program?

Before you apply for the said scholarship program, there is a grade requirement that you have to meet. Your grade must at least reach the minimum grade required. Hence, to become eligible for the said scholarship, you must have a General Weighted Average that is equivalent to or at least eighty-five percent (85%).

8. Can I still qualify and apply for the said scholarship program even if I would like to enroll in an institution that is not included in the list of allied partner schools or universities of the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF)?

Unfortunately, one of the conditions of the scholarship program is for you to enroll at any of the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation’s allied partner institutions. Thus, if you are interested to apply for the said scholarship program, you may only enroll in their allied partner universities. To view the full of their partner schools, check out the article above.

9. Is the scholarship open to any course or degree program or it only applies to STEM-related courses?

The scholarship program is open to all aspiring teachers to acquire tertiary education in Science, Technology, and Engineering. Hence, it is expected that the scholarship shall cover the courses or degree programs related to STEM.

10. Is there a return of service?

Scholars of the said scholarship shall serve as STEM teachers in any public K-12 school for a period equivalent to the duration of their scholarship preferably in their hometown. This is to ensure that every public school shall have sufficient teachers to teach STEM-related subjects, especially with the new K-12 curriculum.


This is the process of applying for the TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship. The application process doesn’t take long. Just keep in mind the eligibility requirements discussed above and try to assess, whether or not you are qualified to apply for the said scholarship program. Additionally, provide and secure all the required documents completely. Aside from that, when you fill out the application form, make sure to fill out the required data completely and with due honesty. Do not falsify any information in your application form as well as the documentary requirements as this will gravely affect the status of your application.

More importantly, make sure that you enroll in any school or university that is included on the list of allied partner schools or universities of the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF).