List of Batangas State University (BatStateU) Scholarship Programs

Batangas State University is a state university in the province of Batangas that offers quality education and a learning environment for its students that enables them to achieve their goals. Aside from that, they also offer various academic programs on any of its campuses around the region and open different opportunities that could help and support students who are financially challenged.

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This article is composed of various scholarship programs available at the Batangas State University that are being offered to interested student applicants. Read on to discover more about it and for you to know what scholarship suits you best that could help you as a student of BatStateU.

list of Batangas State University (BatStateU) Scholarship Programs

What is the Batangas State University?

Batangas State University is a state university that was established way back in 1903 as a Manual Training School. The training school aimed to hone and train male youth in various occupations, particularly in woodworking. Moreover, BatStateU was formerly known as Pablo Borbon Regional School of Arts and Trades and later into Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology until it became the Batangas State University of today.

Aside from that, the institution is known as the oldest higher education institution (HEI) in the province of Batangas. Currently, BatStateU has 10 campuses in the province of Batangas including its main campus, the Alangilan Campus, Balayan Campus, Lemery Campus, Lipa Campus, Lobo Campus, Malvar Campus, Nasugbu Campus, Rosario Campus, and the San Juan Campus.

It is also known for its distinctive status as “The National Engineering University” in the Philippines due to its advanced engineering course offerings which expanded to 46 engineering programs, both in graduate and undergraduate studies. Aside from engineering, BatStateU also offers other programs or courses in business and accountancy, tourism and hospitality management, entrepreneurship, psychology, public administration, biology, chemistry, nursing, law, and many more.

Batangas State University also offers different kinds of educational assistance and other incentives that can be utilized in some of the student’s educational expenses most particularly those students who are financially challenged and have less capacity to acquire a quality education because of its financial shortage. Here is the list of the scholarship programs available at BatStateU.

List of Scholarship Programs at Batangas State University

1. Iskolar ng Bayan

One of the scholarship programs that are available at BatStateU is the Republic Act 10.648, otherwise known as the Iskolar ng Bayan Act of 2014. This program was established to emphasize the right of all citizens to a quality and accessible education at all levels through establishing a financial assistance program, most especially to those deserving students of the country that are underprivileged to pursue their studies. This scholarship grant is being offered to the Top 10 student graduates coming from public high schools that are deserving to acquire a quality education in any desired course at Batangas State University.

2. BatStateU Scholarship for Undersubscribed Program

The BatstateU Scholarship for Undersubscribed Program is a scholarship grant given to the officially enrolled students of Batangas State University to the programs that had under 25 numbers of enrollees in the past three years.

Qualified applicants will be given a fifty percent (50%) discount on their tuition fee, provided that:

  • they will not shift to another course that will lead to disqualification or loss of their scholarship
  • they must maintain a general weighted average (GWA) of 2.5 or 80-82 percent at the end of the school semester
  • they have a good moral character without any record of disciplinary action taken

3. University Scholarship

The University Scholarship is a scholarship grant given to those bona fide students of Batangas State University. Qualified scholarship beneficiaries can receive a full assessment and a free tuition fee for one (1) semester, provided that they will maintain a general weighted average of 1.0-1.25.

4. Student Assistant

Another educational privilege is given to the enrolled students who are willing to render service to the university with a just compensation given. Eligible applicants must be:

  • a second-year college
  • enrolled with at least 18 units in the previous semester without any failing grades or dropped subjects in any learning areas

Qualified beneficiaries will be awarded a 50% discount on their tuition fee and a minimum of Php 25 per hour which he or she works for. The interested student who is willing to work will be given a job on the given vacant time during which he or she is free from any learning activities. Students are required to pass their class schedule to the assigned office where he or she working with.

5. NROTC Financial Assistance

Another financial assistance is given to the NROTC Officer of the said university who renders service to the university following their duties as NROTC officer. They will be given a 100% discount on their tuition fee if they are qualified to be scholarship beneficiaries.

Qualified applicants required to:

  • maintain a general weighted average (GWA) of 2.5 or equivalent to 80-82 percent at the end of the semester
  • enroll in a minimum of 18 units or subject load every semester
  • present certification to the NROTC Office upon enrollment
  • have no record of disciplinary action taken or any record of offense. In short, he or she must have a good moral character.

6. Scholarship for Student Leaders

This scholarship is usually given to the student leaders most particularly those who are Supreme Student Council and Supreme Student Council Confederation officers who take an active part in the school’s organizations and serve the university and the student body. Qualified scholarship beneficiaries must be bona fide students and duly elected officers of the said organizations who enroll in a minimum of 18 units of academic load every school semester as prescribed by their respective curriculum.

7. Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities

The scholarship grant is given to Filipino citizen and officially enrolled students of the university who are presently categorized as a person with disabilities, duly recognized by the government, and has a PWD identification card duly issued by their locality or municipality or the barangay where he or she is residing in accordance to the RA 9442. The scholarship awardee can receive a 20% Tuition fee discount if they are qualified to be a scholarship grantee under this scholarship program.

8. Enhanced Sports and Cultural Assistance

This is an educational assistance given to the student-athlete, cultural and arts performers who are taking an active part in the sports and cultural organizations that are duly recognized by the university. The said organizations represent the university in various competitions both local, national, or even in international categories. The eligible applicants can avail of a full assessment discount, provided that they will submit their application together with the endorsement done by their coordinators, coaches, and other organizational committees.

9. Enhanced Benefits for Qualified Dependents of Batangas State University Faculty and Personnel

This is an educational privilege given to the enrolled students of the university who are considered as primary dependent of faculty or employee of the university. Qualified students can receive a 30% tuition fee discount for integrated school and a 50% discount for a laboratory school fee and another 100% tuition fee discount for college students,

Qualified students must:

  • be enrolled in the chosen course and shall finish the enrolled program in the given number of the school year
  • communicate to the university’s scholarship committee regarding their academic performances
  • submit the required documents needed for the application
  • pay the expenses in case he or she fails to finish his or her course within the given number of years
  • not have any other financial assistance funded by the university because this may cause disqualification of the said scholarship award

Video: Learn More About Batangas State University

This video shows us the best assets the university has in delivering quality education to all Filipino citizens all over the country.  It also includes the different learning activities that will enable students to enjoy the stressful dimensions of learning including the various facilities designed to make the students comfortable while they are learning.


This is the list of all the scholarship programs available at Batangas State University which can be useful to the incoming freshman students who want to be part of the university and have a high interest in applying to various scholarship programs like you. Most of the programs are intended for those students who perform academically well as there is a minimum grade requirement to meet when a student applies to any of the above-mentioned programs. If you want to avail any of the programs mentioned above, just coordinate with BatStateU’s personnel in-charged and ask for further assistance.