List of National University (NU) Scholarship Programs

National University is known to promote quality education for deserving Filipino students in acquiring excellent learning opportunities. As part of the community services, the institution serves its purpose by providing a scholarship program that could support students who are in high need of financial assistance and who are also academically top-performing.

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To discover the different scholarship programs offered by National University, here is the list of the available scholarship program that might help interested applicants to choose the best scholarship that suits their needs.

List of National University (NU) Scholarship Programs

What is the National University?

National University is known for being the Home of Nation Builders. For more than 100 years of service to Filipino students, the said university has been recognized for its outstanding academic excellence that has formed the country’s successful professionals in various fields and professions. Since then, the said university continues to move forward, expand, and evolve by making education accessible to all.

As guided by its core values as the pillar to its success, National University commits itself to provide relevant, innovative, and accessible quality education for its student body. They are the home of many students who were molded to become lifelong learners, ethical and spiritual citizens as well as self-directed agents of change.

The said university is also committed to enhancing its forces, particularly its faculty members and employees in their various fields of interest by providing them with the best and just work environment. Moreover, the said institution also envisions itself to become a dynamic and private institution that is committed to nation-building and become a recognized institution internationally in the areas of education and research.

National University offers different kinds of scholarship programs that will strengthen the educational opportunity of Filipino students all over the country. It is not a responsibility but a privilege for them to have a quality education that leads to personal and professional development which is a greatly significant improvement towards their socio-economic status.

Students who can attain a high level of education could also get a high chance to be employed in stable work once they are college graduates. These scholarships will assist students with educational finances and other school allowances that will lessen other financial burdens.

List of Scholarship Programs at the National University

1. Entrance Academic Scholarship

Don Mariano F. Jhocson (Gold Scholar)

This scholarship is given to those students with the highest honors or those top-performing students in terms of academe.

  • Eligible student scholars can receive a hundred percent (100%) tuition fee discount, one (1) free set of school uniforms, a trimester book allowance, and a trimester stipend plus another hundred percent (100%) discount on their miscellaneous fee.
  • Interested student applicants are expected to pass an original copy of their Grade 12 report card, especially for those incoming freshmen students who have good moral character and do not have any record of offense both in school or in their locality.
  • Aside from a photocopy of the PSA Birth Certificate must also be passed by the interested applicants together with the certificate of highest awards coming from his or her school last attended that is duly signed by the principal and school registrar.
  • The award must be indicated in the certificate presented.
  • Applicants of the said scholarship must not have a grade lower than 90 percent in any subject and it is not applicable for the term of entry in which scholars are still subject to interviews and various assessments to qualify for other benefits like the book allowance, free school uniform, trimestral stipend.

Doña Miguela M. Jhocson (Blue Scholar)

The blue scholar is a scholarship program given to those students with high honors. It is next to the gold scholarship awardee students.

  • The said scholarship is available in a 4-year or 5 years scholarship term depending upon the degree program that the interested applicants choose and just like the gold scholarship, the blue scholarship also required a grade of not lower than 90% in any subject area.
  • Qualified scholars must also have a regular load of classes upon application.
  • Benefits and privileges that qualified applicants can acquire are a 100% discount on miscellaneous and tuition fees provided that applicants must pass the NUAT or the National University Admission Test which contains an average score and ought to submit the necessary documents on or before the deadline of submissions, the following requirements include the following:
  1. Good Moral Certificate coming from previous school (only applicable in freshmen applicants),
  2. One photocopy of the PSA Birth Certificate,
  3. Original copy of high school report card, and
  4. A certificate stating the awards coming from his or her previous school duly signed by the principal or registrar.

Doña Pacita J. Ocampo (White Scholar)

Another honor scholarship is being awarded to those students who are with honors from their high school years. Required documents needed for the application include the following:

  • PSA Birth Certificate (one photocopy only),
  • a good moral certificate (for freshmen student applicants),
  • report card (original copy) and
  • certificate of awards indicating the honorarium given by the previous school duly signed by the principal and registrar.

2. Nationalian Scholarship Program

The Nationalian scholarship program is being awarded to those enrolled students of the said university who can maintain a grade of 88% in all academic subject areas in Senior High School from 1st Grading to 4th Grading period. Additionally, the student is also a passer of the NUA or National Admission Test and can acquire a fifty percent (50%) tuition fee discount that is only intended and applicable for the term of entry.

Documents needed for the application of the said scholarship program are an original Grade 12 report card, a good moral certificate, and a PSA Birth Certificate that is a photocopy only.

3. Mariano Jhocson Science Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is given to those deserving students who are academically outstanding yet financially needy. Students who came from identified Science High Schools and have a General Weighted Average of 88% and whose family income is not greater than Php 360,000 annually are eligible to apply for the said program. Qualified applicants can receive a hundred percent (100%) discount on their tuition fee and miscellaneous fee provided that they submit all requirements needed for the application, this includes the following;

  • For incoming freshmen student applicants, a good moral certificate comes from their high school.
  • Original copy of Grade 12 Report Card (only intended for incoming freshmen students)
  • The latest Income Tax Return of the parents or guardian stated that their family income does not exceed Php 360,000. For those students that ITR is not applicable, the latest tax exemption certificate or income tax return is required.
  • Two (2) copies of recommendation letters coming from school administrators or faculty with an attached photocopy of the Valid ID of the recommenders that is being addressed to the Admission Directors.

4. NU Nazareth School Loyalty Discount

The NU Nazareth School Loyalty Discount is being offered to those students who are graduated and come from the NU Nazareth School and can avail of a 30% discount on tuition fees that is applicable for the term of entry. Interested applicants are required to submit the following required documents:

  • Graduation certificate duly signed by the principal or campus registrar of the NU Nazareth School.
  • PSA Birth Certificate (Photocopy only)
  • Good Moral Certificate (High school)
  • Original copy of high school report card
  • Other NU Scholarship Program
  • Employees of SM and its Affiliates
  • Alumni Discount
  • Sibling Discount

Video: National University Scholarship Program

Check out the video above which will inform you about the scholarship program that is available at National University. This is a personally owned video by one of the students that will discuss the different benefits and requirements needed for scholarship application.


This is the list of all the scholarship programs available at the National University which is useful most especially to those interested and qualified students. The aim of this article is to strengthen your knowledge in choosing the best scholarship program that will suit your educational needs and learning finances.

If you have some concerns regarding the application process for the scholarship program you wish to apply for, you may reach out to them though their official website: