How to Apply UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program (UPd PASP)

The opportunity of becoming a top-leading performer as well as an academic achiever is both a privilege and an honor that is why a student-achiever like the members of the Performing Arts Organization of UP Diliman are given the privilege of a financial stipend to lessen their financial burden. They are the ones who not only bring the trophy of victory within the school right after they win competitions but they also have award-winning compassion between their skills and academic learning.

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UP Diliman all know that the life of a performer as well as the life of a student is quite challenging, particularly the struggles between practice and academic classes, and exhausting moments during practice and examinations. Discipline and managing time are difficult especially if you have a lot of activities to do as a student, performer, and individual. Hence, UP offers a scholarship program that serves as an encouragement for the student scholar of the performing groups to be more motivated in their studies and in the things they do as performers. The UP Diliman supports young performers who always give pride to the school in such competitions by giving back the opportunity to help these students in the means of the UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program (UPd PASP).

In this post, you will discover what the UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program (UPd PASP) is all about and what things you need to do if you are interested to apply to the said scholarship program.

UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship

What is the UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program (UPd PASP)?

The UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program (UPd PASP) tends to support active members of the Official Performing Arts Group of the University of the Philippines Diliman for at least two consecutive semesters provided that they are qualified and they submit all the necessary documents on time. This scholarship grant is in the tuition waiver or stipend form wherein qualified beneficiaries can choose what assistance does he or she preferred. It is also renewable not until the date of the scholarship application is over.

Qualified scholars are entitled to receive the following privileges mentioned in the article below as long as they meet the qualification, pass the necessary documents on time, and follow all the instructions given by the scholarship program. Any other applications are will not be accepted if the application schedule is already closed. Required documents and other requirements must be submitted on time before the set deadline.


The qualified student applicants can enjoy the following opportunity and privileges if they are qualified for the said educational scholarship program. These are as follows:

  1. Entitled to be called a UPd Performing Arts Scholar
  2. The beneficiaries of the said scholarship may have a choice whether a tuition waiver or a stipend. A tuition waiver is a tuition and other school fees avail by the PASP scholar who is not covered by the RA 10931 while the stipend is the semestral allowance received by the PASP scholars worth Php 10, 000.00 so the scholarship beneficiaries have the choice whether he or she will choose the tuition waiver or stipend.
  3. Have a chance to compete in different places of competition.
  4. Priority in CRS enlistment
  5. Improve their skills depending upon his/ her performances as the organization member.


The following is the list of qualification standards that the applicants must meet to be qualified for the said scholarship:

  1. The applicants must be an active members of the Official Student Performing Arts Group of UP Diliman for at least two semesters consecutively
  2. Must be UP-enrolled students with a regular loading schedule of academic units during the application period.
  3. Must be an academically participative student of UP Diliman.
  4. Must have good moral character.
  5. Must have a good academic standing that is equivalent to the 2.00 general weighted average (GWA) upon applying.
  6. Must maintain academic standing for the reapplication of the scholarship program.
  7. The applicants are required to submit all the requirements on time including the application form.


The following is the list of the required documents that the applicants must submit to be qualified for the scholarship.

  1. Duly accomplished application form OICA-PASP-Form-No.-1-Application-Form. You can download it from here –
  2. Certified True Copy of Grades from the previous semester which can get from the college secretary of your department.
  3. A cover letter is to be addressed to the UPD Chancellor through the Director of the UPD-OICA.
  4. The portfolio of the applicant’s participation from the group that is signed by the director of the organization including the adviser.
  5. A signed Data Privacy Consent Form OICA-PASP-Form-No.4-Consent-Form which can be downloaded from here –

How to Process UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship

The followings are the step-by-step guide and instructions that you can use as your basis to apply for the UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program (UPd PASP).

Application Process

Step 1: The applicants must submit the duly accomplished application form to his or her Performing Arts Group Adviser including the other required documents mentioned in the Requirements section above.

Step 2: The faculty adviser of the said student performing arts organization must submit the recommendation form together with the applicant’s required documents to the Google Drive folder given by the program coordinator on or before the deadline for submission.

Step 3: After the submission, the faculty adviser shall notify the UPD-OICA by sending them a message using this email address – so that they will be informed that the applications had been already submitted.

Step 4: If the office of the scholarship already receives the application. A confirmation will be sent to the Program Coordinator for verification.

Step 5: Always make sure that you must meet the deadline for submission because no applications will be accepted once it has passed the deadline.

Screening Process

  1. Applications will undergo initial screening by the Faculty Adviser and Artistic Director of the Official Student Performing Group of UP Diliman. This includes the screening of the members’ applications and forwarding the list of members who are eligible to receive the grant of the said scholarship program to the OICA.
  • Next will be the screening made by the Program Coordinator, wherein he or she shall evaluate all the submitted applications and supporting documents that are endorsed by the faculty adviser based on the BOR-approved guidelines. After that, the program coordinator shall endorse the complete list of qualified applicants to the OICA Director for approval and endorsement to the OICA Advisory Board.
  • The third step will be the screening made by the OICA Director and the OICA Advisory Board, wherein they will recommend the list of qualified applicants to the Chancellor for approval. Then, the program coordinator shall endorse the complete list of qualified applicants to the OICA Director for approval and endorsement to the OICA Advisory Board.
  • Lastly, the approval of the Chancellor of the list of qualified PASP applicants, and then the Program Coordinator of OICA will submit the approved list of the qualified applicants to the Office of the University Registrar for tagging (for priority enlistment and special assessment during enrollment).

