How to Apply Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars of Philippine High School for the Arts

Young artists can now get the chance to develop and hone their unique talents and interests in the arts. For students still in their secondary education, this is now your chance to upgrade and upskill that talent and become young professional artists!

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Young generation artists are known to be creative, imaginative, skillful, and talented when it comes to different variations of arts. Even though, they still need guidance towards their skill development to acquire a wide variety of professionalism and level up their knowledge and understanding of arts. In like manner, one of the famous institutions that hone and serve talented art students into well-nurtured artists is the Philippine High School for the Arts. It is a specialized secondary government institution that molds talented and artistically gifted students and they are doing an annual nationwide selection of young art scholars wherein qualified applicants can receive a full scholarship grant including other benefits.

This scholarship program is known as the “Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars of Philippine High School for the Arts”. A program intended for high school students who have extraordinary talents in arts that aims to help young artists to acquire excellence in their specific skills in the field of arts. Additionally, qualified applicants can enjoy the privilege that the scholarship offers and they undergo the training and proper education to develop their special skills in arts. Aside from that, they also have a chance to step and join international competitions in the arts.

Philippine High School for the Arts annual search for scholars

What is the Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars of Philippine High School for the Arts?

The Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars of Philippine High School for the Arts is a yearly selection of scholarship grantees that are offered to those incoming Grade 7 students that are well-talented and gifted in arts, specifically in dancing (ballet and folk dance), creative writing, music, theatre, and visual arts. Qualified applicants can receive a full educational scholarship including tuition and many more. They also have a chance to show the world their talents and skills in the fields of arts through joining different international competitions, arts festivals, and other exchange art programs.

The goal of this scholarship program is to look for a generation of artists and strengthen their skills and talents as well as their academic performance in a well-rounded educational institution wherein students on their own will drive to the conclusion that they are not just focusing on one aspect of educational goal which is the academe but also they are boosting up their skills and talents in art by generating it into learning.

Applicants are expected to undergo various screening and assessments including evaluation and monitoring to make sure that the qualified applicants are deserving to receive the scholarship award.


This educational scholarship program is open to all incoming Grade 7 or high school students that have talents in arts wherein they are entitled to the following benefits:

  • The qualified scholarship awardee is entitled to receive a full scholarship grant.
  • The tuition fee for a young artist is also free.
  • Free board and lodging.
  • They can also receive a monthly stipend and allowance.
  • They also have class sessions and training with professional instructors and master’s degree professionals in their selected choice of arts.
  • They may have a chance to represent the school and the country in different art competitions both locally and internationally wherein they may have the opportunity to be known abroad.
  • They may able to strengthen their skills and boost their talents including their knowledge towards personal and skills development.

Note: The awarded scholarship is renewable every certain year depending upon the academic and non-academic performance of the grantees and the satisfaction of it to the K to 12 curricula.


The following is the list of qualification requirements that aspiring applicants must meet to be eligible applicants.

  • Must be an incoming Filipino Grade 7 student.
  • Must have the ability in dancing in any form of creative art
  • Dance (folk dance or ballet)
  • Music ( knows how to sing or play a musical instrument)
  • Creative writing
  • Theatre
  • Visual arts
  • Must be in good health condition (physically and mentally fit).
  • Excellent in the oral and written language most particularly in English and Filipino.
  • Must not be older than 14 years old upon enrolment
  • Pass the audition and interviews including the written examination. 


Here is a list of the necessary documents that interested applicants must provide to qualify for the art scholarship.

  • Duly accomplished PHSA scholarship application form.
  • PSA-issued birth certificate or NSO either scan or photocopy.
  • SF9 form
  • CV citing accomplishments in the art field of interest including your awards attended workshops or training or even the competitions you attended.
  • Photocopy of report card

Note: Aside from the basic requirements that the applicants need to be passed, they must also undergo various auditions and screenings that are also a part of the selection process and applicants must submit their audition requirements.

How to Join the Scholarship Program of Philippine High School for the Arts

To the applicants who are interested to apply for PHSA Scholar, the following are the step-by-step guide and instructions that they must be familiar with.

Step 1: The date of application will be announced by the committee of the Young Arts Scholar of PSHA. Just visit their official website online at for more updates and concerns.

Step 2: Get a copy of the PHSA scholarship application form. It is available in their offices or you can also download it online at  

Step 3: The scholarship representative will going to notify you regarding the status of your application but if you have concerns about your application you can freely message them via or you can also call them on 09178663097. You can also visit their official Facebook page at

Step 4: After the evaluation of documents, the applicants also need to undergo various auditions and screenings as part of the next phase of the application process. They will announce the schedule of the audition. Just follow the instruction they set.

Philippine High School for the Arts Scholarship Application Form

Here is the application form for applying for the Philippine High School for the Arts scholarship.

philippine high school for the arts application form

You may also download the application form directly here.

Take note that you must fill out the application form completely and provide all of the required documents. Once you have filled out the form, please submit it to the Philippine High School for the Arts together with the other required documents.

Important Reminders

Attached below are some of the important points aspiring applicants need to remember before applying.

  • Do not submit the original copy of personal documents not unless it is needed because the documents will be going to keep by the scholarship office for the official record.
  • PHSA is inclined with the Department of Education and a government agency that gives opportunities to talented young artists by the virtue of DepEd Memorandum Order No. 70 series of 2022 which is entitled Annual Nationwide Search For Young Arts Scholars of Philippine High School For The Arts.
  • Once the applicant is accepted, he or she will have a half-day of basic education classes and a half-day of specialized instruction in his/her chosen art field.
  • There is five specialized instruction that the school offers and its field have its means of strategy. Students individually choose which field they fit in.
  • When it comes to the scholarship application, the applicants need to pass the required documents to the scholarship committee upon verification process, and the scholarship office will inform them of the status of their application.
  • Those qualified applicants can proceed to the next phase of application which is audition and screenings.
  • Every field of specialized instruction has its instruction and requirements that the applicants must follow because the audition master will be the one who will evaluate the participants.

