How to Apply UP Scholarship for Foreign Students

UP Diliman continues to pave the way towards providing quality education and they have extended their education curriculum towards foreign students who wish to study in the country. Since the said university is known for being one of the tops and leading universities in the Philippines, they have various programs available and intended for foreign students. Aside from that, the said institution also extended a scholarship grant that they may be able to apply for when they successfully became one of UP Diliman’s students which is also known as the UP Scholarship for Foreign students.

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The different scholarship programs including the grants and student financial assistance are all under the obligation of the UP OSG or the Office of Scholarship and Grants which is under the Office of the Vice President for Academic and Affairs of the University of the Philippines, the top-leading national university of the country. Different kinds of scholarship program both public and private scholarship was supervised by OSG including the UP Scholarship for Foreign Students as part of the mandated order of the said university. This is to ensure and facilitate the order including the rules of each of the scholarship programs given to the qualified scholars of each assistantship.     

On the other hand, understanding the basic information that you need to know must be an advantage for you before entering into it. This will also allow you to be guided and informed about the said scholarship program that captures the mind of scholars towards excellent education wherein they can be able to use their professional well-being and competitiveness for the common good of their self.

In this article, you will be guided with some important information regarding the UP Scholarship for Foreign students which will serve as your informational support to widen your understanding regarding the said scholarship grant.

UP Scholarship for Foreign Students

What is the UP Scholarship for Foreign Students?

The UP Scholarship for Foreign Students encouraged foreign graduate students that came from countries that have diplomatic relations with the Philippines. Students who wish to pursue their graduate degree and are qualified to apply in the said scholarship program can apply and might tend to be one of the scholars under this program and those qualified applicants can receive the following benefits including the privileges mentioned in this article provided that they will submit their application requirements before the deadline of submission. The authorized committee of this program will evaluate the application including the eligibility and the documents submitted by the applicants.

Programs of Study Covered by the UP Scholarship for Foreign Students

Below are the different degree programs or courses that are covered by the said scholarship grant intended for foreign students.

Graduate and Postgraduate

  1. Anthropology (MA, Ph.D.)
  2. Applied Mathematics (MS, Ph.D.)
  3. Applied Mathematics/Actuarial Science (PM)
  4. Araling Pilipino (MA)
  5. Archaeology (Dip, MA, MS, Ph.D.)
  6. Architecture (M)
  7. Archives and Records Management (M)
  8. Art History, Art Theory, and Criticism, Curatorial Studies (MA)
  9. Artificial Intelligence (MEng, Ph.D.)
  10. Asian Studies (M, MA)
  11. Biology (Dip, MS, Ph.D.)
  12. Business Administration (MBA, DBA)
  13. Chemical Engineering (MS, Ph.D.)
  14. Chemistry (Dip, MS, Ph.D.)
  15. Chemical Education (MS, Ph.D.)
  16. Civil Engineering (MS, Ph.D.)
  17. Communication (MA, Ph.D.)
  18. Community Development (Dip, M)
  19. Comparative Literature (MA, Ph.D.)
  20. Computer Science (MS, Ph.D.)
  21. Creative and Musical Performing Arts (Dip)
  22. Creative Writing (MA, Ph.D.)
  23. Data Science (Ph.D.)
  24. Demography (MA)
  25. Development Economics (M)
  26. Early Childhood Development (Dip)
  27. Economics (MA, Ph.D.)
  28. Education (MA, Ph.D.)
  29. Electrical Engineering (M, MS, Ph.D.)
  30. English Studies: Anglo-American Literature (MA, Ph.D.)
  31. English Studies: Language (MA, Ph.D.)
  32. Environmental Engineering (MS, Ph.D.)
  33. Environmental Science (MS, Ph.D.)
  34. European Languages (MA French, German, Spanish)
  35. Exercise and Sport Science (Dip)
  36. Family Life and Child Development (MA)
  37. Filipino: Pagsasalin, Wika (MA, Ph.D.)
  38. Finance (MS)
  39. Fine Arts (M)
  40. Food Science (MS, Ph.D.),/p
  41. Geomatics Engineering (MS: Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Applied Geodesy, Geoinformatics)
  42. Geography (MS)
  43. Hispanic Literature (Ph.D.)
  44. History (MA, Ph.D.)
  45. Home Economics (MA, Ph.D.)
  46. Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management (M)
  47. Human Movement Science (MS)
  48. Industrial Engineering (Dip, MS)
  49. Industrial Relations (Dip, M)
  50. Interior Design (MA)
  51. International Studies (MA)
  52. Islamic Studies (MA)
  53. Journalism (MA)
  54. Librarianship (Dip)
  55. Library and Information Science (M, MS)
  56. Linguistics (MA, Ph.D.)
  57. Malikhaing Pagsulat (MA, Ph.D.)
  58. Management (M)
  59. Marine Science (MS, Ph.D.)
  60. Materials Science and Engineering (MS, Ph.D.)
  61. Mathematics (MS, Ph.D.)
  62. Media Studies (MA, Ph.D.)
  63. Mechanical Engineering (MS, Ph.D.)
  64. Metallurgical Engineering (MS)
  65. Meteorology (MS, Ph.D.)
  66. Microbiology (MS)
  67. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MS, Ph.D.)
  68. Music (MA, Ph.D.)
  69. Nutrition (MA)
  70. Pagsasalin (MA)
  71. Panitikan (MA)
  72. Panitikan ng Pilipinas (MA)
  73. Performance Studies (Ph.D.)
  74. Philippine Studies (MA, Ph.D.)
  75. Philosophy (MA, Ph.D.)
  76. Physics (MA, MS, Ph.D.)
  77. Political Science (MA, Ph.D.)
  78. Population Studies (M)
  79. Psychology (MA, Ph.D.)
  80. Public Administration (MPA, DPA)
  81. Public Management (Dip)
  82. Regional Development Planning (MS)
  83. Social Development (DSD)
  84. Social Work (Dip, MA)
  85. Sociology (MA, Ph.D.)
  86. Speech Communication (MA)
  87. Statistics (M, MS, Ph.D.)
  88. Technology Management (M)
  89. Theatre Arts (MA)
  90. Tourism Development and Management (Dip, MS)
  91. Tropical Landscape Architecture (M)
  92. Urban and Regional Planning (Dip, MA, Ph.D.)
  93. Voluntary Sector Management (Dip)
  94. Women and Development (Dip, MA)
  95. Wika (MA, Ph.D.)