Availment Process

All the approved and qualified PASP applicants shall be notified and shall be instructed on the following availment process:

  1. Tuition Waiver
  2. Qualified applicants are notified to submit all the required documents thru email to on and before the designated deadline together with the duly accomplished Certification of Scholarship form or the OICA-PASP-Form-No.3-Certification-of-Scholarship which can be downloaded here at Additionally, they are requested to submit a copy of their Form 5A before assessment.
  • Once all the documentary requirements are verified and signed by OICA, a scholarship form is emailed to the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) who will tag the PASP scholar for a special assessment. Additionally, a copy is also given to the scholar and he or she may now proceed to complete their enrollment.
  • Stipend
  • After availing of the stipend, scholars must proceed and complete their enrollment process.
  • After which, they shall submit the necessary documents such as a Copy of Form 5 and a clear photo of their Landbank ATM card to their organization’s faculty adviser or student coordinator for collation.
  • Then, it will be submitted by the organization’s faculty adviser/student coordinator to OICA via email on or before the said deadline.
  • After that, the OICA will proceed with the processing of vouchers for stipend payment to the scholars and the scholars will be notified thru email once the payment has been deposited to their respective Landbank accounts.

Important Reminders

Attached below are some of the important points that aspiring applicants like you need to remember before applying for the said scholarship program.

  1. A PASP scholar can only choose one over a stipend or tuition waiver. He or she cannot choose both.
  2. You can download the OICA-PASP-Form-No.-1-Application-Form using this link  
  3. And you can also download the OICA-PASP-Form-No.4-Consent-Form by clicking this link
  4. In filling out the application form or in your interview, make sure that you answer all the information and the questions truthfully. Do not leave some information empty while filling out the scholarship application form. Additionally, the scholars were chosen based on their economic status, and academic and interview performance including the application requirements that they provide. This is done to validate the background status of the applicants whether they deserve to be the scholarship awardee or not and to ensure that they are eligible to become one of the scholarship grantees of UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program (UPd PASP.
  5. The distribution of the initial application form does not guarantee the award of the scholarship program.
  6. If you have some issues or concerns you can call them using their hotline number (+632) 8 643-2500 or you can personally visit their main office at Gen. Luna Corner Muralla St. Intramuros Manila, Philippines 1002.
  7. Additionally, submit all the documentary requirements before the deadline for submission, and failure to submit on time may disregard or affect your application.
  8. More importantly, you have to pass all the evaluation processes including the eligibility screening, examination, and interviews. If you’re unable to pass the screening process only means that you are not eligible to be a scholarship grantee and cannot proceed to the next phase of the application process.

Video: UPD HASPAG and PASP Conferment 2021/ UP Singing Ambassadors (UPSA)  

Check out this audio-visual video that is created to introduce what is University of the Philippines Diliman Honorific Award for Student Performing Arts Group (UPD HASPAG) and UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program (PASP). This is made to recognize the performer of the art group of UP Diliman and their contribution to the said university most especially the singing arts performers known as UP Singing Ambassadors, the official performing arts singing group of the university.

This video will give you an idea of how the university honors those groups and organizations for their performances. We hope this will give you a glance on what are the things that the performers or members of the UP Diliman Performing Arts Organization do.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the scholarship program renewable?

Yes, the scholarship program is renewable and it all depends on the scholarship grantee if you will renew r your scholarship program or not. The renewal schedule will all depend on the office of the scholarship but most likely the schedule on renewal opens if the schedule of application opens too.

2. What is the duration of scholarship coverage?

Since the scholarship program is renewable, it does not guarantee the duration of the scholarship coverage because it all depends on whether the applicants will still apply for the scholarship program or not.

3. Is it possible that will undergo auditions and screening before I apply for the said scholarship grant?

Auditions and screening are usually done if you will apply to the performing organizations. For like example, you want to be a member of the UP Singing Ambassadors (the official singing performer UP). Before you become a member of this group, they will be going to let you undergo singing auditions and screening.

4. Where can I get the application form?

The application form can be downloaded online using the link posted in the article above or you can also ask for it from the office of the scholarship or your faculty adviser and coordinator so that you will be guided with the information.

5. Does the scholarship program open to all college courses?

The scholarship program is open to any college courses provided that you will maintain its minimum qualification requirements for the said scholarship program so that you will not be terminated from the scholarship grant and you are an official member of the Official Student Performing Arts Organization of UP Diliman.

6. I am an incoming freshman college student. Can I apply for the said scholarship program?

Since the scholarship program has its minimum requirements, freshmen students that are not yet considered officially enrolled in a UP do not guarantee to be qualified to apply for the said scholarship program. Additionally, the said scholarship program is only intended for the official members of UP Diliman’s Official Student Performing Arts Organization.

7. Is there a minimum grade requirement I need to meet to become eligible for the said scholarship program?

If you are an interested student applicant of the said scholarship program, one of the eligibility requirements of the scholarship is having a general weighted average of 2.00. You must also be aware that you need to maintain good academic standing to continuously benefit from the scholarship.


Hence, this is the process of applying for the UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program (UPd PASP) which is intended for the students of UP who are members of the Official Student Performing Arts Organization who wants to be a scholar and avail of the said scholarship program. In terms of the application process, it is not hard to go through it. You just have to keep in mind some of the important things such as submitting the documentary requirements on and/or before the said deadline and keeping up your grades while being a member of the Official Student Performing Arts Organization.

Enjoying what you love while learning matters but it is so much helpful that while doing your passion you help and support yourself through that scholarship program. It is so fulfilling that you support yourself as well as help your parents with your school expenses. This way it will ease the burden of your learning expenses and other allowance finances.

We hope that this article finds and serves its purpose of motivating UP performers to support their learning by doing what their heart desires and giving you the overview of what the application process for the said scholarship program looks like. Hence, good luck with your application.