List of Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) Scholarship Programs

One of the prides of the largest city on the Philippine Island is the Ateneo de Davao University because of its outstanding academic performance and learning instructions both in basic education and higher education. A catholic university that firms its societal vision and that is to help and envision young minds towards excellent learning for their betterment and the common good. The goal of the school is to help the future of this nation towards academic excellence by providing a better education and learning experiences that might help them reach their highest potential in terms of knowledge and personal development. 

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AdDU aims to help students in their personal and professional development to achieve their goal and dreams in life. In line with their agenda of the societal development program, the said university offers various scholarship opportunities for underprivileged students or individuals who are qualified and want to study and acquire learning development. To discover and understand more about the various scholarship programs that the said university offers, read more below.

List of Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) Scholarship Programs

What is the Ateneo de Davao University?

Ateneo de Davao University is a private Christian University that is managed by the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus in Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines. Since its inception in 1948, AdDU offers students a wide selection of education programs starting from basic education up to higher education. The said university not only strives to offer an excellent quality of education but as well as in reaching social and spiritual excellence. Ateneo also strives to take part in the learning experience of the students as they try to mold their sociocultural, intellectual, physical, and spiritual functions. Hence, the said university also became one of the top-performing schools in the country and they continue to be the home of societal transformation of the youths in Mindanao.

Apart from that, Ateneo de Davao University continues to move forward for better and greater service through transformative administration and services, integral formation, excellent instruction, robust research, and publication, as well as through vibrant engagement and advocacy which is grounded in Jesuit ideals of finding God in all things and working for God’s greater glory. Thus, studying at AdDU is now open for all as the university also offers various scholarship programs to uphold students that have less capacity to sustain all of their learning needs including their educational fees like tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, laboratory fees, allowance, and other school fees. Hence, AdDU made scholarship programs available for students who are incapable of sustaining their studies.

On the other hand, making it to the list of scholars requires a student to be academically best and must pass the qualifications set by the school. The following is the list of the scholarship programs that are offered at Ateneo de Davao University.

List of Scholarship Programs at the Ateneo de Davao University

Ateneo de Davao offers various scholarship programs to its university students. Qualified beneficiaries of each scholarship program can avail of some benefits and financial privileges that they can utilize for educational purposes. Here are the various scholarship programs offers.

1. Grant in Aid Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is being offered to the enrolled and incoming Grade 7 to Grade 10 students or equivalent to Junior High Scholl students of Ateneo de Davao University. All applicants are required to submit their online application form including their requirements on or before the deadline for submission. Transferee students are required to apply for admission to AdDU and may submit a clearance certificate coming from the previous school where they last attended.

This scholarship program is renewable every year and re-applications are one of the conditions of this scholarship program. Aside from that, beneficiaries of the said scholarship must maintain the grade requirement set to them, this is to ensure that the scholars are doing their part and they are doing excellent in terms of their academic performance.

Qualified applicants must meet the following qualifications to be eligible for the said scholarship program:

  • Annual Income Tax Return (ITR) of the scholar’s parent or guardian.
  • A grade of 85% for incoming Grade 7 student, 86% for Grade 8, 87% for Grade 9 and 88% for Grade 10.

2. Educational Service Contracting (ESC)

The Educational Service Contracting (ESC) is a government subsidy given to the enrolled Grade 7 student of the said university wherein students that are coming from the public schools are highly prioritized. Qualified applicants can receive Php 11,000 which serves as their subsidy amount, and are required to submit all the requirements online including:

  • A clear photo of the parent’s or guardian’s Income Tax Return or
  • Any certificate of employment to those employed parents or guardians.

Note: For those parents that are not employed, a certificate of no income of exemption from filing the ITR from the Bureau of Internal Revenues (BIR). This scholarship has limited slots only that have a duration of 4 years that have no renewal obligations as long as the student maintains his or her academic performance.

3. MAGIS Scholarship

MAGIS Scholarship is an educational privilege given to those students who are academically excellent and may consider the top students of their batch. The goal of this scholarship program is to encourage the student to be a better and more responsible students towards their studies and educational performance. Qualified applicants must have a general average of 85% or above and he or they must obtain a minimum grade of 85% in Math, Science, or English subject which serves as a major subject.

Eligible applicants are obliged to take the Admission Diagnostic Test (ADT) for the said scholarship wherein students that belong to the Top 30 of all the scholarship takers are eligible and qualified to apply. This is a renewable scholarship program wherein scholars must be maintained in the Top 30 of their batch. Top 1-10 can receive a one hundred percent (100%) tuition fee discount while the Top 11-20 are entitled to receive a 75% tuition fee discount and a 50% tuition fee discount to those students that belongs to the Top 21-30.

4. Alfonso Yuchengco (AY) Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

This scholarship program is an externally funded scholarship offered by the Alfonso Yuchengco (AY) Foundation, Inc. to those students who came from underprivileged family backgrounds who are not economically resourceful to support their educational finances and study allowance. This scholarship is intended for students who belong to low-income families that do not exceed Php 320,000 annually income. Students that are deserving to pursue their course must have the privilege to be sponsored and a scholarship beneficiary provided that they meet all the qualification standards and must submit all the requirements on time.

5. Antonio O. Floirendo Sr., Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

Another generosity of the Don Antonio O. Floirendo Sr., Foundation towards students of AdDU is being served in the means of scholarship grants offered to the incoming college students of the said university wherein it promotes educational assistance and support to uphold community services wherein it is being offered to any gender that is a responsible Filipino citizen. Interested applicants are expected to pass the requirements for the said scholarship program before the date of submission.

Other scholarship programs that are available in AdDU:

  1. Metrobank Foundation Scholarship Fund
  2. A-1 Scholarship Program
  3. Private Education Student Financial Assistance Program (PESFA)
  4. Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)
  5. DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Program

Video: Orientation for Scholars S.Y 2022-2023- Ateneo de Davao University Junior High School 

Check out this video that is related to the various scholarship programs being offered by the said university. The video is an orientation made for the scholarship beneficiaries of all the scholarship programs for the school year 2022-2023 and it also shows how the university informs students of their privileges and their obligations as a scholar.

The said video is beneficial to interested scholarship applicants of the said university as they further remind its scholars of the basic and important information that they need to know and to do as new scholars. AdDU, together with the scholarship committee made themselves clear to assist them if they will have some questions or concerns regarding their scholarship.


This is the list of all the scholarship programs, grants, and financial assistance made available for the students of Ateneo de Davao University. Those students who also wish to study at AdDU are now a step closer to reaching their dreams and ambitions in life.

If you wish to learn more about the various scholarship programs mentioned above, you may visit the official websites and pages of AdDU.

Also, if you have questions or concerns regarding the application process for the scholarship or program you wish to avail and apply for, you may freely message them on their FB page by simply clicking this link