The qualified candidates can enjoy the following opportunity and privileges if they are qualified for the said scholarship program. Thus, the following are the benefits that the eligible applicants can acquire:

  1. Fully Funded Scholarship
  2. Free School Fees Except for Student Fund
  3. Monthly Stipend of PHP 2,500.00
  4. Semestral Book Allowance of PHP 3,000.00
  5. Thesis Allowance of PHP 5,000.00


The following is the list of qualification requirements that aspiring applicants must meet to be eligible for the said scholarship grant.

  1. Must be a graduate foreign student that came from a country that has diplomatic ties in the Philippines.
  2. Qualified for UP admission.
  3. Must have a health certificate from a government physician
  4. Must have a general weighted average (GWA) of at least 1.75.
  5. An individual with good moral character.
  6. Do not have any record of a criminal offense.
  7. Academically excel in his or her chosen academic field.

UP General Rules for Graduate Programs Admission

  1. For Diploma Programs

Admission Requirements

  1. Students must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning.
  2. They must also be highly intelligent and have language proficiency.
  3. They must also meet the additional requirements that the university may require them.
  4. Students must also have at least 18 units of formal graduate courses.
  5. Additionally, they must maintain a cumulative weighted average grade of 2.00 or better than that at the end of the semester.
  • For Master’s Programs

Admission Requirements

  1. Students who wish to study in master’s programs must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized tertiary institution.
  2. They must also have the intellectual capacity as well as an aptitude for advanced research and studies.
  3. They must also meet the required language proficiency as well as the additional requirements that the university may request them to provide.
  • For Doctoral Programs

Admission Requirements

  1. Students who wish to take a doctoral degree must have a bachelor’s degree for direct doctoral programs, or a master’s degree or its equivalent from any recognized higher education institution.
  2. They must also be highly intelligent and have the capacity and aptitude for advanced studies and research.
  3. Additionally, they must also meet the required language proficiency as well as the other requirements that the university may require them.
  4. Students whose native language is not English or Filipino shall be required to provide Proof of English or Filipino proficiency except those students who graduated from colleges and universities whose medium of teaching uses the English or Filipino languages.
  5. For English proficiency, students must have a score of at least 500 (paper-based), at least 173 (computer-based), at least 61 (internet-based) form of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or at least a 5.5 score in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or a certification from the authorized unit of the university.
  6. Students enrolling in a doctorate program must complete at least 45 units of formal graduate courses excluding dissertations. (In case the student only has a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree not related to the chosen field of study) or complete at least 24 units of formal graduate courses excluding dissertation (if the student is admitted with a doctoral degree or a master’s degree in the chosen discipline.
  7. Additionally, they must maintain a cumulative weighted average grade of 1.75 or higher than that at the end of the semester until they have completed their chosen program of study.
  8. They must pass the Qualifying Exam and Candidacy Exam after completion of all their coursework.
  9. They must be in residence in their chosen program while in the following phases:
  10. Candidacy Exam Period
  11. Defense of a research proposal
  12. Duration of the research
  13. Oral defense of the dissertation
  14. They shall complete the doctoral dissertation which is based on independent and original research.
  15. They shall also complete their oral defense of the doctoral dissertation in a public doctoral examination.
  16. They shall also submit a least 5 certified bound copies of their approved doctoral dissertation.
  17. Lastly, they shall submit a pre-print paper.


