How to Apply UP Oblation Scholarship Program

The University of the Philippines or also known as UP, encourage excellent students by extending help to those financially needy individuals to become scholars of the said university. UP believes that students play a significant role in shaping the agents towards national development, hence, through the means of the scholarship program, UP provides scholarship funds to UP students under the UP Oblation Scholarship Program, wherein students are granted discounts and incentives to lessen their financial burden and focus more with their studies.

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Hence, this article will provide you with an in-depth guide and basic information on how to apply to the UP Oblation Scholarship Program and also allows you to understand the said educational scholarship program even more.

UP Oblation Scholarship

What is the UP Oblation Scholarship Program?

The UP Oblation Scholarship Program is a privilege given to qualified scholars of the University of the Philippines. Aside from the fact that UP belongs to the top-leading university, the said scholarship is also known as one of the most popular scholarship programs in the said university because it is the representation of the school and if you belong to those qualified scholars, it means that you have the responsibility to uphold the name of the university under the means of maintaining the academic requirements towards professional development.

This scholarship is usually given to the top qualifiers based on the UP College Admission Test or what they called UPCAT together with University Predicted Grades (UPG). The UPCAT is given to those incoming college who wish to study at UP, this is usually given a month before the school year’s end or before the start of school year enrollment while the UPG is the measurement used by UP to determine who are the qualified applicants and who are not. It also serves as an assessment of academic performance at UP.

Courses or Programs of Study Covered by the UP Oblation Scholarship Program

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Anthropology
  2. Applied Physics
  3. Applied Psychology
  4. Architecture
  5. Art Education
  6. Art History
  7. Art Studies (Art History, Interdisciplinary, Philippine Art)
  8. Biology
  9. Broadcast Communication
  10. Building Technology
  11. Business Administration
  12. Business Administration and Accountancy
  13. Business Economics
  14. Business Economics (UPEPP)
  15. Business Management (UPEPP)
  16. Chemical Engineering
  17. Chemistry
  18. Civil Engineering
  19. Clothing Technology
  20. Community Development
  21. Communication Research
  22. Community Nutrition
  23. Comparative Literature
  24. Computer Engineering
  25. Computer Science
  26. Creative Writing
  27. Economics
  28. Electrical Engineering
  29. Electronics Engineering
  30. Elementary Education
  31. English Studies: Language
  32. English Studies: Literature
  33. European Languages
  34. Family Life and Child Development
  35. Filipino
  36. Film
  37. Food Technology
  38. Geodetic Engineering
  39. Geography
  40. Geology
  41. History
  42. Home Economics
  43. Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management
  44. Industrial Design
  45. Industrial Engineering
  46. Interior Design
  47. Journalism
  48. Juris Doctor
  49. Landscape Architecture
  50. Library and Information Studies
  51. Linguistics
  52. Malikhaing Pagsulat
  53. Materials Engineering
  54. Mechanical Engineering
  55. Mathematics
  56. Metallurgical Engineering
  57. Mining Engineering
  58. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  59. Music
  60. Painting
  61. Philippine Studies
  62. Philosophy
  63. Physical Education
  64. Physics
  65. Political Science
  66. Psychology
  67. Public Administration
  68. Sculpture
  69. Secondary Education
  70. Social Work
  71. Sociology
  72. Speech Communication
  73. Sport Science
  74. Sports Studies
  75. Statistics
  76. Theatre Arts
  77. Tourism
  78. Visual Communication


The following is the list of the scholarship privileges that eligible applicants can receive if they are qualified to be a scholarship grantee. These are as follows:

  1. PHP 2, 250 book allowance per semester
  2. Free Tuition Fee
  3. Free Miscellaneous Fee
  4. Free Laboratory Fees
  5. PHP 3, 000 Monthly Incentives
  6. Transportation Allowance
  7. A chance to enroll in any undergraduate at UP depending upon your course preference.


The following is the list of qualification standards that the applicants must meet to be qualified for the UP Oblation Scholarship Program:

  1. Must be an enrolled student of the University of the Philippines
  2. Must pass all the subject courses in the given time.
  3. Must be a regular student based on the regular load of course time frame.
  4. Good academic standing.
  5. No incomplete or failing grades.
  6. Must have at least 2.0 of general weighted average in the last semester.


Here is the list of requirements including the required documents that interested applicants need to submit before the deadline for submission for the said scholarship program:

  1. Duly Accomplished Application Form
  2. Enrollment form (for freshmen applicants)
  3. UPCAT or Entrance examination result
  4. Birth Certificate

How to Process UP Oblation Scholarship

The followings are the step-by-step guide and instructions that you can use as your basis to apply for UP Oblation Scholarship Program.

Step 1: If you are interested to apply and you think you are qualified to apply you can visit the UP Office of Scholarship and Grants to apply for the UP Oblation Scholarship.

Step 2: Inquire about the said scholarship program including the additional requirements needed including some important details that you wanted to know.

Step 3: Apply and get the application form if needed.

Step 4: Prepare the requirements mentioned above including the application form (if applicable).

Step 5: Submit the required documents at the given period. Avoid late submission to prevent disqualification of the application.