Video: Philippine High School For the Arts

Check out the video s it is beneficial for aspiring young artist who wishes to enroll in the school of arts here in the Philippines.

This will give you an idea of what the scholarship is all about and the things you need to prepare to apply for the said scholarship including the specialized instructions that the school of art offers. Aside from that, the video also presented the scholarship privileges that scholars or awardees can receive when they qualify in the Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars of the Philippine High School for the Arts.

Video: Learn more about PHSA

If you wish to know more about PHSA, you can also watch this video because this will allow you to at least glance at the activities that they do in every specialized field of arts where students are classified based on their skills and talents and they are carefully guided and trained by professional instructors and art master. It will also widen your understanding of the goal of the scholarship together with the institution.

Hence, it is also helpful and a great advantage to know these things and tips before applying to the seminar. Thus, it is recommended that you have to watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of the scholarship program they offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to apply for this training program however I don’t have time to go to their office. Is there anyone that I can call on or what websites can I visit online?

If you are an interested applicant and if you don’t have enough time to go to their office you can also contact their hotline number (049) 572-2973 or you can also call them using your mobile phone through 0917866-3097 and it is suggested to visit their official website mentioned above and email them through

2. Do all expenses are all covered by this scholarship?

The scholarship program offers the following benefits such as a full scholarship grant, free boarding and lodging, monthly stipend, and allowance, among others but it does not mean that all of the personal expenses of the students will be covered by the scholarship program. Hence, you can check out the benefits section above to see the full list of the privileges offered by the program.

3. I am interested to acquire a scholarship for the ANSYAS, is it guaranteed that I will be accepted right after my application process?

Applicants must undergo a thorough verification process and it is not guaranteed that the program will accept your application right away because they need to validate your application first and there are still various auditions and screening that the applicant needs to undergo. However, this should not limit you to hesitate and apply for the said program if you have met all the eligibility requirements mentioned above.

4. Is it required for the applicants to undergo auditions or not?

An audition is necessary and a pre-requisite to assess the capabilities of applicants in the different fields of arts. Hence, applicants are required to undergo auditions so that they can be able to see and assess their performance and evaluate it accordingly. They conduct various sets of screening activities to mainly assess the skills of every student properly because it is one of the most basic requirements in facilitating students’ skills development.

5. Will other specialized activities not affect the academic performance of the student?

Specialized instruction is separate from the basic education of the students. Aside from nurturing the child to be a globally competitive student, the institution also makes sure that the academic performance of the learners is the top priority. In like manner, the school does not just teach the child to acquire development in their skills and talents but of course, they also deliver a high standard of education. A high standard of learning is the top priority.

6. What is the educational setup of those students who want to enroll in this curriculum?

Usually, the students will have a basic educational set-up in the morning and they will have a specialized session in the afternoon where a student will have separate classes and training based on their chosen field. This is to assess and strengthen the skills of the students.

7. How do I enter the Philippine High School for the Arts to strengthen my understanding and foundation in Arts?

To enter the Philippine High School for the Arts, you have to qualify and met first the established set of requirements or qualifications for their students. Also, you have to undergo and pass the audition as it is one of the basic requirements to enter an Art School. Additionally, you must be proficient and well-versed in using the English language both written and oral.

8. What is the official theater company of the Philippine High School for the Arts?

Dulaang Sipat Lawn is the official theater company of the Philippine High School for the Arts. It has been in existence for 29 years until today. The Dulaang Sipat Lawn has been established to provide young theater scholars training in directing, acting, and production aspects of the craft. Additionally, it has been in action for decades to mold and hone the talents of Filipino students and young artists in their chosen field of interest in Arts.

9. Is there a minimum age requirement or age limit to qualify for the ANSYAS program of Philippine High School?

To qualify for the Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars of Philippine High School for The Arts, student applicants must also meet the required minimum age requirement aside from the other eligibility requirements. Student applicants must not be older than fourteen (14) years of age to qualify and apply for the said scholarship program.

10. Is Philippine High School for the Arts under DepEd?

The Philippine High School for the Arts is a DepEd attached agency and a government-run secondary school that implements specialized studies in Arts. They also offer a scholarship grant known as the Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars of Philippine High School for The Arts (ANSYAS) that aims to identify and develop artistically gifted and talented children and become artists of excellence in the fields of ballet and folk dance, creative writing, music, theater, and visual arts. This scholarship program is renewable every year upon the fulfillment of both academic and non-academic requirements in the K to 12 Curriculum.


Hence, this is the process of applying for the Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars of the Philippine High School for The Arts. A scholarship program intended for talented young individual artists of the Philippines. To apply, you have to be cautious of the eligibility requirements and the required documents. Also, you have to fill out the application form honestly. You may also request the presence of your parent or guardian to help you fill out the application form and in the processing of your scholarship application. Aside from that, you must also be ready for the audition as it is one of the pre-requisite to avail of the scholarship grant and enter the Philippine High School of Arts.

Hence, we hope that you find this article helpful if you have plans to apply for the ANSYAS to enter the Art School of the Philippines. If you have some concerns or questions, you may contact them on their Facebook page or visit their official website.