Here is a list of the necessary application documents that you must provide before the deadline for submission to qualify for the said educational scholarship program.

  1. PSA/NSO Birth Certificate
  2. Transcript of Academic Records
  3. 2×2 ID Photo
  4. Recommendation letter

How to Process UP Scholarship for Foreign Students

To the students who wish to apply and avail of the UP Scholarship for Foreign Students, the following are the step-by-step guide and process that the applicants need to know.

Step 1: To further understand the information regarding this scholarship program, kindly read the scholarship primer here –

Step 2: If you are interested to apply, kindly fill up the information needed in your application form using this link

Step 3: Always secure the information encoded in your application form. Double-check if needed.

Step 4: Once your application is submitted, a confirmation will be automatically sent to your e-mail account so make sure that you put your active and correct e-mail account. Once you receive it, do not delete it.

Step 5: The OSG will evaluate your application. The notification will be sent to you.

Step 6: OSG will notify accepted applicants via e-mail.

Important Reminders

Attached hereof are some important points that aspiring applicants need to remember before applying.

  1. To further discover more about the scholarship program, kindly message them at  or call them using their hotline number 89818500 or at their local number 4504-506.
  2. Do not use the e-mail account that is not active because the scholarship office will contact you using that e-mail account.
  3. Before answering the application form, make sure that you have the necessary documents with you.
  4. The applicants must be nominated by the home government.

Video: The University of the Philippines

Check out this audio-visual video presentation that is specially made to let you at least have a glance at how the said university rocks the life of many UP students. In like manner, this will also allow you to understand the excellency of the said university through the different programs that they can offer including the pride of the university and how they nurture students not just in a specific area but in different fields of study.

This video only proves that the university does not just offer excellent education but also produced thousands of professionals no matter what your social status is because just like other institutions, they also offer a scholarship to those financially needy individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it only intended for a master’s degree program?

This scholarship program is open for master’s degree and doctorate programs but this article highlights the details about the foreign scholarship for master’s degree programs if you wanted to apply for the doctorate scholarship program, you can also apply for it because it is just similar to this scholarship program.

2. I am interested in the said scholarship program. However, I have a lot of concerns and questions. Where can I ask for some assistance?

If you have some issues and concerns that you wanted to ask their office, you can contact them using the contact information posted in the article above. Just send them a message using your active e-mail account.

3. What are the benefits if you are in a doctorate program?

Although the said scholarship program is intended for master’s and doctorate degrees, the benefits that the master’s and doctorate degrees can receive a quite different privilege depending upon the financial need of the scholars, from the book allowance down to other school expenses, both degree programs can receive the equal allowance but in terms of dissertation or thesis allowance for scholars who will take doctorate degrees can receive 10, 000 pesos while master’s degree scholars are entitled to receive 5, 000 pesos.

4. Do we need to have an admission test first?

Applicants of the said scholarship program must be qualified for admission to the University of the Philippines for them to avail of the scholarship program that they are interested in. You must also be physically and mentally fit to indulge yourself in a challenging world of learning so that you can get along with other learning activities.

5. Where can I ask for a recommendation?

You can ask your recommendation to the person who has the authority to introduce you as a person with moral values and identity. You can ask your teachers, professors, principals, or counselor. Parents or guardians are exempted to recommend for their children.

6. Does the UP scholarship program for foreign students have a return service?

This scholarship program doesn’t have the return of service provided that you need to follow all the qualification standards including the rules set by the scholarship committee for the benefit of the scholars and the grantor of it.


Hence, this is the process of applying for the UP Scholarship for Foreign Students and the application process is simple. However, before you apply for the said program, you must first pass the entrance examination that they may require you as well as the eligibility requirements for UP admission. A language proficiency test either in English or Filipino is a requisite for students coming from institutions whose primary medium of teaching or communication is not English or Filipino.

Hence, if you are interested to apply in this scholarship program, it is suggested to read the article above and understand it very well as well as make research of your own about UP’s degree programs for graduate studies intended for foreign students to have background knowledge of the said institution.