List of iACADEMY Scholarship Programs

iACADEMY brings a specialized degree program to all Filipino students who want to take Information Communication Technology in various forms that will enhance students’ professionalism and promote learning development in the said field. Aside from that, they will also be given a chance to develop their skills most particularly in their desired track or field of study that they choose.

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Additionally, the institution did not also close the door of opportunities to the underprivileged students who are not lucky enough to sustain some of their financial needs, hence, iACADEMY will support some of their educational expenses using the scholarship programs organized by the institution together with other organizations and other private sponsors.

This article contains the various scholarship programs, financial incentives, and other educational financial assistance that are available in iACADEMY. Different privileges and other incentives are also discussed below. Read on to know more about them if you wish to enroll in the said institution.

list of iACADEMY Scholarship

What is the iACADEMY?

iACADEMY was founded in 2002 to reinvent education by taking advantage of the advancement of technology and expanding knowledge in various fields related to arts, science, and technology. The institution is also accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and acknowledged iACADEMY as an educational organization in 2005. iACADEMY was also recognized and awarded by the Global Business Review Magazine (UAE) as the Best School for Music Production, Design, and Technology; Best School Design; Best Education Provider; and the Most Innovative Education Provider in the country.

Moreover, iACADEMY has three campuses all over the Philippines. Two of them are located in Makati Central Business District – the Buendia Campus and IACADEMY Nexus in Yakal. Meanwhile, the other one is the iACADEMY Cebu Campus which is located in Cebu City.

The institution is also renowned as a School of Design and Arts in the country. Aside from programs related to design and arts such as animation, multimedia arts and design, fashion design and technology, film and visual effects, music production, and sound design, iACADEMY also offers other various programs including courses in software engineering, entertainment and multimedia computing game development, web development, marketing, accountancy, psychology, and real estate management. Additionally, iACADEMY has Senior High School programs and a drive homeschool program through elevated learning experience (ELX), a virtual learning program for homeschooled students.

Through integrating knowledge by providing quality education to Filipino students, the iACADEMY together with other sponsors aims to support students who need educational support most particularly those who are underprivileged due to fewer economic resources. Different kinds of scholarship programs are available in iACADEMY that could help students to sustain some of their educational needs, most particularly their tuition fee, miscellaneous fee, and other school fees that will lessen some of their financial burdens. Below is the list of the scholarship grants and programs available at any iACADEMY campus that you may avail of and apply for.

List of Scholarship Programs at iACADEMY

1. Vanessa L. Tanco Presidential Scholarship Program

Vanessa L. Tanco Presidential Scholarship Program is a merit-based scholarship program that is available in iACADEMY which aims to provide educational scholarships to the deserving bona fide graduating students coming from any public senior high school institution that has met the minimum of at least 200 graduating students in the entire batch within Metro Manila. Additionally, interested student applicants must belong to the Top 10% of students of the graduating batch and have a general weighted average of 85% in Grade 11.

Aside from that, they must be willing to enroll in a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a Software Engineering specialization. This program is usually given to underprivileged yet deserving students that have a combined annual family income of Php 300,000 annually and is willing to undergo and pass a series of qualifying exam and submit all the necessary documents on all forms.

2. Academic Scholarship Program

The Academic Scholarship Program is a scholarship grant given to the enrolled students of iACADEMY who have excellent performance in academics in such a term. Scholarship beneficiaries that are qualified to receive a scholarship grant will be given an educational discount in the form of tuition fee discounts.

They will be given a 50% tuition fee discount on their school expenses if they become an official scholarship awardee of the said educational support program. Provided, that they will meet the following qualifications set by the scholarship program. This includes the following:

  1. Student applicants must be a resident of the said university for at least three school terms.
  2. Enrolled in at least 12 units or regular subject load in the previous school term in which he or she enrolled (NSTP, euthenics, and other subjects which do not contain numeric grades are not included).
  3. Interested applicants must have a general weighted average (GWA) of 1.25 or above upon their scholarship application wherein he or she does not have any failing grades.
  4. Students must not be subjected to any disciplinary offense or violation of university rules that will lead to the disqualification of the scholarship application.
  5. He or she must also submit the scholarship application form to the scholarship office or ask for guidance from the Office of Student Affairs and Services of the said institution.

3. Financial Scholarship Program

This is an educational scholarship aid to the enrolled students of the university who were a victim of natural calamities like flood, earthquake, fire, war, and other unfortunate events that caused disturbances to pay their school expenses. Likewise, interested students who are wish to apply for this educational aid could receive a twenty percent (20%) discount on their tuition fee if they could be able to provide the following requirements that the scholarship asks for, which may include the following requirements:

  1. Application form for the scholarship program.
  2. Certified Income Tax Return of parents or guardian.
  3. Application letter indicating that the applicants need financial assistance.
  4. Copy of parents’ certificate of employment (only if applicable)
  5. Other documents that can validate the circumstances (e.g., pictures, videos, report, etc.)

Note: Eligible applicants should be enrolled in at least 12 units for the present school term upon applying to the scholarship program and he or she must have a residency of at least 2 terms with a cumulative general weighted average of 2.0 and be willing to render service in an assigned office or department in the said academy.

4. PWD Discount

The said educational privilege is usually given to the Senior High School students of the institution. Qualified student applicants only need to submit a request letter together with the Person with Disability Identification card to

5. Future Smart Scholarship Program

The Bingo Plus Foundation aims to provide a scholarship grant in partnership with iACADEMY under the name of the Future Smart Scholarship Program that is intended to offer to students who need financial assistance to support their educational finances.

Those who can qualify are students who are planning to take a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a Software Engineering specialization, a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing Game Development, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Web Development.

Additionally, eligible applicants must have a regular load on prescribed courses with a general weighted average (GWA) of not lower than 1.75 without any failing grades. Students must also have a good moral character and must not be subjected to any disciplinary offense as a student and as responsible individuals in the community.

Video: iAcademy BS Real Estate Management

Check out this informational video of one of the course programs that the iACADEMY has. This is just a short video that will bring a lot of information and ideas about the BS Real Estate Management program. The video also explains why there are so many students who want to study in the said institution and want to excel in their fields of study.


This is the list of all the scholarship grants and programs available at iACADEMY that you may avail of. To discover and have more understanding about iACADEMY and the educational opportunities that they offer, you can also visit their official website at or you can also contact them using their hotline number at +63288895555. You can also message them through their FB page to raise your concerns by simply clicking this link We hope that you have found a scholarship program that suits best your needs.