How to Apply Iskolar ni Juan (INJ) Scholarship Program?

One of the commitments of the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF) in partnership with Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is to help deliver access to technical and vocational education, training, and employment opportunities to those deserving high school graduates who are less fortunate to pursue a higher degree course. In the means scholarship program known as Iskolar ni Juan, eligible scholars can have a chance to acquire practical and technical skills development training through GBF Technical-Vocational courses which are accredited by TESDA.

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This is a scholarship grant that offers financial and educational assistance by granting various benefits mentioned in this article so it is hereby suggested to read and understand the article very well if you are interested to apply in the said scholarship program because this guide you and help you to understand the scholarship even better.

how to apply Iskolar ni Juan (INJ) Scholarship

What is the Iskolar ni Juan (INJ) Scholarship Program?

Iskolar ni Juan (INJ) is one of the certified technical-vocational scholarship programs offered by the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF) and URC to high school graduates who can’t afford to take higher education courses in college but are willing and interested to take technical-vocational courses.

This is a one-year program wherein grantees or scholars will going to stay on board at Gokongwei Brothers Foundation Training Center for their seven (7) month academic term with free lodging, free access to all school equipment, and facilities with a food allowance and transportation allowance. Then, they will be going to have their On-The-Job Training right after they complete their academic courses.

A full-time one-year subsidy and other privileges mentioned in this article will be given to those eligible scholars. At the end of their training course, they will receive a certificate of completion and they will take a TESDA Competency-Based Assessment to acquire an NC II certificate. Aside from the financial assistance offered to them, a high level of employment opportunity will be also given to those outstanding scholars right after they graduate from the said program so that they can help support their family and their needs. They will also have a chance to be hired in a world-class industry that requires skillful industrialized technicians and machine experts.


Here is a list of some beneficial privileges that qualified scholars can receive.

  1. Food allowance
  2. Tuition fees
  3. Accommodation
  4. Transportation allowance
  5. School supplies incentives
  6. School uniform
  7. 7 months stay at GBF Technical Training Center in Calamba, Laguna with a free dormitory.
  8. Free access to school facilities and equipment including the technical laboratories and training facilities.
  9. On-the-Job Training at URC plant.
  10. Inclusive OJT Allowance
  11. Employment Opportunity. Scholars have a chance to work in a world-class manufacturing industry after he/she graduated.
  12. Scholars can earn a certificate of completion at the end of the program and they can acquire NC II after they take CBA or Competency-Based Assessment.


Below is the list of the eligibility requirements the applicants must meet to qualify for the said scholarship.

  1. An applicant must be a Filipino citizen.
  2. He/she must be single upon applying.
  3. Must be 18 to 25 years old.
  4. A senior high school diploma holder.
  5. Must have no grades lower than 80% most especially in mathematics and science subjects.
  6. Applicants must be prepared to work at the Universal Robina Corporation facility for at least one year after graduating from the TESDA program.
  7. The scholars will be going to board at the GBF Technical Training Center located in Calamba, Laguna to have 8-month academic training so they are expected his/her willingness to stay in the said training center.
  8. The minimum annual family income is not more than Php 200, 000.00
  9. Willing to undergo 4 months of job training at Universal Robina Corporation plants.


The following is the list of requirements that aspiring medical TESDA applicants must meet to be qualified for the said program.

  1. Complete Application
  2. 2×2 photo ID with white background
  3. Birth Certificate / NSO / PSA
  4. Certificate of Indigent or Barangay Indigency
  5. Authenticated or Certified True Copy of Grades/ Transcript of Records
  6. Barangay Clearance
  7. Good Moral Certificate

How to Process Iskolar ni Juan (INJ) Scholarship

To those students who wish to apply to the Iskolar ni Juan (INJ) Scholarship Program, the following are the step-by-step guide and instructions.

Step 1: Applicant can click the link for the application

Step 2: Wait for the notification response. They will inform you either by call, text, or private message if you are short-listed or if you are eligible for the scholarship.

Step 3: After that, they will inform you about the program orientation. They are the ones who will give instructions about the program orientation.

Step 4: Applicants will have a diagnostic examination. This examination will assess the applicant’s aptitude.

Step 5: Technical interviews are done after the diagnostic assessment. Applicants must pass the technical assessment before proceeding to the next process.

Step 6: Panel Interview. After the technical interview, there will be another panel interview that the applicants must undergo.

Step 7: Reference Checking. This is done by a background check if the applicant possesses a good moral character.

Step 8: Health Screening. The purpose of this process is to check the health status of the scholars by the means of medical examination.

Step 9: Final Assessment is the overall evaluation of the applicant’s application. It is also done through a test and verification process. After that, qualified applicants will be announced and informed by the scholarship admin.

