List of Mapua University Scholarship Programs

Consistently, Mapua University belongs to the top-leading university that continuously promotes academic excellence towards international learning most particularly in their students and other academic programs. The said university excels in Engineering, Sciences, Architecture and Design, Information Technology, Business Management, Communication and Media Studies Social Sciences and Education, and other programs too wherein a student can acquire a high standard of education and international competencies that enable them to be globally competitive as a student and as a responsible individual.

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Mapua University is also a private research-oriented university located in Metro Manila that offers different academic programs and other learning aid for those students who wish to study at the said university. Particularly students who are less fortunate in terms of financial capabilities to sustain their academic freedom are allowed to be scholarship recipients that are available to the said university.

List of Mapua University Scholarship Programs

What is the Mapua University?

Mapua University is one of the top universities in the country and Asia. With its long tradition of providing excellence in the fields of engineering and sciences, architecture, design, information technology, business and management, communication, media studies, social sciences, and education, Mapua University continues to provide learners with a learning environment that could help improve and develop their skills to become globally competitive individuals.

The said university is also committed to mold students to become moral and ethical professionals and helping them develop critical thinking capabilities that are essential once they practice their chosen profession. Hence, the university also strives hard to meet its objectives as well as academic excellence as preparation for the real world.

Apart from that, Mapua University offers various scholarship programs offered by the administration itself, different alumni associations, private organizations, and other external groups and associations to those deserving students who wish to continue their educational learning at the said university but can’t afford to financially sustain their learning needs.

In like manner, Mapua University together with its scholarship committee is entailed to facilitate this matter to support students who are in need to acquire personal and professional development through acquiring learning that will help them to boost their careers in the future. Below is the list of the various scholarship that is being offered to the said university to support its student most especially in their academic needs.

List of Scholarship Programs at Mapua University

1. E.T. Yuchengco Scholarship Program for Senior High School Students

This scholarship program is given to the senior high school student of Mapua University wherein they can receive:

  • Free matriculation fee
  • Quarterly stipend amounting to five thousand pesos (Php 5,000)
  • Book allowance of three thousand pesos (Php 3, 000) per quarter

Note: A top student who is placed in the scholarship interview and scholarship exam is the high priority and this student must have a general weighted average of eighty-five percent (85%) or above and must not have a subject grade of not lower than eighty-five percent (85%).

2. Academic Scholarship

The Mapua University together with its administration and scholarship office continue its service to the students who have an excellent academic performance by providing them a full academic scholarship with a hundred percent (100%) free tuition fee discount for those students who obtain a quarter-weighted average of 1.00 to 1.50.

Half academic scholarship with fifty-percent (50%) discount to their tuition fee will be provided to those students who have 1.75 to 1.51 quarterly weighted average wherein students who are on the president’s list are qualified to apply in this scholarship program.

Note: Interested applicants are required to go to the CSFA for their scholarship contract. The student who does not belong on the Presidential list but is included in the Dean’s list and has a high financial need can apply for the available (only if available). This slot added will be based on the financial and academic position and qualification of the application provided that the applicants must be eligible and qualified for the said scholarship grant.

3. Don Tomas Mapua Scholarships

This scholarship program is being offered to undergraduate students who are enrolled at Mapua University. He or she must meet all of the following criteria:

  • An incoming enrolled freshmen students that graduated with the highest academic honor in his or her previous school
  • A graduate in a batch with not less than 60 students of his or her batch
  • Must be enrolled in a Department of Education accredited High School both in our country or abroad
  • Must pass the Mapua Program Placement Assessment (MPASS)

Required documents that need to be submitted in the scholarship application include the following:

  • School certificate issued by the principal or school registrar which indicates the “highest honor award”
  • Name and address of the school
  • Signature over the printed name of the school principal or the registrar
  • Contact details of the school or the person in charge (principal or registrar)

4. Guinhawa Family

Another Mapua Alumni scholarship sponsored by the Guinhawa Family. A scholarship offers a 50% tuition fee discount to those qualified scholars who are currently enrolled in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th year of being an engineering student wherein he or she must have a good moral character and good academic standing in the said university.

Eligible applicants must be financially needy where in his or their parents or guardian must have a combined income of not more than Php 450,000 every year which is not sufficient enough to sustain their family needs and most precisely their educational needs.

The student applicant must not be a recipient of any other scholarship program other than Academic Scholarship offered by Mapua University and most importantly, he or they must be in good academic standing that obtains a general weighted average of at least 2.50 or above and must have not any grade of 3.0 or lower than that.

5. Mapua Alumni Association of Eastern USA (MAAEUSA)

Another generosity of the Mapua Alumni Association of Eastern USA (MAAEUSA) is being offered through the scholarship program that has a 100% scholarship grant on tuition fees of the recently enrolled 2nd, 3rd or 4th-year student taking up engineering or architecture courses in the said university that has a good moral character and good academic standing where in a General Weighted Average of at least 2.50 for the last two terms is strictly observed.

Aside from that, eligible applicants must be financially in need wherein their guidance or parent’s income annually must not be more than Php 400,000 and must not enjoy any other scholarship. Aside from the qualification set to them during the scholarship application, qualified beneficiaries of the said scholarship must follow all the responsibilities being set to them including the following:

  • Must maintain a general weighted average of 2.50 every school semester
  • A scholar must not obtain a subject grade that is not lower than 3.0
  • A scholar must provide an updated personal contact information so that they can easily be reached
  • During the enrollment period, scholars must validate their scholarship at CSFA office

6. Mapua Alumni Association of San Diego (MAASD) Scholarship

MAASD is a 50% tuition fee scholarship discount intended for the 3rd year engineering student of Mapua University that has a good moral character without any record of offense both in school or in their locality. Requirements needed for the scholarship application are the following:

  • 2×2 ID picture
  • Recent copy of the matriculation certificate
  • Copy of the recently endorsed Family Income Tax Return and if none, affidavit of not-filling Income Tax Return
  • Certificate of good moral character
  • Certificate of good health
  • A brief essay stating why the applicant deserves to be a qualified scholar
  • Application form

7. Other Scholarship Programs available at Mapua University

  1. Mapua Alumni Association Alberta Chapter (MAAAC)
  2. Mapua Alumni Che-Chem Alumni- Association
  3. MIT Fil-Chi Alumni Association Scholarship I (MITFCAAI)
  4. CHED Tertiary Education Subsidy
  5. ERDT Scholarship Program
  6. Analog Devices Gen. Trias, Inc.
  7. AY Foundation, Inc.
  8. EMD Technologies Philippines, Inc.
  9. Megaworld Foundation, Inc.
  10. Maedra Road Construction Co. LTD
  11. Philippine Foundation Manila, Inc. (PHILDEV)
  12. PHINMA Foundation Inc.

Video: Learn more about MAPUA University’s Tuition + Scholarship

Check out the video above which is essential to interested students who wish to apply to any of the scholarship programs being offered by the said university. After watching the video, students are expected to acquire basic information and ideas that will strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the scholarship programs they may apply for. The video further discusses the tuition fees and scholarship opportunities that could help lessen the educational burden of the students.


This is the list of different scholarship programs that are available at Mapua University that could help you in selecting the best scholarship program that suits your learning needs. Aside from that, the article further discusses the coverage or benefits qualified scholars may get. If you wish to know more about the scholarship program mentioned above, you can visit their official website by clicking this link