How to Apply U-Go Scholarship with Ayala Foundation

U-Go in partnership with Ayala Foundation extends its educational support by providing a scholarship grant to all Filipino female students who have fewer economic resources to sustain educational finances. This is an initiative of the Ayala Foundation and U-Go to support young women by sustaining financial assistance by acquiring quality and better education towards greater development of deserving Filipina students nationwide.

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Eligible candidates of this scholarship are entitled to receive the financial benefits and other privileges mentioned in this article. The selection process is done in a multi-stage process including the initial evaluation of academic performance and socio-economic status of the applicants.

how to apply Ayala Foundation U-Go Scholarship

What is the Ayala Foundation and U-Go Scholarship Grant?

Ayala Foundation and U-Go Scholarship Grant is a scholarship program that helps young women that are studying in public schools or colleges and universities. This aims to support educational finances by providing scholarship assistance that can help with their educational needs.

This is open to all college female applicants in all year levels who are studying in public universities and motivated to pursue a higher education course provided that the applicants must maintain their good academic results. The coverage of this scholarship program is open to female students nationwide unless you have an existing scholarship or any pending scholarship application.


The qualified student applicants can enjoy the following opportunity and privileges if they are qualified for the said educational scholarship program. These are as follows:

  1. Each grantee is entitled to receive PHP 40, 000 which is renewable as long as she maintains her good academic performance.
  2. Have the chance to continue her higher education course.
  3. Can be able to enjoy the privileges given by the said scholarship.


The following is the list of qualification standards that the applicants must meet to be qualified for the said scholarship:

  1. Must be a female Filipino student.
  2. A general weight average (GWA) of at least 85% with no failing grades.
  3. Enrolled and Studied in public universities and colleges
  4. Possessing a good moral character.
  5. An active member of the community.
  6. Must demonstrate financial insufficiency and there’s a need for financial assistance to sustain educational finances.


The following is the list of the required documents that the applicants must submit to be qualified for the scholarship.

  1. Duly completed scholarship application form.
  2. Certification from the school registrar
  3. Proof of family income or Income tax return of parents or certificate of indigence
  4. The latest copy of the report card with attendance. If none a certified copy of grades with attendance will do.
  5. Copy of your payment receipts for the previous month.

How to Process U-Go Scholarship Program

The following are the step-by-step guide and instructions that you can use as your basis to apply for Ayala Foundation and U-Go Scholarship Grant

Step 1: The first thing that you need to consider first in applying for the said scholarship is to find the application form.

Step 2: Review and fill out the scholarship form accurately. Do not leave some missing parts of your application. Put N/A if the information is not applicable. The said application form should be filled in by the applicant to avoid errors and misconstruction of correct information.

Step 3: Prepare a PDF copy of certification from the school registrar, proof of family income or income tax return of parents or certificate of indigence, and the latest copy of the report card with attendance and payment receipts in the previous month.

Step 4: Forward the link of the recommendation form to the persons that will recommend you for your scholarship recommendation. You can use this link by clicking it  

Step 5: Submit all the requirements on time. Providing complete requirements with duly filled-out complete information is an advantage and could prevent disapproval of scholarship applications.

Step 6: Wait for the response regarding your scholar application because the scholarship representative will go to notify you about that. If you have questions and if you need an update you can also contact them using the link stated above.

Important Reminders

Attached hereof are some important points that aspiring applicants need to remember before applying.

  1. Always take note that this scholarship program is only intended for those Filipino students who are currently studying in public state universities or colleges only.
  2. For more questions and clarification you can also email the Ayala Foundation at If you want to apply you can also visit this website
  3. Remember that the deadline for requirements submission is important so the complete requirements should be submitted on time. Incomplete documents could lead to a pending process of the scholarship application.
  4. Maintain your good grades so that you can renew your scholarship continuously. Failure to do so could lead to the scholarship’s discontinuity.

Video: U-GO Scholarship Program

Check out the video above as this will strengthen your knowledge regarding the scholarship grant. It also filters and gives you the basic information that you can use if you are interested to apply.

Additionally, this video is very beneficial especially for first-time applicants so that they will be guided with the steps and eligibility requirements that are needed for the applications. It is also important for them to know the basic requirements and instructions that they need to follow to prevent problems in the application process.

Aside from that, the video will give you an overview of what is the scholarship all about and the basic idea that they apply. So, it is hereby suggested to read this article carefully and watch this video to acquire basic ideas and support that might help in your applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this scholarship only exclusive to women? Are men is also eligible to apply for this scholarship grant?

