List of University of Mindanao (UM) Scholarship Programs

Southern Mindanao is a renowned non-sectarian institution, actively contributing to the growth of young minds in their respective fields. Not only does this educational powerhouse offer top-notch education and an expansive array of accredited programs throughout Davao Island, but it also provides deserving students with scholarship grants for furthering their studies.

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The University of Mindanao offers numerous scholarship programs with unique requirements and qualifications. Through this article, you will acquire a better comprehension of those scholarships to determine which one works best for your student journey as well as what is essential for your personal and professional development. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to strengthen yourself academically through these excellent scholarship options!

List of University of Mindanao (UM) Scholarship Programs

What is the University of Mindanao?

The University of Mindanao (UM) also known before as Mindanao Colleges (MC) was founded in 1946 and served as one of the first institutions in Mindanao that offers tertiary education as well as opened opportunities to the natives and indigenous people of the region. Today, the said university envisions becoming a leading and globally engaged university that could bring and create a sustainable impact in society.

Unfortunately, some parents are unable to financially support their children’s education and many students find themselves in positions of financial insecurity. Despite these circumstances, there is still a great deal of hope for those gifted and hardworking individuals determined to pursue their dreams. The following list offers several scholarship programs that provide invaluable assistance in helping people reach new heights of academic success.

List of Scholarship Programs at the University of Mindanao

1. University of Mindanao Honor Society

The said organization offers scholarship grants, especially to deserving students who academically perform very well. This will serve as a motivation to the students to strive even more provided that the grantee must be a one-year residence at the University of Mindanao (UM) in which he or she has earned a general weighted average of 1.5 or 95% of the total grades in thirty-six (36) units that he or she earned. Interested applicants must also make sure that he or she does not have a grade below 2.0 or equivalent to ninety percent (90%) in any subject area. This educational opportunity is given to the top-performing students that are officially enrolled in the University of Mindanao.

2. Academic Scholarship

The Academic Scholarship offered by the University of Mindanao is an educational scholarship opportunity given to the officially enrolled freshmen college students of the said university who graduated with an academic excellence award and belongs to the top ten students of their batch.

  • For those student applicants who wish to apply to this scholarship program, one of their qualifications is that you must belong to the top performing students.
  • For valedictorian students, they can receive a hundred percent (100%) of tuition fee discount and seventy-five percent (75%) for those salutatorian students, fifty percent (50%) for first honorable mention awardee, and twenty-five percent (25%) off to their tuition fee to those second to fifth honorable mention and a ten percent (10%) discount to his or her tuition fee for sixth and eight honorable mentions.

3. Student Training Assistance Program (STAP)

The student Training Assistance Program or otherwise known as STAP is given to those students who are working as temporary personnel in any of the offices of the university while they are also studying in UM. As working students, they are given incentives and other privileges in return for their hard work and perseverance. The incentives given to them will be based on the conditions given by the university and on the workload the student has.

4. Cultural Art Scholarship

The Cultural Art Scholarship is a scholarship grant given to those members of the cultural group of the said university. This is usually granted to the official member of the University of Mindanao Band, UM Chorale, and UM Makabayan Artist Assemble which is highly recognized in the said university. The qualified student is obliged to have an active part in the organization in which he or she attended.

5. Athletic Scholarship

Students who are exceptionally talented in sports are the ones prioritized by this scholarship program wherein they are given a chance to participate in the official athletic or sports group of the university wherein they are considered athletes.

  • A full scholarship usually given to those student-athletes who could be able to participate in a national competition and bring back the glory to the said university provided that the athlete scholars of specific sports organization should take an active part in participating in training and competitions that they are indulging in and they could be able to handle and balance their academic performance and training skills.
  • Management and self-discipline usually take place by the scholars of this athletic program.
  • The sports adviser together with the sports coordinator and other committees will be the ones who recommend scholars of this program because they are in charge of the performance of the athletes in various forms.

6. Student Publication Grants

A full and partial scholarship grant is given to the students that take a big part in school editorial most particularly the officers of the editorial and staff of student publication. As we all know, most of the state universities and colleges have their own student and school publication which is composed of news and writings created by the student writers.

  • In like manner, they are also given the privilege to have a scholarship opportunity that will support them to be more motivated and the like.
  • The usual discounts are given to the senior editors of PRIMUM. UM’s Official School Publication and the Vinta, the university’s official yearbook, offers a full or partial discount on their tuition fee depending upon the status of their membership of that specific organization.

7. Family Tuition Discounts

This program is a privilege that may be availed by families whose children of three or more are enrolled in any undergraduate program at the University of Mindanao.

8. Guillermo E. Torres Scholarship

This scholarship grant is offered to students enrolled in Law and Accountancy programs who have shown exemplary academic performance.

9. Other Grants and Scholarship Programs

  1. Expression Skills
  2. Tuition Fee Waiver
  3. Faculty Scholars
  4. Person/s with Disability
  5. Presidential Decree 451 (PD 451)
  6. Indigent Assistance Program (IAP)
  7. Rural Bank of Montevista (RBM)
  8. Philippine National Police (PNP)
  9. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
  10. UM Fitness Center
  11. Omega Financial Suite (OFS)
  12. Land Donors
  13. ROTC Corps Commander
  14. Council of the Supreme Student Government (CSSG)
  15. Mutya ng UM
  16. EVO Editor-in-Chief
  17. Aiders
  18. Special Scholarship Grants

Video: The University of Mindanao

Witness the magnificence of University of Mindanao, a hub for knowledge that can help students reach their fullest potential. With this audiovisual video, you will be able to get an insight into what the university has to offer and how it could give you all the resources necessary for your learning process. Let your eyes explore its best facilities as they will truly provide comfort when engaging in educational activities.


This is the list of the scholarship programs and grants available at the University of Mindanao which could help interested applicants lessen some of their education financial burdens. If you want to learn more about the above-mentioned scholarships and grants, visit their webpage at Meanwhile, if you have concerns regarding the application procedures for the scholarship program you wish to avail of, you may also contact and ask them on their various social media sites and pages.