Step 10: Onboarding. The onboarding process is the last and most satisfying process. This is where official scholars are starting to enjoy the privilege given to them.

Important Reminders

Attached hereof are some important points that aspiring applicants need to remember before applying.

  1. Interested applicants can send their concerns through or send a private message by visiting their Fb page at Iskolar ni Juan.
  2. They already have an increasing number of 350 scholars since 2014.
  3. Applicants from the following places are the top priority (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Quezon Province, and Cebu.
  4. Always keep updated on the schedule of applications on their FB page.

Video: GBF Iskolar ni Juan Technical-Vocational Scholarship Video

Check out the video above as you may find this helpful. If you are a high school graduate and you are interested in production and machine operations, it is your chance to study in a technical-vocational scholarship offered to all less fortunate students who cannot study in college. By watching this video, you will understand what the scholarship all about is and you will be motivated to the stories behind. In like manner, this video is very insightful and helpful as it will provide in-depth information regarding the aforementioned scholarship program.

This could be able to bring hope to all underprivileged high school graduates who can’t be able to continue their college courses because there is an organization that could able to continuously support all of their dreams even with a small yet lives-changing amount of assistance and employment opportunity. Additionally, it was also presented here the history of why the foundation is being established including the brief definition of the scholarship program and the reason why this scholarship grant was built.

Aside from that, the objective of this scholarship is also discussed in this video including the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation’s history. Hence, you may find this video helpful as it aims to widen your knowledge about the importance of education whether it is technical or educational for sustainable growth and development until you reach your working success in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the scholarship program open to all areas or places nationwide?

There are some priorities sourcing areas in the Philippines where applicants can be able to apply especially in the following places;

  1. Cavite
  2. Laguna
  3. Batangas
  4. Rizal
  5. Quezon Province
  6. Pampanga
  7. Tarlac
  8. Metro Manila
  9. Cebu

2. I am interested to apply, what is their schedule for the applications for the next school? When can I apply for the scholarship program?

There is no exact and permanent date for the application schedule wherein the scholarship foundation opens the slots for the applicants of the Iskolar ni Juan scholarship program but most likely they post the updates and information on their Facebook page or their official websites. All you need to do is to visit and follow their Facebook page for more updates and concerns so that you will keep updated regarding the schedule of applications. You can also send them a private message or call their cellphone number mentioned in this article.

3. I have more questions and concerns about the scholarship program to whom do I need to contact?

If you wanted to know more about the scholarship program you can visit their official websites including their Facebook page using the link stated above. All you need to do is to click the link above and you will directly go to their page. Or if you wanted to call them and ask them personally, you can also dial this number 09088156365 and ask your questions and raised your concerns. You can also click this link and read the information very well

4. Is there an application form for this program? Where can I get or download this form online?

For your application, you can click the link mentioned in this article and fill up all the necessary personal information and upload all the required documents needed for your application process. If you don’t have a soft copy of your required document, all you just need to do is to have a scanned copy of it, then upload it to the portal/ Google form using the link you opened but it is suggested to have a scanned copy of your required documents first before filling in the application or the required personal information. Do not leave your information empty because you cannot submit your application online if you will leave it blank so it is better to put N/A if it is not applicable.

5. What technical-vocational courses does this scholarship offer to the qualified applicants?

The scholarship program covers production or machine operation courses and machine technician courses including Mechatronics Servicing and Instrumentation and Control Servicing. This course is all about automation which is the most in-demand career opportunity in most of the industrialized companies both locally and internationally because today, we are in the machine-operated system wherein most products in our markets today are machine-operated products. This machinery needs human intervention to control and operate and most likely because of the high demand for machine operators worldwide, there is a high rate of employment opportunities for all machine operators.

6. How long is the term training?

This is a one-year technical-vocational training that is subdivided into seven (7) months of term training for academic training including the educational curriculum courses this will be held at GBF Training Center at Brgy. Saimsim, Calamba, Laguna, after the scholars complete this term, they will be given a certificate of completion then they will proceed for their five (5) months of on-the-job training in any plant of Univeral Robina Corporation branch so overall there is 12 months or 1-year tech-vocational program offered to the scholars to finished the term.


Hence, this is the process of applying for Iskolar ni Juan. If you wish to study technical-vocational courses after you graduate senior high school and acquire an NC II certificate, you may find this scholarship grant helpful. You just have to meet the eligibility requirements and provide the required documents when you apply. Additionally, you have to fill out the application form honestly and avoid providing falsified information as this may affect your application.

We hope that you find this article helpful when you apply for this scholarship grant. If you wish to know more about this scholarship you can also visit their official Facebook page or you can contact them or send them an e-mail through the link and information posted in the article above.