Step 6: Follow the instruction given by the scholarship office.

Important Reminders

Attached below are some important points that aspiring applicants need to remember before applying for the UP Oblation Scholarship Program.

  1. The scholarship office of UP has its own social media FB page wherein you people can reach out by sending them a private message about some scholarship programs they offered including the UP Oblation Scholarship. You just click the link here-
  2. Qualified applicants of the said scholarship program need to take first the UPCAT or the College Admission Test of the said university.
  3. He or she must pass all the necessary documents that the scholarship committee asks for to facilitate the application processing of the student aspirers.
  4. Not all applicants are eligible to be Oblation Scholars because after various assessments the office of the scholarship including the scholarship will then evaluate the applications of the qualifiers including the validation of the documents.

Video: Oblation Scholars 2020

Check out this video which is an online conferencing session that entails recognizing the new oblation scholars of the UP last school year 2020 wherein UP higher officials together with other ranking committees welcome the new 50 scholars of the said university.

This video gives a hint and a brief overview of the benefits of the scholarship program that student grantees are entitled to receive including a little discussion of the qualification standards that the interested student applicants must attain to become eligible for the said scholarship program of the university. Hence, it is, therefore, an advantage for those interested applicants to watch this video by clicking the link posted above to attain basic ideas on how to apply for the said scholarship program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many student scholars will be selected every year?

The UP Oblation Scholarship Program is only intended for the top students based on the UPCAT result therefore the number of qualified applicants in the said scholarship program will depend on the result of the college admission test. Then, the office of the scholarship will evaluate if the applicants are eligible to apply.

2. What is the duration of the scholarship program?

The usual length of time of the said scholarship program is the normal undergraduate course program equivalent to four years or the minimum year but it still depends on the academic performance of the scholars wherein they must maintain the general weighted average as part of the academic requirements given to them.

3. To whom can I coordinate if I wanted to apply for this scholarship program?

The UP has its own student scholarship office where you can coordinate if you wanted to apply. The first thing that you need to do is to go or write a letter to the Scholarship and Financial Office of the said university. After that, a request for an endorsement coming from any of the respective authorities for like example your Dean, teachers, or coordinators then sent to the office of scholarship.

4. How do we know if we are successful applicants or not?

Usually, the said scholarship committee posts successful applicants on their FB page. Then, they will personally inform them by sending them a text message, phone calls, or even sending a letter via g-mail. This notification response coming to them intends to inform qualified applicants to formally proceed to the next phase of scholarship instruction.

5. Does the UP Oblation Scholarship Program have a return of service?

The UP Oblation scholars do not require to have a return of service after they graduate from their chosen educational course program instead they have responsibilities as a scholar to maintain their grades and academic performance given in the academic requirements stated above.

6. How will we know the schedule of the application?

The usual schedule of application will be announced by the scholarship committee wherein they publicly post it on their FB page mentioned in the article. You can also visit or message them with your personal questions and concern.

7. How do I become a UP Oblation scholar?

For you to become a qualified UP Oblation scholar, you must first pass the UPCAT entrance examination and be able to meet the set eligibility requirements of the said scholarship program. This includes being able to reach the required minimum grade requirement of at least 2.0 of the general weighted average in the last semester and being a regular student based on the regular load of course time frame. Additionally, you must be able to pass all of your academic subjects with no dropped subjects, or incomplete, and failing grades. Aside from that, you must be able to submit all the documentary requirements on or before the set deadline for application for the UP Oblation Scholarship Program.

8. Are there other scholarship programs being offered at UP Diliman?

UP Diliman has various scholarship programs intended for their academic achievers, performers, and financially underprivileged students. In addition, those who wish to avail of one among themselves may choose one that would cater to their needs. Some of these programs include the UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program, UP Diliman Visual Arts and Cultural Studies Scholarship Program, the University of the Philippines Alumni Association Singapore Scholarship, the UP Scholarship for Foreign Students, and the UP Presidential Undergraduate Scholarship Grant, among others. You may check out their other scholarship programs for undergraduate studies at their official website.

9. Is the UP Oblation Scholarship Program open to all courses and UP student applicants?

The UP Oblation Scholarship Program is open to all undergraduate courses and freshmen students of the University of the Philippines. Hence, this program can benefit a lot of UP students provided that they shall meet the set standards, terms, and conditions of the scholarship program as well as abide by its rules. Student grantees of the said program shall also maintain good academic standing, particularly maintaining the minimum grade requirement and avoid failing and incomplete grades to continuously benefit from the said scholarship program.


Hence, this is the process of applying for the UP Oblation Scholarship Program that interested applicant needs to know that they can utilize towards their application. This guide to applying for the said scholarship program will widen their knowledge and understanding of it. You just have to keep in mind some important details and aspects of your application such as passing the UPCAT examination and meeting the set standards and eligibility requirements of the UP Oblation Scholarship.

Having an advanced idea regarding the things you need to provide for your application, is an advantage. Hence, you must have ideas before applying to the said scholarship program. If you have some questions, you can contact them using the contact information given above so that you can clearly ask your concerns and you can personally raise your questions.