List of Philippine Women’s University (PMU) Scholarship Programs

Philippine Women’s University (PMU) is a non-stock, not-for-profit, non-sectarian educational institution duly existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.  The college aims to prepare women for life service and leadership. The PWU’s core values are fostered through their curriculum centered on holistic character formation, cultural and national heritage preservation, family solidarity, ethical professionalism, and service to the country.

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The college first offered primary and secondary Education until various courses were established and offered by the school. The PWU had its distinction as the first private educational institution to have a student council in 1922. The university was an all-girls institution where they only accept female students but they soon started to accept male students, embracing inclusion and cultural diversity.

List of Philippine Women’s University (PMU) Scholarship Programs

What is Philippine Women’s University?

In 1932, the Philippine Women’s University (PWU) became the first university in the country that is exclusive for women. Since then, the university commits itself to prepare its learners to continuously seek knowledge through a holistic education that treasures heritage and that is filled with the core values of PWU, such as bearing personal integrity and spirituality, family solidarity, and community participation.

The university strives to hone and develop individual students through excellence in teaching students, providing dynamic and relevant research, as well as responsive service supported by evolving technology for global competence. PWU also strives to meet its four-fold objectives in the holistic development of personality and moral character, preparing students for their chosen vocation, career, and profession, and providing proper and sufficient training for home and family life as well as training for community participation and leadership.

The PWU Scholarship program aims to give financial assistance to honor the outstanding academic achievement of the students. The scholarship programs of PWU are awarded based on academic or other achievements of the students such as sports, music, etc. Philippine Women’s University is also offering scholarship programs founded by various foundations partnered with the institution.

To know more about the scholarship program offered by Philippine Women’s University kindly read the following information listed below.

List of Scholarship Programs at Philippine Women’s University

The Philippine Women’s University (PWU) educational system is committed to providing academic excellence as well as broadening educational opportunities for all sectors of society and molding effective and responsible professionals and citizens.

1. Alumni Discounts – 10% Tuition Fee (TF) only

An Alumni discount is given to Senior High School graduates of PWU who wants to continue their studies at the university. This also applies to holders of Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. who want to continue their post-graduate studies at PMU. To be eligible for this scholarship discount, the applicant must apply for an alumni card that will serve as proof that he/she is an alumnus/ alumna of the school. The grantees will receive a 10% tuition fee discount while other school fees are not included.

a. Alumni Scholarships

Alumni scholarships are scholarship programs funded by the Alumni Association of the School. This aims to help students who are alumni of the school.

b. Alumni Association of Southern California (Final Boost)

The Alumni Association of Southern California is an alumni organization of Philippine Women’s University that aims to nurture relationships among its members. This scholarship program funded by the organization is given to the financially unstable tertiary student at PWU who’s planning to enroll for the final trimester before graduation.

c. Alumni Association Foundation, Inc. (Final Boost)

This scholarship program was funded by the University’s Alumni Association Foundation, Inc.  To help tertiary students in their final year with graduation expenses. To avail of this scholarship program the student must have a GWA of 1.75 and is eligible for graduation.

2. Academic Scholarship Discounts

An academic scholarship grant is awarded to students who meet the required general weighted average set by the university. The privileges that will be given to students are based on the type of scholarship program they belong to.

  • To avail, the discounts are based on the end of the Trimester’s General Weighted Average.
  • A student who is eligible for the University Scholarship will receive free tuition and 100% miscellaneous fees.
  • Another set of university scholars will receive a 75% tuition fee and miscellaneous fees.
  • College scholarship on the other hand gives 50% of tuition fee and miscellaneous fee to students who are eligible for the scholarship.
  • The student who is eligible for the Dean’s Lister scholarship will receive a 25% tuition fee and miscellaneous fees.

3. Sports Scholarship Program (Conrado Benitez Athletic Scholarship)

The Sports Scholarship program aims to help and support student-athletes to achieve their potential. This scholarship program mainly focuses on giving financial assistance to qualified student-athletes who gave their best in giving honor to the school. The members of the varsity team are not automatically eligible for the scholarship program. They must be a member of either of the following list of sports: basketball, Futsal, Pep Squad, Table Tennis, and or Volleyball given that the application and training will be endorsed by the Sports Development Office.

Note: Eligible students must have a general weighted average of 2.75.

4. Honor Discounts

This scholarship program is being offered to students to incoming Freshmen Students who are on the honor roll and who have achieved the requirements and qualifications set by the Philippine Women’s University.

a. Highest Honor

A freshman student who is the highest honor of their batch with an average of 100-98 will receive 100% free tuition and miscellaneous fees.

b. High Honor

The second on the list is High Honor. The student who graduates senior high school with as high honors with an average of 97-95 will receive a 50% tuition fee and miscellaneous fees.

c. With Honor

Students who graduated with Honors with a general weighted average of 94-90 and are incoming freshmen students of Philippine University will receive a 25% tuition and miscellaneous fees.

5. Music GAP – For the endorsement from the School of Music

The Music Grant Assistantship Program (GAP) provides assistantships to students with excellent academic performance who can pursue their careers in the field of music.

6. PWD Discount

This scholarship program is given to students of Philippine Women’s University who are disabled and incapacitated yet want to pursue their studies at the university. This program gives a 20% tuition fee discount and the remaining 80% of the scholarship will be shoulder by the student itself.

7. Senior Discount

Senior Discount is given to a senior citizen who is studying at PWU. The grantee will receive a 20% discount on tuition fees with no other school fees included.

8. Sibling Discount

The sibling discount will be awarded to an upcoming college student whose sibling is currently studying at PWU. A 5% discount on tuition fees can be availed.

9. Student Assistantship

Student assistantship is given to a student assistant who works 3 hours per day or a maximum of 15 hours per week in the office to which he/she is assigned for the trimester. The grantee must maintain a general weighted average of 2.25 he/she will receive a tuition fee privilege of 15 units.

10. Underwood Scholarship

The Underwood scholarship program is awarded to academically qualified students who need financial assistance. This scholarship for women comes under the Edward and Eva Underwood Charitable Foundation Inc. which aims to provide financial assistance to financially needy students.

  • To be eligible for this scholarship program the applicant must have a general weighted average of 1.75 with no grades lower than 2.25.
  • The grantee of this program may enjoy a full tuition fee with transportation and school supplies.

11. We Rise as One Scholarship for Women

We Rise as One Scholarship Program is one of the scholarship programs offered by the school. The scholarship program is open to students with financial needs. Applicants whose parents or guardians were financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis will be given priority. The grantees of this scholarship program will receive a 100% Tuition fee subsidy as a scholarship benefit, but miscellaneous and other fees will be charged.

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Reaching your dreams and studying in your dream college or university is now possible with the different initiatives implemented by every higher education institution. To do this, they offer various grants and programs for deserving students of their institution who showed excellence in academics and other curricular activities.

This list covers the different scholarship programs, grants, and financial assistance available at Philippine Women’s University. Additionally, if you wish to know more details about the programs above, you may visit the official website of Philippine Women’s University at or email them at for more inquiries.