List of West Visayas State University (WVSU) Scholarship Programs

West Visayas State University is a public university established in 1902 as the Iloilo Normal School and as part of the American colonial government. It was formally established in 1924 when it became an independent and distinct teacher training institution known as the Iloilo Normal School (INS). The main campus of the university is located on Luna Street, La Paz, Iloilo City, Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The said university also offers a variety of courses ranging from arts and sciences, business and management, communication, education, ICT, medicine, law, nursing, dentistry, and many more.

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West Visayas State University is also one of the accredited Philippine Universities of the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific. It is one of the most prominent institutions in the Philippines in the field of teacher education, nursing, and medicine. West Visayas State University has 6 external campuses; the College of Agriculture and Forestry, the Lambunao Campus, the Calinog, the Janiuay Campus, the Pototan Campus, and the Himamaylan Campus in Negros Occidental. The university is known for its production of high-quality students and excellent alumni who have been globally competent in their chosen careers.

List of West Visayas State University (WVSU) Scholarship Programs

What is West Visayas State University?

West Visayas State University is one of the prominent institutions in Western Visayas and the country as well. The university has already proven itself in producing lifelong learners globally. The university also offers a variety of courses with highly competitive and committed teachers and staff.

The university is also globally competitive as it ranks 9240. It was also recognized as one of the Top 5 performing schools in the National Board Examinations in the country in 2004 by the PRC or the Professional Regulatory Commission. It also ranks 68 on the list of the best medical schools in the country. Since its inception, the university is committed to developing and providing its lifelong learner’s sufficient knowledge in science and technology and becoming agents of societal transformation.

Like other Colleges and Universities here in the Philippines West Visayas State University is also offering various scholarship programs that help students with financial needs. Even though WVSU is a public university, students still have a lot of expenses to shoulder particularly if they pursue studies related to medicine. Hence, to address this gap and problem, one of the initiatives of WVSU is to offer scholarship programs and grants to deserving students of the university that performs well academically. 

The scholarship program shall assist the learners in their needs to attain a degree and eventually enter the workforce. Scholarships are awarded based on specific criteria. They should qualify on the process required by the institution. The grantee must maintain an excellent academic standing to uphold the scholarship.

To know more about the scholarship program offered by West Visayas University take time to read and understand the following information listed below.

List of Scholarship Programs at West Visayas State University

1. Institutional Scholarships

This scholarship is being offered by the university to those students who are valedictorian salutatorians from public and private high schools. Students who are valedictorians of their batch will receive full tuition and administrative miscellaneous fees. Meanwhile, salutatorians will receive only 50% of the tuition fees and administrative miscellaneous fees.

2. Academic Scholarship

The grantees of this scholarship program are entitled to free tuition and free administrative miscellaneous fee. This is awarded on a semestral basis to a regular student with a general point average of 1.5 with no lower grade than 2.0 in any subject including NSTP. The scholarship program is good for four years as long as the student maintains a grade point average of 1.5 or grades no less than 2.0 in any subject enrolled.

Note: The scholars will have to pay the other university supplementary fees and once they have incomplete grades it should be completed immediately before enrollment for the next semester.

3. Service Grants

In this scholarship program, the scholars will receive a full exemption for tuition and administrative fees in the first semester. Hence, supplemental fees must be paid by the following grantees. This program is being offered to:

  • Officers of the University Student Council
  • Chairperson of High School and College Student Councils
  • Staffers of the University Publication
  • Editors-in-Chief
  • Managing Editors of the college publications
  • Corps Commanders of the Students’ Military Training 

1. Officers of Student Councils will enjoy the same privileges in the second semester if the Adviser recommends them to the University Scholarship Committee only if they have faithfully served the council and have liquidated all financial obligations in the previous semester.

2. The staffers of the University Publications, the Editors-in-Chief, and the Managing Editors of the College Publication can enjoy the same privilege in the second semester if they have come up with two publications in the first semester.

        Note: For the renewal of the scholarship program the staffers of the University Publications must come up with one or two publications in the first semester. If they have not, they will forfeit the service grant. If they come up with one publication only in the second semester the service grant will be for the first semester of the following year.

        3. The following student will receive a 50% exemption from tuition and administrative fees:

        • Councilors of College and High School Councils
        • Staffers of college publications
        • College representatives to the University Student Council
        • Chief Justice and members of the Supreme Court
        • Chairperson and members of the University Student Electoral Committee. 

        4. The following students are also allowed to enjoy the service grants. In this case though, the  university doesn’t accept scholars from the following organization during the first two              semesters. Their scholarship program starts on the second year prove themselves for the scholarship. 

        • Members of the University Choir (Panayana)
        • University Varsity Athletes
        • University Rondalia
        • University Little Theater

        In the case of the University Choir members, only members who have rendered service to the University at least 25 times during the semester will be qualified for the service grant in the next semester with the recommendation of the advisor.

        In the case of the University Little Theater members, they can enjoy the grant if they have been actively involved in the production of at least one paper semester if they produced only one play. The grantee can enjoy the grant only in the succeeding semester with the recommendation of the advisor. The director and two lead rules in the play will receive a full scholarship and administrative fees. On the other hand, two members with supporting roles in the play will only receive 50% of the tuition fee and the supplemental fees must be handled by the grantees.

        Note: A student must at least carry a regular load per semester with no grade lower than 2.75 in the previous semester. They also must have recommendations from their coach advisors and the university athletic cultural director stating that they are actively participating and competitions and university activities.

        4. Scholarship for West Visayas State University Employees’ Dependents

        The scholarship program is being offered to the children of permanent employees of the University. Children of the employees may enjoy free tuition fees given that the student must be a legitimate child of the said employee. Students can enjoy the scholarship grant from kinder to college. The child can only enjoy 4 years in college with no extension of the grant allowed and the 5th year of college and less the course is a five-year course.

        5. Private Scholarships

        Private scholarships for any year undergraduate degree student. The grantee must be a bona fide student of West Visayas State University, of good health and good moral character. The student must have no failing grades and must maintain a semestral average of 2.5 or higher.

        Video: West Visayas State University Through the Years

        Check out this video that shows the growth of West Visayas State University from the day it was established up until the present. Through the years, West Visayas State University has proven that it is one of the prominent Universities in the Philippines. Different courses offered by the institution are also highlighted in this video.


        This article covers important details about the scholarship programs being offered by West Visayas State University. Each program was briefly discussed so that interested students must know what kind of scholarship program is applicable and suitable for their needs. But, if there’s something that still bothers your mind, you may reach out to them by visiting their website or emailing them. You can visit their official website using this link – or you can send an email to