List of Jose Rizal University (JRU) Scholarship and Financial Assistance Programs

For over a decade, Jose Rizal University (JRU) provides a growing apprehension that enables them to provide quality education both in higher and basic education all over the Philippines. With its quality academic standing and excellent learning program, the said university offers a different scholarship program that enables potential students of the university to apply for considering that not all Filipino students can afford to go to school has enough financial resources.

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In like manner, with the help of the university’s administration and other private organizations, they can support students who are under privilege, particularly those who came from a family who don’t have enough economic resources in which they offer scholarships that will support student’s school fees and other learning miscellaneous.

In this article, you will discover various scholarship programs being offered to interested scholarship applicants in Jose Rizal University Scholarship Program and to know more about it, you can check and read this article.

List of Jose Rizal University (JRU) Scholarship and Financial Assistance Programs

What is the Jose Rizal University?

In 1919, Jose Rizal University was originally established as Far Eastern College School of Accounts, Commerce, and Finance which is a non-profit and non-sectarian private university that aims to become the best school in the field of commercial education. It changed its name later in 1922 to page homage to the country’s patriot and martyr for his writings in awakening the Filipinos to the need for economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Ever since, the said university has achieved deliberately its goals gradually and continues to develop for the better and to open more opportunities. Some of its graduates were now renowned professionals in their chosen career pathways. One of them became the Philippine President, a justice of the Supreme Court, some became ambassadors and many more. Hence, it is no doubt that JRU hones its students to their full potential and makes them prepared as they conquer the outside world.

Aside from that, Jose Rizal University embodied its commitment to upholding an equal quality education both in higher and basic education through a scholarship program that is being offered in the said university. This is to boost educational support to those deserving students who need help financially.

Jose Rizal University Scholarship Program is the scholarship fund that helps students by funding other educational finances of those students. Aside from that, this initiative also captures community support most particularly to the family of those student scholars because they are comfortable that their finished course will lead to stable jobs and employment that could greatly help to support family finances.

Hence, the said university does not only aim to provide quality education in its specialized fields but also, ensures that anyone could have equal access to the education JRU is capable to provide for all of them.

List of Scholarship and Financial Assistance Available at Jose Rizal University

The followings are the available scholarship program of Jose Rizal University and the basic information that interested applicants need to know:

1. La Pluma Scholarship

La Pluma Scholarship is a scholarship offered to the incoming Junior High School, Senior High School, and College students of Jose Rizal University that are graduated as Top Ten students of their batch in which they must have at least 100 graduating students in any Senior High School or CHED recognized institutions. Wherein this scholarship program is recognized into categories (1) For Junior High School and Senior High School and (2) For college students.

Eligible applicants will be recognized provided that they are qualified and they meet the standards of the scholarship program. Interested applicants must also submit all the requirements including the documents needed for the application.

Qualified scholarship beneficiaries can receive educational privileges like a one hundred percent (100%) discount on or her tuition fee in the said university, a hundred percent (100%) discount on all miscellaneous fees, hundred percent (100%) incentives for book allowance, academic scholars mentoring program, and monthly allowance for incoming highest students only.

This type of scholarship is renewable every year where scholarship beneficiaries are obliged to renew their scholarship provided that they will maintain a general weighted average of 95% for Junior High School and Senior High School students and 1.25 for college students. Failure to maintain this grade will lead to disqualification from the scholarship grant.

2. Jose Rizal University Academic Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is given to the incoming first-year Junior High School, Senior High School and College students of JRU provided that they are qualified to apply and they pass the JRU Scholarship Qualifying Examination and other scholarship screenings and evaluations. Interested students can apply immediately after they graduated from elementary, junior high school, or senior high school.

JRU Office of the Scholarship and Student Affairs are the one that facilitates scholarship processing and reimbursement while the said university is the one that will identify the qualified student beneficiaries where they will greatly base on the Academic requirement of A and B and after that identified qualified students will be informed by the guidance and testing centers and provide a scholarship application form using their university official email (this email is given to each student of JRU). Qualified beneficiaries of the said scholarship program can receive the following scholarship benefits:

Academic Scholarship A

  • Tuition Fee discount of 100%
  • Miscellaneous Fee discount of 20%

Academic Scholarship B

  • 100% Tuition Fee Discount

3. JRU Alumni Association Scholarship

One of the initiatives of the Jose Rizal University Alumni Association (JRUAA) is to give support to those students who wish to pursue their bachelor’s degree at Jose Rizal University. Interested applicants can submit and apply for this scholarship grant at the Office of the Scholarship Office of the said university wherein they can also inquire about the scholarship forms.

Qualified student applicants can receive scholarship benefits of a 100% discount on tuition fees and other monthly stipends and book allowances for special cases. This scholarship is available in the said university to make support the scholars of the said university until they finished their college courses. This scholarship is being sponsored by the JRU Alumni Association which will serve as their initiative toward quality education development.

4. Entrance Scholarship

The entrance scholarship program is a scholarship grant intended for the incoming Grade 7, Grade 11, and first-year college students of Jose Rizal University wherein they can apply online or they can also go to the scholarship office of the JRU to submit all the requirements needed. Interested applicants are required to take the aptitude test or the entrance examination test of the said university and after they pass this examination, they can apply for this scholarship grant.

5. Athletic scholarship

Athletic scholarships are the scholarship opportunity given to those exceptionally talented students most particularly in sports and other athletic activities. Usually, this is given to the deserving students who are official athlete members of the said university for the virtue of representing the said institutions in a different phase of sports competition.

6. Chorale Scholarship

Another scholarship grant is given to the entitled member of the university’s official chorale group wherein they are given a 50% discount on their tuition fee. The qualified scholars are obliged to be part of the school chorale for 1 school year provided that they will terminate their scholarship.

7. Journal Scholarship

The said university has an editorial organization that published different articles for the student body and the whole university. They are in charge of disseminating information that happens in the said university through the official publication staff and members of its organization wherein they have the privilege to be a scholar under the journal scholarship program that is usually given to the editorial in–chief of the student publication together with his or her managing editor.

Video: Jose Rizal University

Check out this video that will provide an opportunity for you to have a glance inside Jose Rizal University and its significant development towards its outstanding services for its students. Additionally, this will allow you to have a virtual tour of the campus and take a look at some of the particular places on the campus as well as its facilities and buildings. Hence, you might get yourself familiar first with the university you may be studying at someday. Apart from that, the video will somehow encourage some students to study at JRU.


This is the list of all the scholarship programs being offered at Jose Rizal University you might know when you became one of the students of JRU. In line, this article is very beneficial, especially to those students who wish to study at Jose Rizal University as they will gain some insights about the scholarship programs that they may apply for that suits them.

In like manner, having an insight about what scholarship program to apply for is an advantage, most particularly in narrowing down the choices available and selecting the one that suits you most. Aside from that, it also covers some important information that will further describe the various scholarship program and their coverage benefits including some qualifications needed.