The said scholarship program gives this privilege to all Filipino female students who have fewer capabilities to sustain their educational needs for their higher educational needs and as of the moment this is only exclusive to women and as a part of their qualification, men are not eligible to apply for the said scholarship grant.

2. I am a senior high school graduate and I am an incoming freshman college student. Can I apply for the said scholarship program?

If you are a fresh high school graduate you must secure first your enrollment to your specified public colleges and universities before applying for the said scholarship grant. As stated in the qualification standard of the said program, the applicants must be enrolled or studying the public state colleges or universities.

3. Where can I submit all the requirements and documents needed for the application for the said scholarship?

If you want to submit your documents, you can go and visit this link or you can also visit their official website posted above if you are interested and you want to apply you can also click the link, read and follow all the instructions. Kindly fill up the information if needed.

4. Currently, I am studying at a private university. Am I still eligible to apply for Ayala Foundation and U-Go Scholarship Grant?

This scholarship grant is only intended for female students who are studying in public universities or colleges. Those applicants that are currently enrolled or studying in any private colleges and universities are not eligible to apply for the said scholarship program.

5. Where can I ask for my recommendation?

In terms of recommendation, you can ask your professors, principal, guidance counselor, or even former teachers that know you very well. It should be a person that can provide information to support your application. Someone who has the authority to stand and back up your personal information. Parents or relatives are not eligible to submit the recommendation and it will not be authorized by the program.

6. I want to take my master’s and doctoral degrees, can master’s and doctoral students apply as well?

This educational scholarship grant is only for undergraduate female college students. Research or master’s and doctoral students have also scholarship programs intended for them. All you need to do is to visit their official website. The link is posted above.

7. What is the selection process for the U-Go scholarship grant?

The selection process of scholars or applicants for the U-Go scholarship grant depends based on the scholar’s academic merit and financial background. This involves a multi-stage process such as the following:

  1. Initial shortlisting of applications based on their academic merit and financial background.
  2. Telephonic interviews of shortlisted candidates followed by document verification for final selection.

8. Does the scholarship cover subsequent years of studies? How to file your application?

The scholarship grant covers subsequent years of studies. Hence, scholars can be able to renew their scholarships every academic year. The scholars just need to provide academic details and documents in an online scholar tracking system to be eligible for consideration for subsequent year scholarships as per the following renewal eligibility criteria:

  1. Proof of continuity of education in the subsequent year
  2. Proof of tuition fee paid receipts for the next academic year
  3. Good academic performance
  4. No disciplinary issues

The application for the academic year 2022-2023 has ended. Hence, you have to wait for an announcement of the opening of applications for the next school year to apply. Additionally, when you apply make sure to carefully read the instructions as you file your entry to avoid incorrect information being provided that could affect your applications.

Important note: In a situation, where the student or the family is not able to pay the institute & provide fee receipts, they can submit a fee letter (issued by the institute) to get the scholarship amount in advance. However, they need to submit the final receipts in the online scholar tracking system. Additionally, the final decision will lie with the sponsor and fund availability.

9. If I get selected for this program, how will I be able to receive the fund?

If you get selected for this scholarship program, you will be able to receive the fund through your bank account. The fund is transferred directly to your account. Hence, you must have a bank account to be able to receive the fund.

10. Are students who passed their Class 12 in 2021 eligible for the U-Go scholarship? What are the programs or degree courses covered by the U-Go scholarship?

Students who have passed their Class 12 in 2021-2022 having 70% marks in both classes 10 and 12 are eligible to apply for this scholarship program. You just have to check the other eligibility requirements if you were able to meet them and provide the required documents to apply for the said scholarship program.

Students who wish to apply for the U-Go scholarship are welcome to apply. This scholarship program is open to any courses or degree programs as long as you could meet the eligibility requirements and provide all the necessary documents.


Hence, this is the process of applying for the U-Go Scholarship grant from the Ayala Foundation. This program is an initiative of the Ayala Foundation that aims to boost the interest of young Filipino women to continuously pursue their educational careers without worrying about educational finance because the Ayala Foundation and U-Go already help them with this scholarship.

Thus, this is a great opportunity and motivation to pursue higher education that will have a greater impact on their economic status and development. On the other hand, if you are interested to apply for the said scholarship grant, make sure that you could meet first the basic eligibility requirements and you could provide all the necessary documents. Additionally, when applying, make sure that all the information you have provided is accurate. Hence, read it carefully before you fill out the application form.

We hope that you find this article helpful when you apply for this scholarship grant. If you wish to know more about this scholarship you can also visit their official website or you can contact them through the link and information posted in the article above good luck with your application.